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Fan Question-Fav Video to Make?

Kinny Boudin @McBoudin 

@MissVikkiLynn @BrookeMarieCam You 2 make a lot of amazing DOM videos. Is that your favorite type of videos to make?
That is a hard question!
Videos are so fun to make because (to me) they are like weaving a story and every one comes out different. Brooke and I are really natural DOMs and working with each other on projects like this is easy and fun. (It is our lack of time that usually gets in the way of making more)
I would have to say my favorite video to make would be…ass worship. Though it really is hard to choose. I enjoy so many fetishes and putting them together. SPH…CEI…JOI…Cuckolding…SO many fun things to explore. I recently did some ear fetish videos and those have had a great response too.

WOW! #48 Most Popular Studio on Clips4Sale!

I’m so excited as today a fan pointed out that I broke into the TOP 50 MOST POPULAR STUDIOS! (on clips4sale.) I have been working so hard on My fetish and femdom store and I’m so pleased with this occurrence. I thought it would be a long time before it happened. (Only opened it in January!) I always say though, hard work and doing what you love, it just can’t go unnoticed! I’m so thankful for everyone’s support and can’t wait to see my store become even more loved 😉

Fan Question-SPH and size?

J Smallwood@small1cg 

@MissVikkiLynn @BrookeMarieCam How did you 2 become interested in #sph? Are you 2 #Sizequeens?
I can’t speak for Brooke but I can speak for Myself.
small penis humiliation is a fetish that I find fun and devious to divulge into. I just enjoy it.
Every girl likes a different sized cock because every girl is a different size. I’m not a size Queen, I like what I like and I won’t say anymore 😉