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Q&A! Female Domination

Q: CROMWELL@chris1mma 

@MissVikkiLynn What was your first real femdom experience like, how did you feel?
A: When I was a teenager, I never knew what “female domination” was per say but I have many experiences that lead me to know it is how I’ve always been. Being in the adult industry since age 20 really has helped me be able to find more of myself in this area of things.
I touched on this before briefly in a blog, I remember specifically “seducing” and making very nervous my 16 year old boyfriend one day though nothing sexual even happened. I like to be in control and I like to make a man squirm and not know what he should be doing. He loses control, I win and get what I want. Whatever that is. Mutual enjoyment I’m sure.

As for how I feel or felt…I feel deliciously mischievous and satisfied with the level of control I have.


  1. @MissVikkiLynn do you like the taste of cum?
  2. @MissVikkiLynn what’s your favorite fetish to film just now?
  3. @MissVikkiLynn would you do a cum play custom clip, where you teach and instruct us on how to play with our cum in our mouths and fingers
  4. @MissVikkiLynn dominate or be dominated?
    ANSWER 1. I enjoy playing out this type of fetish in live shows an recorded videos yes. #CEI
    ANSWER 2. Probably not.
    ANSWER 3. I’m not into cum in my mouth which probably answers question 7-I’m very dominate. I’ve only tasted cum a handful of times in my life-it’s not my thing. I would not be good at gonzo or hard core porn-this is why I’m not in b/g porn. I would probably do femdom type of porn-no sex though.
    ANSWER 4. I really enjoy a lot of fetishes but I would have to say that I really like cum eating instruction, forced bi, orgasm denial and jerk off instruction. To name a few…
    ANSWER 5. yes
    ANSWER 6. I do not usually play video games, maybe a few times a year and it would be mario cart or mario world. Not into TV or fast motion visuals for long periods of time.
    ANSWER 7.  I’m not submissive at all. I do some role play erotica like that once in a blue moon-I’m fine with that. As for doing a real session of being a submissive I never have and probably never will. I’m very dominate-always have been. I have to be in control in some way or I’m not interested or turned on.


  1. @MissVikkiLynn Some Questions 😀 1. What is the largest painting You ever did? 2. How many Lego-Sets do You own? 😛
  2. @MissVikkiLynn 3. What really drives You crazy?
    ANSWER 1. I’ve done quite a few paintings that are 60 inches tall and 72 inches wide. That is probably the biggest. I look forward to someday doing something even larger-large work is usually commissioned by people who see my art, love it and want it to fill a very large space. I do not usually just decide to paint something so big as then I have to store it.
    ANSWER 2. I actually have no idea how many sets I own (laughs) I would say around 50-75? Quite a lot. I love legos-I don’t think they will ever become unpopular either. So many cartoons, comics and movies have been made into Legos as well. Star Wars, Batman etc. It’s a lot of fun to play with toys like Legos! Always something new to create.
    ANSWER 3. I do not like abrupt loud noises/sounds. Or random horrible smells. (laughs) I’m a sensitive person.
    PS: you can find more questions and answers by searching “Q/A” in the search bar on my blog!