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Our Most Popular TWIN Video!! #Daddy

It is so convenient that the wife is out of town on a girls weekend and you have planned a “guy’s night out” that has turned into a “babysitters night in” We have been thinking about taking our relationship further Daddy, you are so hot, we tell all of our friends about you. We want you to get nice and hard in your tight jeans and let us unzip your pants for us. We encourage you to jerk off for us faster and faster as we tease you, even this time, letting our nice youthful tits come out of our tight dresses. We talk dirty to you till we decide it’s time to count you down to cum. We have turned into professional babysitting teases. Don’t you think Daddy?


I have a new home for My femdom and fetish clips. I decided (with the advice of some) it would be best to separate My “vanilla” videos from My femdom. My love and interest in and of fetish is only growing and I think it proper it has it’s own area.

Find the new store HERE.