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Q/A #spanking

  1. QUESTION: Brad@TheGreatJizzo 

    @MissVikkiLynn what’s your feelings on “percussion”? If a fan, do you prefer: paddle, flogger, or bare hand? Better to give or receive? personally I’m a giver and prefer using my hand. But paddles are great for more pin point attacks. 😉
    ANSWER: Thank you for your great question!
    I like spanking. I think it can be great foreplay, or so I have read it can even give some people orgasms with just the action alone. 
    Having a small hand I think that I prefer a paddle or something of that nature. (hairbrush? wooden spoon? so many options) I think with a flogger or whip you do have to be careful and skilled at where it lands. As it can be painful and though some do like pain, in certain areas it may not be what is wanted. Practice practice!
    Being a natural Domme I do not really like to be spanked. In personal life or public etc. Once in a blue moon (har har har) it can be okay. Not something I’m asking for or thinking of daily.