Femdom and Erotica Videos

The following sites are where I make available my clips. Clips are released 1-5x’s per week depending on My schedule. you can purchase a custom clip here: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

FETISH/FEMDOM FANTASY on iWantClips: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616 (best % for Me-I make the most here-preferred payment option)

FETISH/FEMDOM-FANTASY on CLIPS4SALE: http://clips4sale.com/75307

NOTE: The following store has been combined with the above store and it no longer exists: http://clips4sale.com/54035

If you want to purchase clips directly from myself that is possible. I can send them through a wetransfer service directly to your email. If you need them re formatted into different resolutions there will be a $5/per video cost for my time to do so. You would need to email me with a complete list, total cost and way you would like to pay.
I have a twin sister (her twitter: @BrookeMarieCam My twitter: @MissVikkiLynn) visit this page to learn more: http://missvikkilynn.com/twin-sisters-brooke-and-vikki/

10 thoughts on “Femdom and Erotica Videos”

  1. can I work for you I can do any job you give me I won,t question it or complain I,m very submisdsive&obedient ps can I also be your slave

  2. I was curious what a custom video of you both would cost. I’d be interested in an arm pit smelling video. Lots of talk about how it smells that sort of thing.. or about how much I’d like to be the one smelling you. Outfits would be in panties and braless in white tank tops

  3. Hello, goddess Vikki Lynn. I hope you’re well and enjoying the holiday season. If I may ask, are there videos you used to have posted that you took down? I loved your video encouraging the viewer to watch gay porn for a college project and I believe you once had a longer, similar clip. I would gladly like to purchase said this if possible as I love your videos playful tease and dominate femdom.

  4. I believe it was deleted. Sometimes I delete clips, unsure if I still have it on a sep hard drive or not. you would need to email me with a tribute to take the time to look.

  5. Hi Vikki!

    Firstly thank you for creating such high quality content, i have been a fan of your work for years

    Secondly i understand this is a bit of a long shot here but is there any chance i would be able to purchase some of your older vids that are no longer on your clip sites? Shower / voyeur ones specifically

  6. Hello, some videos may just not exist anymore even on my harddrive as my content and style evolves things are deleted to keep a brand/flow of work. You can always email which titles you are interested in, include a tribute and I will look and see if I still have them.

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