NEW: Sissy Training 14-Extra Tasks

I’m ignoring your sissy ass again as that is worn out and going straight for your mouth and gag reflux. This time every time I show you my ass you’ll bob either up or down onto the dildo-holding it until I show you my ass again.

Since you have not completed the tasks from 13 yet I’m giving you some extra ones. I’ll give you a quick reminder of the other ones I still need to see proof of.
you are to hire an escort and this time she gets to do humiliating things to you-you are going to worship her like the Goddess she deserves to be treated as and tip her heavily for it. I want a slide show of everything she is to do to you for her amusement.
I also want you to continue with your sissy exercises to lose weight but this time I want you in more girly work out wear…



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