Removal of Wishlist

I’ve removed my wishlist and have created it as private now.

I have so enjoyed all the support there of gifts and gift cards to my favorite places. I’m truly grateful to experience such generosity.

The reason is kind of personal but I’m going to share a tiny bit because I feel it could be helpful to others.

Recently I’ve been attending some philosophical teachings that have brought me to some realizations and have given me some homework and lessons to attend to for my mind. (Mind not being brain but a space of your heart and brain area that makes up you)

I’m not going to go into detail but the mantra is: I have enough, I’m ¬†enough and if I need more the universe will provide. There is enough for me now and in the future. The less things I have the more space I will have to give of my time and ability to become a better human.

I do not need to grasp at more as I’m enough as I’m.

That is all I really want to say about that, so I thank you and of course if you wish to send gift cards saying you are thinking of me and want me to purchase something I have a true need for (usually horse related neigh neigh)-that is awesome and I thank you.

(Some may think weird, what a weird female dominatrix…well…just like bodies…we come in all shapes and sizes)

And thats “enough” explanation for me.