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Want a one on one LIVE session with me?

Hi there,
There has been A LOT of requests for LIVE webcam sessions. I will repeat that these need to be set up in advance. I get requests for this literally every day, every hour of the day. I do not take last minute live requests. I plan my days in advance to be able to get things done personally and for work. Your interjection into that thinking I’m constantly sitting in front of the computer dressed and ready for sessions, shows a lack of respect for my time. I’m more than happy to accommodate those who respect my time and the rules I’ve laid out to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. If you are interested in a session please fill this out:

LIVE SESSION FORM: Fill this out and get back to me with the proper information:


If you have any questions after reading all of this send a private message or visit my blog here with more information:

PS: Webcam is quite literally not a huge part of my overall income, it is quite literally a shock I have not fully retired from it entirely. It is a privilege to have my time specifically set aside for YOU and my time will ONLY be given to those who respect that this is something I do of my own free will not because I HAVE too but because I do enjoy this interaction in live sessions with those who are respectful of my professional expertise and ability to deliver exactly (and from I’m told above and beyond) what you are paying for.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

Read all about it:

Was just made aware some large Tw*tter accounts in the adult world have been suspended. I suggest bookmarking AND signing up on all the accounts I offer services on to be alerted when I’m online. Including saving my blog listed on my profile.

I’ve also locked my account for now and will be trying to figure out what exactly got c4s account removed etc. Quite concerning…if my account gets removed I doubt I will be playing the back and forth game of new social media accounts. Therefore, bookmark all my links asap.

I’ve just made my OnlyFans 60% off for the next 30 subscribers so if you are here I suggest following me there in lieu of the reoccurring issues here on Twtter.


I’ve also signed up on @SwitterSocial a SW friendly social media platform:

Why my custom content may take 2-4 weeks to produce…

PSA: Why my custom content may take 2-4 weeks:

1. I have a back log of orders

2. I have a life outside of work

3. PMS comes and ruins 7-10 days/month

4. I may need to take sick time off

5. My mental health comes before you JO

6. I like to marinate in ideas before creating

And suddenly 2-4 weeks does not seem like that long at all to wait does it?

Read more about my custom content here on my blog:

All my creative links UPDATED.

All My Creative Links-Customs, calls, clips, texting and more:

ONLYFANS; a private fan club with A LOT of perks:

IWANTCLIPS: Where you can find my complete clips library, order custom videos or call me:

SEXTPANTHER: Where you can text, call or video call me:

NITEFLIRT: Where you can chat, call or video call me:

CLIP4SALE: Where you can see a complete library of my clips:

MANYVIDS: Where you can buy my clips, store products, custom videos and more:

Want to explore a fantasy?

Custom Videos are currently open at of 1/2021.

Communication and payment via OnlyFans or IWC custom order form preferred.

Communication via email requires a tribute for response.

LINK to more information:


PS: I’m likely going to spend way less time entertaining live webcam requests this year UNLESS they are set up in advance. I do not enjoy last minute requests for webcam as I’m a very busy individual who schedules my own life and appointments weeks (sometimes months) in advance so I can keep on top of my obligations. I’m finding it an interruption to see messages daily asking for webcam last minute. I’m frankly not sitting in front of a computer in lingerie 24/7 nor available at drop of a hat to be doing so. I have animals/other people in my life I take care of and frequently dressed to be outside in many layers depending on the seasons. It is to the point I find it a bit rude to believe that I would be available at random, so please for the love of all things holy PRE SCHEDULE your webcam appointment. I do realize that some of you may or may not have privacy and that it’s random when you do…last minute requests will have an extra $50 fee tacked on IF I even have time to get around within the time frame.

I felt that all needed to be said so that I do not lose a shred of my sanity that I may have left currently. Please respect my time and the amount of time it takes for me to create a live webcam show for you-I too need privacy and quiet to be able to do so and also need to prepare my appearance and space. Things most of you do not think twice about as men so I’m stating the obvious for myself. Read more about WEBCAM here: