When “subs” ask “Am I turning you on?” …

RECENT TWEET CONVERSATION-That I feel is important to save here.

There is this constant question about femdom sessions and how it relates to me being “turned on”. There is still this odd expectation that the situation produces gushing waterfalls. A woman can enjoy a situation and not need to go masturbate about it now/later. I like being in control. I enjoy it immensely. This does not mean I’m turned on/need to do something about it right there. Not every single thing regarding a female *has* to be sexual. Just because you are touching your willy does not mean I’m touching myself. I enjoy my work, that’s what matters.

I can enjoy things on many levels-mentally, spiritually, physically. This constant question of “are you turned on right now” makes me feel like I’m in a cage being probed and that my “wetness” has direct relationship to my dominance. It does not. It’s like some weird top from the bottom situation going on. That you still think somehow you are making me wet-you are most likely not. Mental satisfaction is of a higher playing field that directly relates to what I did to YOU mentally/physically. Enjoyment for me does not relate to my panty moistness.