PSA: How to contact (and address) me correctly

Recently I’ve had a bit of a head turning as I’m trying to keep up with all the sites I’m on (my choice) and social media platforms I have (my choice) and so many of you are generous with your time and support me in many of these areas. I thank you for that.

But the one thing I need my followers to N O T do is not message me on every site you can with the same information you either emailed, tweeted or DM’d me. (and shockingly sometimes all in under 24-48 hours) I won’t be responding to DM’s like I did before and I won’t be responding to emails of “How are you this morning?”. Imagine how many people are asking me that…Find contentment with following me on twitter and reading what I post and interacting with me there. I don’t need to tell you how I’m every day, yes it’s very kind of you to care and thank you. If you want more one on one conversation that is what purchasing my Skype ID ( or here: ) is for. Ask me questions there about pvt shows or how I’m etc. Or simply wait till I log in online on myfreecams/camwithher etc.

When you message me the same information on multiple sites not only are you stealing my time away from more productive things now it is harder for me to respond and know that I did and give you the proper information. This goes for if I’m logged onto MFC and Skype at the same time, don’t message me on MFC friends list and Skype…that is a huge waste of my time and brain space. Keep it to one area.

If it’s business related (paying for a service) EMAIL ME.

If it’s curiosity how are you type questions then TWITTER.

If you want a pvt show BUY SKYPE ID or wait for MFC cam days.

This email is not posted for any one person or thing. It’s a recent compounded issue that keeps coming up. So please no one think I posted it just because you yourself have partaken in behavior like this recently.

TO CONTINUE with the other question of late. How do I like to be addressed? 

Honestly on twitter you don’t have to be all into the femdom way of talking to me. (yes I enjoy it) but it’s place to show everyone that I’m a real person and I have lots of other interests besides female domination etc. If you email me wanting a service related to such then yes please address me properly. Think of it as if you attended a fetish party with me you would be proper there, if you went to the grocery store with me you would not take those same elements of a fetish party into the grocery store. Public vs private situations etc. I tend to think of twitter as a public level playing ground of interaction. I’m just being me. If you want to pay for my adult related services (which is another side of me) that is great and I much appreciate if you cater to how I like to be addressed there. (MistressVikki, Queen, Goddess…all those words that lift me up where I like to be)

Anyways, I’m not making this long winded and hopefully it reaches the right audience with the right intentions I sent forth for it to have.