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Q&A! Female Domination

Q: CROMWELL@chris1mma 

@MissVikkiLynn What was your first real femdom experience like, how did you feel?
A: When I was a teenager, I never knew what “female domination” was per say but I have many experiences that lead me to know it is how I’ve always been. Being in the adult industry since age 20 really has helped me be able to find more of myself in this area of things.
I touched on this before briefly in a blog, I remember specifically “seducing” and making very nervous my 16 year old boyfriend one day though nothing sexual even happened. I like to be in control and I like to make a man squirm and not know what he should be doing. He loses control, I win and get what I want. Whatever that is. Mutual enjoyment I’m sure.

As for how I feel or felt…I feel deliciously mischievous and satisfied with the level of control I have.

A “New” Kind of Femdom

Recently I’ve been thinking to myself… -oh danger danger-

That I know my love of femdom and domination probably does not come through on my twitter like most others who are in this field of interest.

I thought long and hard occasionally (is that an oxymoron?) about how I want to present who I’m and how that can affect what others interested in what I have to offer, could think as well. Not that I spend nights awake pondering this, at end of the day I’m a business and need to think like one when needed.

I decided awhile ago that I was not going to have that brat domme personality on my social media all the time. Because there are many other facets of myself as well, that are nice to share. My art, my love of my new horse Bella, my great interest in self sufficiency, gardening etc. Yes I sincerely enjoy domination, I enjoy acting like a brat (sometimes) and I enjoy so many different kinks and fetishes. This does not mean that is what I’m doing 24/7/365 although that seems like it would be fun. Potentially. Tiring. Invigorating? I don’t know.

I’m who I’am here. I’m thankful, I’m caring in my relationships. I like to cultivate them. Even if they are in a D/s manner. MistressT ( is someone that I look up to in many ways for I see these same attributes in her. She has made female domination her way of life but still finds time to thank, spoil and appreciate those who made her so well sought after. But she certainly still knows how to put someone in their place if needed. I like that. Even a domme can have such charming attributes. She acknowledges that her skirting of hard core femdom (particularly findom is what I’ve read on her blog: leaves her out of a great pay raise but the fact she is doing what she loves, her actions speak louder than her words.

I would like to think this is a “new” kind of female domination. Not one ruled by strict borders and walls. Of being mean to everyone all the time for fear that someone may not view one as being Dominant. One where we are all people looking for that special moment, relationship or feeling that helps us forget about everything else. If you’ve ever read any D/s books or about BDSM lifestyle, for a lot of people it’s a lot more to them than just a sexual experience. -I was going to say something about getting off but well, you know, a lot of you are not “allowed” to do so- *laughs*
The relationship and give and take, the scenes, the sessions it’s so much more than a sexual experience. It is a mental and physical one as well. Embracing all aspects really I believe makes for an exciting, rewarding and eye opening journey.

Quite a few times in the past few weeks I’ve been told how refreshing it is that I’m nice and so thankful for everything. That the extreme narcissism of others has turned them away from their interests in fetish until they found me. Because they didn’t want to be talked to like that all the time. It was nice to hear from these people. I can’t say I was shocked to hear these words, more I had a passing thought of “theory proven” although I had never really formulated the theory until it had been proven.Maybe how I’m isn’t exactly “new” but it seems to be a concept left out of female domination mostly. I can safely say I’m proud to be the white knight so to speak.

Here is an excerpt from a recent email:
Dear Miss Vikki Lynn, this is my first time contacting You. Sending this email makes me nervous as you’re the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. But I’m hitting send because you’re not like the others. I like that although you’re clearly dominant you also seem to have a genuine nice side and aren’t afraid of showing it. I can’t get into to most of femdom because much of it seems unnecessarily cruel. 

I was pleased to read this. I know it can take a lot of courage to contact someone you look up too. Thank you to those who do look up to me. Who take comfort in relaxing with what I have to offer in life. This gives purpose, meaning and a positive drive I do believe. Because what are we, if we are not human looking for that next moment of pleasure…be it physical, mental or spiritual.

If you are here, for one of those reasons or all three, welcome. I hope you enjoy all facets of Me.

Black Pantyhose

This was my first EVER in my entire life, pair of black pantyhose. I have to say I really like how they look. Hopefully this is just the first of many. Pantyhose is a huge fetish and I love the instant classy look it brings to any outfit. I think even if you were hustling on the side of the street pantyhose would be like “Look at ME! and MY LEGS!” where do these pantyhose go…where do they end… *wink

Ask and you shall receive…

Yesterday I had a Skype with a slave of Mine who always mentions being blackmailed and his wife finding out about what hes doing online. So this time around I took things to the next level since he kept really asking for it…I took out My camcorder and started recoding the Skype. He got super nervous, his voice changed and everything. (I’m just laughing and smirking) After I demanded he pay Me to not put the video on clips4sale. He said I did not give you any information about myself, I said they can hear your voice. Then I watched the recorded session and it was SO hot even from a different angel. I demanded he pay Me again because it would be such a great seller on clips4sale. Then I sent the video to him (finally) after I was done toying with him and making him pay Me twice. Of which he called Me crazy, (I laughed) but in a good way, that he loved the power I have over him. I told him he better watch the session and give Me permission to post it on clips4sale after. We shall see what happens…Stay tuned 😉