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Vikki Fact Friday 9

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Friday I’m going to give you a little fact about myself. All about ME ME ME! Muahahaha. If you ever want to serve me you better remember every single one! *evil grin

Vikki Fact Friday 9: I LOATHE thin toilet paper. My ass deserves nice soft toilet paper for my Goddess bottom. Thin toilet paper is crappy…literally.

My Solo Life (on the internet)

I think there seems to be a lot of mystery or confusion over the fact I’ve been in the adult industry (mostly online) in the past 8 years but have never worked with any of those big name companies you see me following or interacting with. Maybe makes you think I’m such a big cock tease I look like I’m going to work with or for them and I don’t. (har har har)

The simple truth comes down to my lack of time and desire to travel at this point in my life. For now I’m needed around my home and certain people and animals rely on me daily for care and help. Traveling even to the grocery store sometimes is a  feat I can not even imagine coordinating a trip to LA or Vegas into the mix. I think working for big companies (PussyEatingClub, Brazzers, Twistys, Kink etc) can be great for both the company and a model when a trusting relationship is available. I also think for new girls it can be hard to know who to trust, what to charge etc as well. For me I’m not at that point in my life to navigate those spectrums nor do I have experience in that realm of things at this time.

I’m also careful who I let into my life even with other girls in the industry. I keep to myself a lot not because I’m a recluse (okay wait maybe sometimes) but because I value my privacy and I know others who do not value mine. It’s important to know others in your life who respect your decisions and are on the same page as you. It’s great when working with others comes naturally and does not feel forced. Until I find that occurring (well naturally) then I know it’s okay to just keep doing me. (literally HAHA) just kidding. Maybe.

I look up to and speak with many girls who are in mainstream adult and I know if the time came they would lend their advice to me. For now I enjoy working from home (or a barn -grin- etc) and coordinating my daily life with as less stress as possible. A less stressed me is a happier, successful being and that means I can give my best to you all here as well. It’s a wonderful circle of calm and harmony that I try to live in. Which is a daily, weekly, monthly heck life practice, I won’t fool you!

There are MANY things I’m interested in doing but know I do not hold the right space to do so right now. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit a dungeon and witness some in person sessions. I hope to coordinate this someday but for now I know it’s not aligning with my available time. I know there are great things ahead of me in this path I’m on in adult and I lead each day and week into it knowing the best is yet to come and the opportunities that align with me will be there when I’m ready. #livepositive (living so positively with the thoughts I will someday put my lips on some very erotic sexy lady in adult too!) -swoon-

Like I tweeted earlier today:

PSA it’s okay to not say yes to every “opportunity” that comes. Not everyone can sit with you in the balanced harmonious space of you.

It’s okay to say no to things that won’t bring you balance in life. Of course it’s good to say yes and make funds to live your life and keeping on eating and having a house but everything presented to you is not necessary. I also give back as often as I can in many ways to charity or local people with needs-when you give to me I’m keeping that circle of love going which I feel is so important to happiness.  I always resort back to the trust your inner instinct mantra. I really have a good vibe and open pathways in life and know what is best for me. Sometimes even with this I have to learn lessons just like everyone else.

So for now, I hope you enjoy my solo work (or my occasional work with my twin sister Brooke) and that if and when the time ever comes you’ll be eagerly awaiting with open mouths to devour what I have to share with you next.

Om nom nom nom. Nameste.


a submissives words to his muse

[5/26/15, 2:29:04 PM] BVW: i say this with more sincerity than I know how to communicate at this distance, but when i tell you that YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE OBJECT OF MY DESIRE, I mean it. from the curves in your hip, to the varying level of playfulness in your octaves…to the way its all controlled by a very wicked, disciplined and creative mind, you are my QUEEN OF FANTASY and I have always, and will continue to carry you on an elite pedestal far above the noise and numbers. thank you

Sorry, I’m not nasty.

Wheels are turning, your wondering what this is about eh? Me too…me too.

Just kidding. Of course I know, alpha female here, hello!

Anyways. I tend to think a lot of people think a #femdoms twitter is going to be full of  you suck, loser this, fuck you that. Which for some it is, that’s fine. (I’ve hit on this subject a bit before in a previous blog posting-someone link it I’m too lazy right now) But for ME, I’m not going to divulge in such shenanigans outside of a paid custom video, clip or pvt show.

Plus there is just much more to me then that. If you are here reading this blog then you have a good idea of that already.

Plus I’m all for cordial correspondences via email, twitter etc as long as mutual respect is shown. (as we all know some people do deserve a hefty hammer to the face) I like to keep communication open and honest and leave the real divulging for the content I create.

Yes I’m a femdom. I always have been but I did not discover that about myself up until a few years ago. I always knew what I liked and did not like but it took me awhile to make a stand for that and go in a different direction then I had been before. I’m very grateful I took that leap into something that felt new but at the same time so familar. Like I mentioned to a person today via email I think it’s something we are born with and or is ingrained in how we were either raised, taught etc. It always comes to the surface at some point. (wether one is a submissive or dominant) Humans also like to play between both sides of the line as well-aka “switches”.

Maybe some of you don’t realize but I spend a lot of time reading books, articles and discussing fetish and kink with others as often as I can. It’s truly something I enjoy online and off. Even my friends in my personal life who have NO idea small penis humiliation or home wrecking fetishes existed before I told them. (faces are priceless of newbies to fetish ideals) It’s nice that I can bring a positive light what for some people is a mysterious and scary area of sexual exploration.

Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say you won’t ever be seeing that kind of talk from me on social media and rarely in public chat rooms. Join a pvt if you want me to call you a loser…It’s much more fun for my bank account that way! HA HA HA. I genuinely like to interact with my fans and friends and enjoy them (you) all coming to me to further what you also enjoy by supporting me in purchasing content, shows and clips. (and those wishlist gift items as well, THANK YOU)

Have a great Friday fuckers! (just kidding)

Much love,


(I think when I turn 30 in a few years then I will switch to Mistress? for now “Miss” seems to fit nicely)

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Into Me? Into My shiny black cat suit? Well then this is for you. recorded in 1080HD this extreme tease is full of sensual domination and dirty talk. Not for the faint of heart but for those who enjoy fetish and erotica. This is something you can watch again…and again…and again.

CCkrUVwUsAARLiX.jpg large CCkTE2nW8AE4szF.jpg large CCkUPgKWAAMwDXJ.jpg largeFind this video here: on May 30th or pre order for a $25 tribute. (via C4S, IWC or NF) It is 15 minutes long, recorded with a canon camcorder in 1080HD.

Fan Question

Moe asks: does that mean all the creepy questions are asked here, if so. What’s ur favourate shoes to creep up on some1. Mine=slippers

haha! Well I do not try to creep up on anyone. If so I would probably choose plain old socks or no shoes at all…

Do you like anal?

The range of questions I get on the daily is…slightly entertaining. Some days very irritating, especially when PMS is around. I’m more apt to eat you alive. Om Nom Nom Nom.

There are just certain questions I’m not going to entertain or answer. For various reasons, I think they don’t pertain to anything that I have to offer here, it’s not your business or I just plain don’t care enough to correct you.

Take this one for example, the title “Do you like anal?” …Do I look like I like anal? Do I look like the person who is jiving to shove something up there? Let me tell you, NO.

Or this question: How many kids do you have? How old are they? What is the gender? 

Uh what. you are on a porn site. -lost, confused, disturbed-Do you want to babysit what the fuck.

Questions you would ask people maybe out in the real world to a cam model are (possibly) just plain giving out too much information. Such as this tid bit from cam earlier: 


Of which someone hilariously called them out by asking to “please specify also blood group lol” Which I found pretty funny.

Camming is one area of work that really it does not matter how old a woman is (long as she is over 18) or where she is from. Most likely the only interaction you will have with her is virtually (don’t cry!) Though some models attend events, offer in person meetings, BDSM experiences etc. (Not something I do at this time, maybe never)

It just comes down to the fact of, do you like how I look, do you like what I have to offer, do our interests for an exchange match? And go from there.

Do you have a boy friend? My response to this usually is: “No that sounds exhausting” -laughs- No really, it does. I have way too much fun with everyone online…I don’t need a “boyfriend”. Sounds so high school. I know where to find the good D if I need it. -laughs-

Will you do boy/girl I would love to see you having sex? Um…No? Do you think I’m waiting for the 1millionth person to ask and THEN, that is WHEN I will do it. I’ve been online 8 years (and offered just about everything in the universe to do things I don’t care too) and have never done any boy/girl sexual relations and have no intentions of doing so. It honestly is not even a shyness factor (lets be real here) I just DONT CARE TO DO IT. It’s not my thing. Not happening. Plenty of other women online are okay with this, enjoy them!

At the end of the day I like to make an income doing what I enjoy and that I have mutual shared interests with those who are paying for the services I do offer. It’s just a lot more fun that way.


Pony Post

Now which of you thought this was #fetish related? HA! …

So as some of you may know I’ve been looking for a second horse, a husband for my Bella. I found one mid February and had him for about a week and on trial for 30 days. Arranged the vet appointment only to find out he has a lot of injuries that could not be seen when I went and looked at him (three times before I bought him) and was not rid-able. You can imagine my trainer and I’s shock after how we had both looked him over a few times. We did notice some offness on his trot in the field but thought it was from being at much larger facility then where he came from and had more room to stretch. Was not the case…I therefore had to return him. He was such a sweetheart too and would have made a great trail horse. But the sad part is that he was in so much pain he should be put down as it was not fixable. But that was not my call to make, I notified the owner of the issues and handed her a copy of the vet receipt so she knew.

Same day I find out about this the farm I board at says they know a gorgeous paint that is being sold at a neighboring school farm. I’m like, okay, I will give it a try. Again. I went and rode him, so did my trainer, saw some kids on him and everything went well. Made arrangements to pick him up.

The day I pick him up the woman puts the halter on while the trailer is being backed up and then hands him off to me. The horse then starts to literally drag me out of the barn. I had to dig my heels into the ground to get him to stop. Thankfully he did. Right then I was like oh my, what have I got myself into now. I chalked it up to the commotion happening in front of us and got him trailer-ed up.

The day we pick him up it had rained and there was still snow…driveway was very long so we got stuck on the driveway, on ice, about 20 feet from the paved road. With a very large horse and trailer behind us. Sliding backward…long story short finally someone came with a truck and kitty litter and the story ended fine. That day anyways.

My trainer takes him out to ride him and see how he acts at the new facilities and he has somehow turned into a giant asshole. He has horrible ground manners (not sure how he acted so nice the day I viewed him) He is a very big tall horse who when you go to bridle him throws his head up so you cant. Being the fact that I’m so petite that is not going to work out. The 2 weeks I had him my trainer tacked him up for me as we tried to work on his manners. When you took him in the ring he did not want to stay on the outside he wanted to go to the middle to whatever person was standing there. He is like a big puppy, hold me mommy! Not the best thing to have with a horse that weighs tons and is over 16 hands. He did show improvement in the time I had him BUT the price tag did not match the training he needed to be where I could use him.

I thought about it long and hard, I finally came to the conclusion that it just did not feel right. Plus the $3000 price tag the woman was trying to sell him for (and would not come down) with how he acted was astronomical to pay for him.

So he went back.

All this has cost me $900 between these two horses. I had been eye balling a western saddle for Bella and wish I would have just bought that instead of spending it on trying to find her a friend.

I’ve been trying to find her a friend as horses are social creatures and I want to bring her to my house. Therefor two horses (or a goat or few) is necessary for them to not be anxiety ridden. So this wasn’t done out of stupidity…but I think the universe is saying to just hold back on that for now.

I have some other big changes coming my way again in life so all’s well that ends well.

I’ve also been having some issues with Bella. My trainer and I had been making great headway and then I started bringing in other horses + spring arrived and she has turned into something else. She use to barrel race so she is always in fast mode. I also believe (and  my trainer) she was trained improperly and trained to be scared under saddle so she ran faster.  Good thing I have a pretty good seat even though I’m riding at a beginer level again as there have been many instances she has spun, spooked and started to lose her mind. She does not buck, rear, kick or bite though. So these things previously mentioned can be worked with. My trainer and I are going to do everything we can to get her trust and teach her the right way again.

Thinking of selling her makes me want to dissolve in a bucket of tears I don’t think it’s anything I could ever do even if I could never do anything but walk on her in a quiet space or just spend time with her. I feel this great connection to her, a deep love and I want to do right by her even if the rest of her life is spent in a pasture being fed carrots and being brushed.

So it goes.

That’s been filling up A LOT of my time lately as I love Bella and have been trying to do right by her any way I can. I’ve also been helping my twin Brooke as she has given birth and that has taken me away from home and work for a bit. Which I do not mind at all, I love that I can be there for her. But that is also why I’ve asked for some patience with customs lately since I’m needed in other areas of my personal life.

I’ve not had any customs be late though and I’ve actually kept up on top of things quite well so I really should not be worried. I have a huge manager part of myself that makes me think I have to get everything done fast as I can and do it right because no one else can. Ya I’m working on that.

Anyways. I have an apt at noon today and I hope either before or after that I’m finishing a few custom videos and will have them on their way! Thank you again for all your understanding and patience. I appreciate it.

I will be back soon…hopefully with more positive news on Bella!