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Lately I have been doing and dealing with a lot of home remodeling and home repairs. As we all know this winter has been a bitch on her never ending period. No water from frozen pipes for four days…except the water cascading down My interior walls from ice dames on the roof.

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My cam time has surely been lacking because of it. I plan to hopefully soon be back in the swing of things. I would like to say “normal” swing of things but My life is never normal 😉

Thanks to some VERY good boys My kitchen stove was paid for and ALL My paint to re paint the interior of My house. *claps* Making Me smile My minions I love it! 🙂

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I do NOT do public shows EVER. You can join Me in a pvt show, top for sensual teasing in public or just to show your adoration. You can tip for videos from clips to be sent to you. And generally just relax, get to know Me better or Me know you and your desires and kinks better… Basically, lets have a good time!

I will be making available My rare vanilla After Work Secretary Blowjob Video again. It is not available on any of My clip stores so come and get it! 8 minutes long, sultry teasing, realistic dildo, leather skirt, low tank top and lacy bra, pussy and tit flashing…and of course TONS of dirty talk per My usual. 300 tokens. 

See you soon!

Stupid For Ass *Video Preveiw*

“Of course you are already on your knees. Where you belong. I know this leather short tight skirt makes you so weak and horny for Me. You can’t resist. Let’s be honest, My ass is the only one that gets you horny and makes you take that cock out to jerk it. The more I play with My skirt, hike it up, the more stupid for My ass you become. The more willing you are to do whatever I say. you are so stupid for My ass. I even slide My thong down on My perfect big ass, you are getting more obsessed and stupid for My ass.”
Details: dream like talking hypnotic talking, ass worship, goddess worship, female domination, tease and denial, femdom, fetish, ass grabbing/squeezing, jerk off encouragement, humiliation.

Being released February 22nd 2014. you can obtain this 5 minute HD video early by sending a $7 tribute or amazon gift card ( Video will be sent via a download link.


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Boss…Boss…The TWINS Are Calling YOU.

We know why you hired us boss. You love to see our big asses and big tits in our tight skirts and blouses. And those heels, oh how great they make our legs look. We know what you have been wanting to see, you don’t have to act shy. Nobody knows we are skyping you from the break room while you are in your big office. We want to show you what you have been fantasizing about. You’ve never had this good of a day at the office. (strip tease, topless, cute coy girls, secretary, skirts, up skirt, tease)

Our Most Popular TWIN Video!! #Daddy

It is so convenient that the wife is out of town on a girls weekend and you have planned a “guy’s night out” that has turned into a “babysitters night in” We have been thinking about taking our relationship further Daddy, you are so hot, we tell all of our friends about you. We want you to get nice and hard in your tight jeans and let us unzip your pants for us. We encourage you to jerk off for us faster and faster as we tease you, even this time, letting our nice youthful tits come out of our tight dresses. We talk dirty to you till we decide it’s time to count you down to cum. We have turned into professional babysitting teases. Don’t you think Daddy?