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Look at you, all tied up. you can’t get out can you…we made sure we tied you up real good so you can’t get out. you’ve escaped before…when it was just one of us trying to get you. But now when it’s the both of us…it’s going to be a little bit harder. Isn’t it our villain? We have plans for you…stop struggling…we are already making you hard…we can see through your pants.

It must be so hard to keep running away from us, escaping…running away…but when we teamed up…now you can’t run away. We have you now. The both of us. Restrained…struggling…teaming up against you.

They are going to come take you to jail…unless…unless you do what we want you too. you…need to turn to the good side. Need to join us…join us both. MMM…wouldn’t it feel so good to work with us..instead of against us?

Think about how much we could accomplish together.

you never realized it could be this good…

sucummb to the pleasure…

fall into a deep sleep…

and be our good boy


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My #femdom quotes

I’m a busy, bad ass bitch. Set yourself apart, show worthiness to release My energy and time in your direction + be grateful for it.

The best way to show Me your legit interest is to tribute, even small amounts can catch My Attention and create a positive reaction.

I’m what your subconscious warns you about-but can’t resist-it feels too good 

Can you handle it…come on…try. Bitch boy.

hey you…


Down there…send Me a tribute.

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Commissioned Sardax Sketch of Myself


I’m so pleased with how this personal commissioned sketch (of Myself) came out done by the ever popular and talented #femdom artist sardax (found on twitter: )

Contact him by email: to commission a special sketch of your favorite female dominatrix.

To the good boy who paid extra for this to be done quickly, you are pleasing to Me. -smirks