NEW: The most sexually intimate moment of your life

b955c7bad522f66154d3d873aa534e37you are a virgin and have never had sex? you are 30? Living at home in your parents basement. How pathetic. LOL. jerking off to this clip is the most sexually intimate moment of your life, and the best it will ever get for you until the day you leave this earth. you are a lonely loser who will never have sex!
I know what your new sex life is going to be…watch as I put my pants up and down, up and down. It’s going to be my shit! my poop! HAHA! Eating my shit would be the only form of sex you’ll ever have with my ass. Or any girls for that matter! My ass is going to ruin your life. you are never going to think about sex with a girl again, only her shitting on your face. Squatting over you. LOL
(the name Will is said occasionally in this clip)



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