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The Top Five Questions I’ve Been Asked In Past 7 Years

Q1. Are you and Brooke really twins?

A1. If you have any doubt after seeing these photos then I’m not sure what else I can procure for your short of Our very personal birth certificates. We’ve been “accused” of being “cousins” before and that I’m the older one. (LMFAO) Maybe it’s the dark hair and Dom leading role I’m in BUT I can assure you we were formulated in the same uterus. (LOL)
If you know us you know we are just down to earth, honest women who happen to have a pretty cool career in the adult industry that is ONLY going to get more and more exciting. No reason for us to lie about our relationship to each other. TWINS TWINS TWINS! Just enjoy it…and us *wink

Q2. Are your boobs real?

A2. Is your penis real? Look at these soft pillows, I’m pretty sure they stay attached…

Q3. Can we meet up, I live near by or can fly to you or fly you to my Egyptian villa?

A3. First and foremost, I’m an internet adult entertainer, I do not meet up with people or offer in person D/s sessions either at this time. I’m not an escort-I’m actually quite asexual most the time and like I said on My twitter the other day: “I know many girls meet up, hook up, drug up with ppl offline. I don’t, I don’t want to meet for breakfast, brunch, brinner, or dinner.”
Some day, in the very distant future, I may consider in person D/s sessions at locations of My choosing. It won’t be for many years. Think 5+. I like things to happen organically and I feel in My personal and work life I’m not ready to add this to My job description yet. Those who have been serving Me the longest and with whom I have a track record with, know their fetishes (they know mine) will know about this first and be offered this first.
Then again it could never happen. I’m not coercing anyone to follow Me online like a puppy for the next five years waiting. (or do?! hehe) I’m saying I’m intrigued by in person D/s sessions and some day may consider offering it.
For now it’s not up for discussion.

Q4. Do you like cam2cam?

A4. Hell yes I do. Why you ask? (As so many girls refuse it.) I genuinely enjoy seeing you, what you are doing and especially in My fetish/dom type shows I need to make sure you are doing as you are told. Show Me your dick, I either want to make fun of it or make sure you are jerking how I say. *grins

Q5. How long have you been a web cam model and how long will you continue to be?

A5. I’ve been in this industry in some way since 2008. I started webcamming on CamWithHer and have evolved ever since. (yes I still cam on there) But I do not web cam as often as I use too. I make lots of pre recorded videos now that I list on Clips4Sale, Niteflirt and Kinkbomb. Though I always will in some way cam (via sites or privately on Skype etc). As long as I can pay My bills, keep having fun with everyone and am genuinely enjoying Myself, you will see Me around here.

You will often here Me say the two words “mutual enjoyment” —it’s most important to Me. I want both of us to enjoy our relationship whether we meet online once or 100’s of times. “Customer” satisfaction is important to Me and I’m always striving to be My best and better then before. I’ve made so many great friends here who are SO good to Me and I give back in any way I can. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support in this realm (WHERE I REIGN AS SUPREME RULER! *laughs* kidding…maybe…) and I look forward to being around for many moons.

Do you have a question you would like see answered on My blog? Ask Me on twitter and I will answer it here! Be good. *wink

thank you Universe!

I’ve been planning to change my life in many ways for quite a few years now. I’ve really been taking the steps and working hard to get to the point where I can live my life more simply. I grew up in the country and like that one country song “she grew up slow”, I really (looking back) enjoyed the opportunity to breathe fresh air, roam the woods and lay in the fields.(I know sort of hippie sounding but that is me)

That being said I have accepted an offer on my house in the suburbs and moving to a farm in the country. YES I will still have high speed internet and YES I will still be cultivating my adult career. I even hope someday to do some more things in the adult industry. Not sure what that means yet but I’m optimistic about that. I want to have adventures, have low housing bills, have the opportunity to feel able to “just breathe” and enjoy the friends, family and people who have made my life so great. (yes that includes all of you!)

I plan to work on my clip stores even more and to start working with some girls I have gotten to know. Princess Lynne specifically, this summer and Misty in Chicago. I hope to gear a lot of my time to clips more and eventually come to a more set cam schedule (though no promises there!)

I will be building a completely new building for my art and cam studio. I don’t know if that will happen this year as moving and selling is already a lot of work. BUT I’m very excited to have a separate building on my property to have work be sectioned into and feel more relaxed inside my home. If any of you work from home you know how so many things can affect your vibes inside le casa. Whether this happens now or a few years from now, I  know it’ll be a great choice for me.

Coming into my late 20’s I’m becoming even more confident in who I’m, what I want out of life and the steps to get there-in my career and personal life. I’m determined and dedicated to being the best I can be in this life time. Even though I know every day is different and my best today may not be my best tomorrow-and some days I will just be a “hot mess” haha! I want the opportunity to make a difference in others lives and hope to have more time for charity, volunteering and improving the positivity of life here on earth.

I believe everyone has their own kink in life, those things that make them tick, brings a smile and happiness, little joys. Moving into more things fetish related instead of vanilla as well career wise has been a great choice for me in this sense. Loving ones work is important and I’m so glad that I do-it really shows in my opinion when passion is present.

Personally as well, for me for awhile that has also included deciding to put lots of research into gardening and being self sufficient. I’m a big fan of mother nature, the universe and everything organic and real. I want to live my life expressing this and I feel the move I’m making is going to make this part of my passion in life much more possible. I believe we are all connected, especially to the earth and we need to preserve this relationship.

I’ve been talking to the Universe for awhile and with hard work everything is coming together. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in these decisions I’ve been making and who are happy for me. I hope you find your own path in life rewarding and fruitful. It has been an uphill climb but I’m really going to like the view from the top.

*This also means the next 1-2 months are going to be really chaotic for Me and I will appreciate any and all extra support. Please be patient with emails, custom content and everything else. Just because I’m busy does not mean do not contact me for things you are interested in-I love my career and I like to keep busy.*