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Communicating Interests

The other day I tweeted asking for ideas about blogs you all feel would be interesting! I always like hearing what you would like to know more about. Below Kelle expresses her interest in hearing more about communicating your interests in adult work.  So lets call this an “Interesting Inquisitions” type of blog series.

IMG_8936Great question!

Many people are socially awkward in person and much better online via email. Or really great in person but really horrible online.  Or on rare occasions you can have someone that is great at both things! (me! or least I can pretend to be good at both…yay acting!)

Either way, here we are, online-so let’s talk about that.

When someone emails me it’s so great when they start with addressing me, introducing themselves and what they are interested in purchasing.  Because in all honesty that is what the prime focus is for me having an email address that I share. The email (at the height of it’s greatness) should resemble something like this:

“Hello Miss Victoria,

I’m a big fan of your work for quite some time and have been purchasing it for awhile. I’m truly interested in a custom video that includes ass worship, cei and some light humiliation. I’m looking for it to be around 10 minutes and or spend X amount at this time. If you are available to produce this desired content for me I would be very thankful. I will patiently await further communication.

Sincerely, -submissive joe”

See does not have to be extremely detailed to start (or even submissive in nature if you are not into that), starting the wave of communication is the second most important part…

What is the first? Why am I doing this backwards?

because that is what most people do… (lol sigh)

FIRST, the most important part of communicating with an online producer that you want to support is reading their blog and or website for information that helps you make a decisions. That is why they have it there. (well it’s why I do at least) My blog for example on custom videos outlines prices, things I’m into, things I’m not into, scene locations etc.

The first and foremost worst thing you can do after reading my blog is emailing me saying: “I know you said you don’t do x, y and x but since you did before in your clip store a few years ago I’m wondering if you’ll -que insane long email with insanely detailed script containing things I already quite clearly said I’m not into doing-

No. No I won’t. Now you’ve just wasted my time, my brain space and capacity to put my neurons towards other uses. I do not, I repeat I do not have to explain to you my choices of why I don’t do things on the no list etc. It’s not your business.

Read my blog/website…learn a little bit about me and what I’m currently about…this will insure that you receive timely responses to the emails you send and a video I can agree to produce that tickles both our fancies.

Many producers receive a lot of emails, it’s helpful but not necessary to send a small token or appreciation when emailing. A tribute or gift card somewhere. This shows that you are indeed serious about a custom video, skype session, clothing purchase etc. I’m not all about nickle and diming people BUT sometimes it can get really daunting for a producer to respond to so many emails that never come to anything. One attached with a tribute can get a lot faster attention.

-attaching said tribute does not make you an alpha god, please act accordingly-as in not like a pompous asshole-

This really is not rocket science but I do admit that some of us don’t think the same as others who may be more adept at communication. I’ve just been doing this for 9 years so to be things appear plain as day but for someone else quite murky. I hope you find this helpful. If you have further ideas you think would add to this blog posting leave a comment in the section below!

To sum this up, read about the producer, coordinate email with introduction, body, signature and be oh so thankful we all here in this industry like to cater to your kinks. 😉

Custom Videos on Hiatus

Per my tweet yesterday I’m not taking anymore custom videos at this time. If you paid for one recently you will be receiving it, be patient.

I’m not sure when I will be coming back to creating custom videos, I shall also be on hiatus most likely from any live web camming as well.

So as you have gathered I’m taking a bit of an unknown (time frame) break. I feel like I need to decompress and take some time to explore some other avenues in life.  I’ve been working a lot, for many years and once in awhile as a human I just need to let my mind rest.

This means I could come back in a month, 6 months or a year. I don’t know.

My clip store will have releases 3x a week for the foreseeable future. Please continue to support that along with tributes as it’ll be my main income stream for an undetermined amount of time.

Thank you!

Finding Humor in Adult Work

The other day I tweeted asking for ideas about blogs you all feel would be interesting! I always like hearing what you would like to know more about.  Below Jay expresses his interest in hearing more about humor in adult work.  So lets call this an “Interesting Inquisitions” type of blog series.

IMG_8937I think you NEED a sense of humor to stay in this career path. When dealing with the delicate nature of sex and humanity there are lots of things that can go right…and lots of things that can go wrong. The ability to kind of laugh, take a joke or let things roll off you is important. Therefore you need humor in this industry to stay sane (or some version of sane)  Many speak about getting a “tough skin” being in a business that sells beauty.

Though I like to think (and believe) that it’s not just about beauty here, it’s about brains too. (if you plan to survive that is)

For example just today I and countless other online sex workers received an email about how horrible we are, that we need to repent and are whores. So…there is that…and then there is me laughing. What a way to inspire me for a future clip. -golf clap- LOL

I think humor is very sexy. If you can’t make me laugh long term we probably won’t be talking long. Whether it’s from a humiliating custom/session or just every day comical life-I like to laugh. I try to keep the laughing at others expense to when I’m paid for it…(hehe)

-But I do follow this twitter page, I think it’s called “The Darwin Awards” and it’s full of people doing really stupid things. HAHAHA! Certainly makes me feel better about my level of common sense.

Since many sex workers are alienated and judged extensively (and harshly) by society I think it’s important those who work in adult remain light hear-ted as possible about our career choices. Sex, Fetish, Kink etc is all sought out essentially as a feel good experience and to keep it that way must remain positive as possible.

Not to say that some (or all) of us don’t need a dark room and a different city, state to live in sometimes to get away from society well you have to find the humor in that yourself somehow.

As for what makes me laugh I think that is a broad spectrum. TV show wise I like comedies such as Friends or The Big Bang Theory. My sense of humor ranges form very dry to sadistic. I’m forever changing really. Depending on my mood something may be funny today that is not tomorrow!

Watch out…I’m like a cat…one minute I want you to touch me the other minutes I’m leaving a scar on your hand.

Thanks for the question Jay, enjoy. (I think you and I have a date with spin the bottle custom? Let’s see how funny things can get there -wink)


NEW CLIP! Jerking JUST for your Goddess

3b33a5dcd3cbfaf6dc9c9da5a43942d2“Sit down, relax, get comfortable. It’s been far too long since you have seen Me, jerked to Me. you love to stroke your cock to Me daily, cuming to Me. I’m your Queen. no one else will do. jerking to Me is the best part of your day, your week, your month…all year. Come on, touch it for Me. Stroke that cock. My perfection makes you so weak and horny. It feels so good.”

25 minutes of pure topless pleasure…HERE:

and on June 28th HERE:

The Presence of Personality


Yesterday I tweeted about social media and personality. Lately I have seen a lot of women complaining venting social media is not helpful to them, twitter is dead, why bother etc.  I joined twitter in April 2010. I’ve been consistently active since. I feel it’s a great place to connect. So there is that word “connect”. I feel it is very important. If you are a domme, a sub, into vanilla or fetish-it does not matter it comes down to a few important words. Connect being one.

You want a fan base yes? you want people to follow you and what you are doing, keep up with your latest updates (blogs, clips, sessions etc) Well, how will you do that? You probably already know that answer…social media. So you pick your poison (twitter, instagram, facebook etc) And you start to carve out who you are, what you like, what you have to offer etc. People stumble across you, get recommended to you, follow you from seeing you live on cam, buying your clips etc. Some will just stay in background not conversing etc. Others will enjoy you so much they decide to tip, spend, support. This is a natural ebb and flow really. Just like any other service people like. Some will be in the background others in the foreground.

Why did they do this-find, follow, support…Well, because you showed your personality. They felt connected. This is not rocket science. (sorry not sorry) The biggest wave in porn is the ability to connect and really get to know people better.

Personality is important. It’s more important than that nude photo you just posted. Than that link to your blog. Adult work, especially online, is becoming more and more about the connection your client base feels to you and your work. They are going to feel connected not by just photos but by your personality. I feel this is a hang up for many. Especially because online perhaps certain aspects of ourselves are either hidden, not as desirable to our market or just don’t line up with work. (This is not any different -in many ways- than other jobs that civilians hold that they can’t come home and discuss their work or private lives clients etc) So therefore you have to become a personality that reflects a different essence of yourself. I can’t hold your hand in this and neither can anyone else. Copying someone else won’t get you very far either. If you want to make adult work work than a natural evolution of self is important. (more on that in a separate soon to come blog.

The point of this is that social media is a huge part of being successful for the long term. When I’m on twitter it’s fun to me but it’s also a part of my work and staying connected. Social media works in so many ways. I responded to a few tweets from people I did not know last week who ended up purchasing custom videos. The longing to feel connected is far from dead. Connection is created by your presence and personality.  This is a lot of work and a lot of every day involvement. Being self employed this is one of the areas that help keep you in the foreground.

This goes for any business really, in a world full of nudity and noise seconds away from a click…there HAS to be something else that creates feeling for those who really are worth investing in. Will that be you?

Anyone can be naked, not everyone can have a personality.  Both is golden in porn.

(Please note these are merely my opinions. I’ve been in the industry going on 9 years now. I’m here because I enjoy what I do and I enjoy connection. This career path is not for the lackluster or half assers. This is serious every day work that pays off in the long run (be smart, save, pay taxes on time) as long as YOU are willing to be personal, connected, self motivated and always willing to learn and evolve.)

Ciao !