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Technology Glitch Mystery Solved

I recently was brought awareness to my advertised 1080HD videos being a lower resolution of 1280×720. I’m so thankful someone let me know as it was entirely confusing when I had been recording with my canon camcorder that is 1080HD crystal clear and then see that the resolution on clips4sale was different.

I looked into this situation and found that when I was transferring the files onto my pc, editing and then transferring them via online using a transfer service that it was compressing the resolution to send them. Much to my dismay and surprise.

I have now gone through and edited all clips to no longer contain the improper tags of the resolution. I want to apologize if anyone thought I was ill informing them as that was not the case. I’m going to work on re uploading the videos I can to the proper resolution.

The resolution of the canon videos even at the lesser 1280×720 is still a great viewing experience as it is recorded with a very HD camcorder. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Some prices (videos without nudity) have been lowered because of this slightly lower resolution.

Even in female domination I pride myself in excelling to give the best in customer service when I can. I’ll be paying careful attention now when transferring files to make sure they are not being compressed without my knowledge again.

I appreciate all understanding and also appreciate when anyone brings to my attention things that needs changed or edited. Any information I present is true to the best of my knowledge. Being the sole producer, editor, uploader, fashion consultant, make up artist, purchaser of supplies etc sometimes a few things need tweaked.

Thank you for your support if you indeed are one of those lovely humans doing so for me here. Have a great Wednesday.


Charity Drive Update!

So far we have raised $600! I’m so excited about this. I would love to make the goal (I’m matching donations up to a certain amount)

Here is the original post:

I’m hoping for some more support in this, if you have any questions let me know. I’m going to give it another week perhaps then be sending out the thank you videos (be patient once again if you ask I simply won’t be sending you it) and sending the donations to the missionary

Please GIVE! Thank you.


PSA: Taking some time off.

Good Afternoon,

In December I will not be live web camming or offering custom videos. I’m going to be catching up on behind the scenes things, arranging taxes for next year, resting to formulate new creative goals and hopefully enjoying the “holidays” a bit. I plan to return in January to both custom videos and camming. My fetish and erotica store will have videos released every day (between the two of them) and I will still be on Twitter checking in, linking to new videos etc.

Any questions just ask but I feel this is pretty self explanatory. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up so you can purchase a custom if you’d like before then. XO MistressV

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Charity Drive-Guatemala

Hello Friends in the Universe

I’ve been asked recently about what I would like gift wise for my birthday that is coming up. There is of course lots of things I would love-mostly horse related. But I felt driven to take things in a different direction if you all so desire. I have a missionary couple that I like to send money to, albeit they are religious and I’m not in that manner I truly think they are making a difference in this world. Currently a family father is dying of stomach cancer-there in Guatamala they don’t have drugs to help the pain, they can only hope he passes quickly. This situation leaves a family without a father or help in a third world country. I’m told none of the children have beds and sleep on the floor. It costs $70 to make a bed (at cost for the missionaries they are not making anything) a few have been funded but many more are needed. They also do not have a real house, the cost for that is $1700 which is a simple wooden house shelter, cement floor, with a wood stove not the kind that is harmful to the lungs that most use there) water filter, one window, tin roof.

I’m looking for donations for these items instead of gifts. You can donate via any of the tribute buttons on my clip stores or I have a discreet PP way if you prefer that. This is not an adult related situation so I feel comfortable accepting that form.

Even if you can only donate $1, $5 or $50 our money goes a LONG way there. Please contact me with any questions-this is a tax write off please use tip notes of “Charity Donation” and keep it for your records. The ways to tribute are as follows and sending out a special thank you video so please make sure I have your email if you want it sent-I will not track you down for it. (be patient for it’s release as well do not email about it)

iWantclips Profile to Tribute (best % for Me):

Niteflirt Profile to Tribute (2nd best % for Me):

Clips4sale Profile to Tribute: <—tribute button can be found right above the first displayed clip-hand with a cash money sign-CLICK that (3rd best % for Me)

I will now also be accepting other forms of discreet payment. (Email to donate via PP)

Once I send the donations I will post a blog here showing it’s been sent! I know you all trust me in situations like this but I like to show the proof. I thank you ahead of time for considering to give for this situation and helping others live a better life even if it’s a simple one. Email for contact:

Have a good Wednesday,


Morning shenanigans-was I just hit on?

While receiving my coffee from the Starbucks line this morning the young man (why am I saying “young man”? am I 90? anyways…) he says to me:

Young Man: “I like how your glasses match your shirt, I see what you did there eh!”

Me: -laughs- “I didn’t even notice”

-ponders for a second- My glasses are black with teal rims, my shirt is completely white except for dark green lettering across the front…across my chest.

No young man…I see what YOU did there. you were staring at my chest (it was a t-shirt?) LOL and then unless your completely color blind tried to say my clothes matched?

Fail young one, fail.

Then I thought to myself, what is he expecting? That I ask if he wants go get some coffee sometime? I’m just LMFAO because he works at Starbucks. Or maybe I’m just a bit quirky and bitchy.

lol. Oh life.

Vikki Fact Friday 14

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Friday (that I have time and remember) I’m going to give you a little fact about myself. All about ME ME ME! Muahahaha. If you ever want to date or serve me you better remember every single one! *evil grin

Vikki Fact Friday 14: I can’t get enough of potatoes…french fries, hash browns, potatoes chips, grilled/fried potatoes, baked potato…Om nom nom nom.