NEW: genie from a lamp 2-seduction continues

I’ve continued to have you trapped. Today I’ll allow you one hand untied to stroke as you look at and worship my perfection. I’m going to collect more cum for me, it makes me more powerful when I take your cum. It’s all mine, belongs to me! you jerk and jerk and go to cum…but then you think you will trick me and eat it! But it does nothing, you do not become powerful. You only become more weak. I tie you back up now and you think that since you emptied yourself already you have nothing to worry about now. But I do not need magic to get you hard again…I have my perfect curves, my ass grinding against you. I continue to seduce you till I get exactly what I want, I’ll jerk that cock off right into a glass to use for myself. Trying to trick me just creates an even greater way for me to gain power over you…



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