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NEW CLIP! #findom #roleplay #striptease

20182232d00e09c365b531170af0637eSo glad you could join me in my private home. I know being your college professor and all it’s not normal to have you over. But there is something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that I have been noticing. See you can’t hide much from me…

With every piece of clothing that comes off you have told me a number to your safe…I know about your half a million dollar inheritance and I know exactly how to get what I want. Every single dime of it. Don’t you want to feel me on you, you in me, my mouth on you? Then you’ll give Me every single number to that safe… Come on…this is so easy. Doesn’t it feel so good?

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NEW CLIP! #selfless #goddessworship #femdom

baa0d85c3c7041aeab108904a7718be3“you need to be selfless for Me. Loyal, responsible and reliable. Listen closely as I sensually tell you how to become selfless for Me. All the qualities you need to have for Me. As you worship and look at My perfect Goddess body, learn and be good for Me.”

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NEW CLIP! #tighten #release #breathplay

a223d75213d260b72e4d98ba231be08a“Today we are going to play a special game. Tight and release. I want you to grab a silk scarf and tie it. As I instruct you to jerk you are going to tighten and after I give you a small break…an article of clothing will reveal more. Back to jerking, back to tightening. I’m going to make you cum just from that tight feeling…”

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WOW! A new twin clip FINALLY!

“Brooke and Vikki control your cock. All week. We are going to have so much fucking fun coming up with ways to humiliate you. Our sultry voices remind you that you are our toy, our plaything. you will jerk and stroke to us just like we say. Multiple tasks to get you right to the end…if you can complete them all, maybe just maybe we will allow you to release.

If you want to be teased to the brink, edged and denied then sit right down and stare at perfection. Listen and be a good boy.”

97e8261d034d21edcc8fabcbe2bb795eControlled by Twins all week long #ORGASMCONTROL #clips4sale via @clips4sale



NEW CLIP! #femdom #lethal #fantasy

81c26b3c3ae4a501b25d02d6a5f9fbaa“Hello Master, you’ve been so tired lately working so hard. Why don’t you let me help you relax. If you let me access your home data base I can know exactly what you like…your private porn collection. I can help you feel good. Let me Master?”

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NEW CLIP! #virginfantasy #virtualsex #topless

8857beb8347c5b640bd32801130b8533“You’ve come over to study for our art history class. I casually ask you if you have found anyone you like a lot at school yet. It eventually comes to light that you are a virgin…Well, since I’m who I’m…I think I know how to help you out and not just with this art history lesson.”

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