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Our Most Popular TWIN Video!! #Daddy

It is so convenient that the wife is out of town on a girls weekend and you have planned a “guy’s night out” that has turned into a “babysitters night in” We have been thinking about taking our relationship further Daddy, you are so hot, we tell all of our friends about you. We want you to get nice and hard in your tight jeans and let us unzip your pants for us. We encourage you to jerk off for us faster and faster as we tease you, even this time, letting our nice youthful tits come out of our tight dresses. We talk dirty to you till we decide it’s time to count you down to cum. We have turned into professional babysitting teases. Don’t you think Daddy?

Extreme Sleep Inducing Breast Worship

You know how sexy My outfit is under this robe? Dying to feast your eyes on every inch of Me aren’t you. My perfect cleavage. My nice tiny waist. My long legs. Every inch of Me rendering you helpless for Me. You are going to be so h y p n o tized by Me. You will have no choice but to be dreaming of Me as you drift off to sleep. (slow dream like talking, slow striping, dirty sensual erotica talk, slow teasing, cleavage, breast worship, femdom, helpless, no resistance, domination)


This time it is all about you kneeling for My ass and you eating your cum for Me. Worship My tight perfect ass in My tight tiny leather shorts. I shake My perfect ass all around, bounce it, spank it and make you want more and more of Me. Sliding my shorts off My perfect ass and then back up again. Tease and denial. Dirty Talk. Cum Eating Instructions. Need I say more? 

Ball Busting Sadism!

“I want to kick, hurt and destroy those balls of yours. Humiliate you as you stand in front of Me and let Me kick you over and over again. It makes Me laugh evily with such a hot smirk on My beautiful perfect Goddess face. It makes Me so hot. To kick you and have you beg for MORE. You are not allowed to ask Me to stop. The only words you are allowed to utter is to BEG for MORE of my high heeled boots kicking your balls.”

My first ball busting video and I had way too much fun. To own you and put you in your place gives Me immense pleasure. Your pain, My pleasure.