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It’s Never Enough *New Video* Hot Hot Hot

*Sneak Peak At Tomorrows Video Release In My Fetish and Female Domination C4S Store*

Give to Me. you know how good it feels when you make Me happy. Being seduced into doing so, it feels so amazing, doesn’t it? you know what makes Me more and more horny? you giving me more and more money. Again and again. you know it’s never going to be enough. you know that right? I’m just going to keep wanting more and more. I’m always hungry. Always horny. For your money. Give it to Me. Hand it over. Make Me smile. Think how big I’m going to smile when you;ve given Me your money. Fulfilling MY needs.

Makes ME want to touch Myself. you giving Me everything, all your money. Again…and again. MMM. Just what I desire. What I want. you want to make Me smile don’t you? Make Me happy…it feels SO good to bring Me happiness, by giving Me all of your money. Yes. Give it to Me.

Give Me your money. Turn Me on. Make Me horny.

Deposit into My bank account.

Spoil Me.


Includes but not limited too: Sensual, Seductive, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Princess, Goddess Worship, Mesmerizing, Money Fetish, Tribute, Submission 

Teeny…Tiny…String Bikini Tease.

I know you love My nice big tits. especially when I tease you with them. Makes you SO excited and horny. Watching Me touch and squeeze, SO hot. I love playing with My tits…so much fun-touching My perfect tits. They are SO soft. Feels sooo good to grab them. Teasing you… MMM. Feels so good to watch doesn’t it?

you can’t help but need Me so bad…want Me SO bad. MMM. Yes.

Includes but not limited too: Breast Play, Breast Worship, Breast Grabbing/Squeezing,Tease and Denial, Dirty Talk, Role Play, Dirty Talk, HD Logitech Cam, Bikini, Nipple Rubbing

New #femdom video.

It really is NO secret. That I have sex and you don’t. I get laid and youuu don’t. A loser like yourself, you are not having sex. you are not getting a hot tight pussy like mine. All you have is MissMichigan to wank your cock with. And that is if I even allow you to touch it for Me. you are SO under My control you will do whatever I say…even if that means not having sex or masturbating. you will worship me however I want you too. I’m in control. Every minute. Every second. Of your life.

And I want to keep reminding you how I get laid, how My tight little pussy gets fucked so good and you loser. you are not allowed to have sex. not allowed to experience a tight little pussy. you don’t deserve it. and I get a nice big cock to please Me and you are left on your knees looking up at Me. Looking at My perfection. Needing Me.

Look at Me bent over! you are NEVER going to have Me like this!

Includes but not limited too: Female Domination, Humiliation, Dirty Talk, Fetish, Goddess Worship, Orgasm Control, Tease and Denial, HD Logitech Cam.

*NEW* Sensual Mesmerizing CEI and JOE for Teacher

MMM. I know you are already thinking ab out it. It’s okay. Teacher won’t tell anyone. you are already thinking about those balls filling with cum for Me. Look how hot I’m dressed, you can’t resist anything I say right now. Looking at Me makes you so weak and mindless for Me. you want to do whatever I ask. whatever I say. Because it always feels SO good to listen to Me.

Includes: Sensual, Seductive, Cum Eating Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction, Tease and Denial, Dirty Talk, Teacher/Student