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Welcome to my private world.

My Twitter < a small snack

My OnlyFans > a five course meal

My iWantClips > a library of epic proportions

My SextPanther > a private one on one texting experience

My phone lines > hearing my voice as your heart jumps

Welcome to my private world

ONLINE NOW! Phone/Text/Ignore Webcam!

It’s Sunday, a great day to relax with me.

Here is where you can find me today:

NITEFLIRT via phone calls, chat or ignore cam:

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AND join my OnlyFans where my private world really begins with you.

Some Personal Service Announcements from Me.

Good Afternoon!

Whew. The sun is shining and it is Monday. I took the weekend off to do a lot of gardening and I’m happy with what I got done but there is still A LOT to do. It’s exciting watching all the seeds come up and being outside in the sun finally.

Now I’m sitting here with my list (God I love lists!) and getting things done. Which feels as equally good as taking the entire weekend off. I’m writing this blog posting and it is going to be full of randomness, so hold on, squirrel brain commences!

  1. I’m no longer offering Skype shows to random pop up clients. For many reasons. The lack of follow through is intense. The lack of following directions even after I have an entire blog posting about it etc. Just is too much of a headache for me. The only way around this is by being a kind, generous and patient member of my OnlyFans:
    If you are a member PAID SKYPE shows are $10/minute or $15/minute if you want it recorded and I edit and email you the HD file afterward. Recorded shows are best treated like a video/custom/clip where only I’m talking. If you are talking in the show, so am I, you will of course hear all that in the recording. If you want to watch it again you may want to just have the aspect of me and not yourself in it. I’ll record it either way of course, just an FYI.

    EDIT: I WILL be deleting my current Skype. I WILL be making a NEW name that only my OF members receive when they are purchasing a show. I will be linking those who paid for a show within the last few months this information on current Skype name.
  2. WEBCAM: (this website has been sold to another, please disgregard this section for now as of August 24th 2020) IF you want to see me live on webcam, I’m making a tentative schedule on CamWithHer which will be kept at the top of my profile on there. This is my first home on the web and I will always be fond of it. The chatroom is NOT live until you enter a paid show, but you can ask questions if you need in the chat room etc. Here is the link:
    What is also awesome is that I have quite a lot of OnDemand shows that you can purchase when you scroll down to that section in my profile. These are shows that I allow to be purchased. If you have never purchased a live show before, it’s a great example of how one can go. OR if you just simply like the voyeur aspect, the genre of the show etc. It’s a fun look at something extra.
    Camwithher is going to be where I’m focusing my live show energy. NOT on Skype any longer. I recommend signing up and being ready, looking at my calendar etc, my goal is to log on once a week every week that I can.
  3. CLIENT TIPS: I’m going to be SOON writing a blog post about top ten tips for clients. That is you if you are buying clips, customs, phone calls etc. There is a lot of new clients around and I have had quite a few very undesirable run in’s with clients who took zero time to learn more about me and who became very angry about my boundaries. Which of course makes things a whole lot less fun for me in general.
    I wrote a blog about phone call etiquette a few months back if you want to take a look at that, if phone sex is something you have been wanting to try but have not yet:
  4. EMAILS/DMS/MESSAGES: I will no longer be responding to these every single day. I was starting to get really hard on myself about doing that every day and keeping up BUT I really can’t keep doing so for my mental health. EXCEPTION: If you are asking about a paid chat/show/service I will do my best to get to that ASAP. Especially if wanting a paid text chat (Which is way easier for me to do right now) then I will of course respond to that if I’m able.
    I do not take on “full time” slaves/clients/subs that I speak to every single day. I do NOT enjoy talking to someone *every* day (unless you have big pockets and don’t respond back with anything but I’ve paid you) Being a very quiet introvert person my brain needs a lot of time to just be. If I’m not responding to your message it is NOT personal. It is because I know what I can and can not handle. Be patient, be generous and respect the time I do have. I’m big on protecting my energy so I can function day to day in a way that makes me feel the best. Which means I can give the best of myself to my clients when we get to connect in those ways.
  5. CUSTOM PHOTO SETS: I keep getting lots of questions about these, honestly it is not something I do a lot BUT I’m going to get a price list around for them so that I can at least have the information readily available. Especially since I’m not doing custom videos right now it’s not something high on my list. (EDIT: Not something I’m offering unless you want to pay $100/photo join my OF for photos)
  6. CUSTOM VIDEOS: I’m NOT currently returning to those and do not have a timeline of doing so. Right now I just need to now owe anyone anything that is sitting around on my desk. I’m just going with the flow free spirit style right now. (partially retired from custom videos as of April 2020)
    If you are a clips4sale patron (or even if you are not you can become one!) PLEASE use this link during the month of April AND MAY. They are giving models 100% pay out on clips for traffic they bring to the site. This runs from April 1st to now MAY 31st.



    Please note this is CLIP SALES ONLY. Not tributes. There is no catch, you just need to use this link! This is the same link to use for any future specials the site runs for models as well. Please bookmark this if you love and appreciate Brooke and I’s work.
  8. PHONE CALLS: I’m still around most often for these (and paid text chatting on either Niteflirt: or OnlyFans chat: )
  9. OR NEW: where you can text me and it goes directly to my phone. The privilege of this, whew!
  10. NEW TWITTER: @MissVikkiPROMO
    This is where you can find twin videos, clips from clips4sale etc. The pinned tweet on this twitter also has the CID clips4sale links, so a great thing to keep bookmarked and follow along on.

    YOU MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM! Hurray! Here is a photo prize. That was a lot of information I know. Congrats on a job well done reading.


Hi there, if you are a clips4sale patron PLEASE use this link during the month of April. They are giving models 100% pay out on clips for traffic they bring to the site. This runs from April 1st to April 30th.



Please note this is CLIP SALES ONLY. Not tributes.

There is no catch, you just need to use this link! This is the same link to use for any future specials the site runs for models as well. Please bookmark this if you love and appreciate Brooke and I’s work.

Thank you-MistressVictoria

NEW EROTIC ART “Gold Mirror Selfie”

NEW! Erotic one of a kind painting. This is from a selfie photo of myself on my OnlyFans, if you are a member there then you caught site today in my stories of me creating this one. If you are not already on my onlyfans and purchase this drawing you will also get 5 photos similar to this one after payment.

If you have known me for any length of time you will know that this gold mirror in the painting is one I have owned for almost my entire career online. (12 years now!) It is iconic and something that I believe to be quite recognizable to my brand. Creating a painting of a selfie in front of this mirror was a lot of fun. Selfie “culture” is big especially when you are an online model. I think this is a fun representation of my work on multiple levels.

It is currently available for purchase as of 3/27/2020. (by tribute on my IWC or OnlyFans I will need a ship to address for this. As always your privacy is very important to me and no address or personal information will be shared from your purchase. All ship to information is deleted after I have mailed your item with tracking.

Send an email with the title “Gold Mirror Selfie” to purchase. Thank you for your support. -MistressVictoria

NEW! Erotic Art “The Tease”

“The Tease” 4×4 inches ORIGINAL one of a kind watercolor, charcoal, pen and pencil drawing. SOLD: $40 shipped USA, $55 INTL.

(SOLD 3/20/2020) Whomever purchases this NEW original will also get a 5 picture photo set of me in this bikini including the photo that inspired this original painting of myself via email. All shipments are discreet and no personal information is ever shared. What are you waiting for? Want to own something I created, contact me: with “The Tease Artwork” for the subject line. -MV

PS: Find out about more works of art: available, sold and commissions here on my blog:

NEW (butt sold) #eroticart

“Kneel” March 2020 SIZE: 4×4 inches. (SOLD) PRICE: $40
Shipping prep!

I created this new mini last night and showed off the process on my OnlyFans: <—private members club. It sold to a member last night, I’ve added it to the “erotic art” gallery part of my blog. All members get first look and first options to purchase any of my originals before they are listed here and twitter.

These are a pair of iconic Honey Birdette panties I received in January that I’m wearing in this illustration. All art work is created from photos of myself. Such a perfect erotic muse I’m! *wink

Since being home is the new 2020 jam for the world, expect more originals available in the coming weeks. Join my OF for first dibs and stay tuned here! Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy. -MV