Some Personal Service Announcements from Me.

Good Afternoon!

Whew. The sun is shining and it is Monday. I took the weekend off to do a lot of gardening and I’m happy with what I got done but there is still A LOT to do. It’s exciting watching all the seeds come up and being outside in the sun finally.

Now I’m sitting here with my list (God I love lists!) and getting things done. Which feels as equally good as taking the entire weekend off. I’m writing this blog posting and it is going to be full of randomness, so hold on, squirrel brain commences!

  1. I’m no longer offering Skype shows to random pop up clients. For many reasons. The lack of follow through is intense. The lack of following directions even after I have an entire blog posting about it etc. Just is too much of a headache for me. The only way around this is by being a kind, generous and patient member of my OnlyFans:
    If you are a member PAID SKYPE shows are $10/minute or $15/minute if you want it recorded and I edit and email you the HD file afterward. Recorded shows are best treated like a video/custom/clip where only I’m talking. If you are talking in the show, so am I, you will of course hear all that in the recording. If you want to watch it again you may want to just have the aspect of me and not yourself in it. I’ll record it either way of course, just an FYI.

    EDIT: I WILL be deleting my current Skype. I WILL be making a NEW name that only my OF members receive when they are purchasing a show. I will be linking those who paid for a show within the last few months this information on current Skype name.
  2. WEBCAM: (this website has been sold to another, please disgregard this section for now as of August 24th 2020) IF you want to see me live on webcam, I’m making a tentative schedule on CamWithHer which will be kept at the top of my profile on there. This is my first home on the web and I will always be fond of it. The chatroom is NOT live until you enter a paid show, but you can ask questions if you need in the chat room etc. Here is the link:
    What is also awesome is that I have quite a lot of OnDemand shows that you can purchase when you scroll down to that section in my profile. These are shows that I allow to be purchased. If you have never purchased a live show before, it’s a great example of how one can go. OR if you just simply like the voyeur aspect, the genre of the show etc. It’s a fun look at something extra.
    Camwithher is going to be where I’m focusing my live show energy. NOT on Skype any longer. I recommend signing up and being ready, looking at my calendar etc, my goal is to log on once a week every week that I can.
  3. CLIENT TIPS: I’m going to be SOON writing a blog post about top ten tips for clients. That is you if you are buying clips, customs, phone calls etc. There is a lot of new clients around and I have had quite a few very undesirable run in’s with clients who took zero time to learn more about me and who became very angry about my boundaries. Which of course makes things a whole lot less fun for me in general.
    I wrote a blog about phone call etiquette a few months back if you want to take a look at that, if phone sex is something you have been wanting to try but have not yet:
  4. EMAILS/DMS/MESSAGES: I will no longer be responding to these every single day. I was starting to get really hard on myself about doing that every day and keeping up BUT I really can’t keep doing so for my mental health. EXCEPTION: If you are asking about a paid chat/show/service I will do my best to get to that ASAP. Especially if wanting a paid text chat (Which is way easier for me to do right now) then I will of course respond to that if I’m able.
    I do not take on “full time” slaves/clients/subs that I speak to every single day. I do NOT enjoy talking to someone *every* day (unless you have big pockets and don’t respond back with anything but I’ve paid you) Being a very quiet introvert person my brain needs a lot of time to just be. If I’m not responding to your message it is NOT personal. It is because I know what I can and can not handle. Be patient, be generous and respect the time I do have. I’m big on protecting my energy so I can function day to day in a way that makes me feel the best. Which means I can give the best of myself to my clients when we get to connect in those ways.
  5. CUSTOM PHOTO SETS: I keep getting lots of questions about these, honestly it is not something I do a lot BUT I’m going to get a price list around for them so that I can at least have the information readily available. Especially since I’m not doing custom videos right now it’s not something high on my list. (EDIT: Not something I’m offering unless you want to pay $100/photo join my OF for photos)
  6. CUSTOM VIDEOS: I’m NOT currently returning to those and do not have a timeline of doing so. Right now I just need to now owe anyone anything that is sitting around on my desk. I’m just going with the flow free spirit style right now. (partially retired from custom videos as of April 2020)
    If you are a clips4sale patron (or even if you are not you can become one!) PLEASE use this link during the month of April AND MAY. They are giving models 100% pay out on clips for traffic they bring to the site. This runs from April 1st to now MAY 31st.



    Please note this is CLIP SALES ONLY. Not tributes. There is no catch, you just need to use this link! This is the same link to use for any future specials the site runs for models as well. Please bookmark this if you love and appreciate Brooke and I’s work.
  8. PHONE CALLS: I’m still around most often for these (and paid text chatting on either Niteflirt: or OnlyFans chat: )
  9. OR NEW: where you can text me and it goes directly to my phone. The privilege of this, whew!
  10. NEW TWITTER: @MissVikkiPROMO
    This is where you can find twin videos, clips from clips4sale etc. The pinned tweet on this twitter also has the CID clips4sale links, so a great thing to keep bookmarked and follow along on.

    YOU MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM! Hurray! Here is a photo prize. That was a lot of information I know. Congrats on a job well done reading.


Hi there, if you are a clips4sale patron PLEASE use this link during the month of April. They are giving models 100% pay out on clips for traffic they bring to the site. This runs from April 1st to April 30th.



Please note this is CLIP SALES ONLY. Not tributes.

There is no catch, you just need to use this link! This is the same link to use for any future specials the site runs for models as well. Please bookmark this if you love and appreciate Brooke and I’s work.

Thank you-MistressVictoria

NEW EROTIC ART “Gold Mirror Selfie”

NEW! Erotic one of a kind painting. This is from a selfie photo of myself on my OnlyFans, if you are a member there then you caught site today in my stories of me creating this one. If you are not already on my onlyfans and purchase this drawing you will also get 5 photos similar to this one after payment.

If you have known me for any length of time you will know that this gold mirror in the painting is one I have owned for almost my entire career online. (12 years now!) It is iconic and something that I believe to be quite recognizable to my brand. Creating a painting of a selfie in front of this mirror was a lot of fun. Selfie “culture” is big especially when you are an online model. I think this is a fun representation of my work on multiple levels.

It is currently available for purchase as of 3/27/2020. (by tribute on my IWC or OnlyFans I will need a ship to address for this. As always your privacy is very important to me and no address or personal information will be shared from your purchase. All ship to information is deleted after I have mailed your item with tracking.

Send an email with the title “Gold Mirror Selfie” to purchase. Thank you for your support. -MistressVictoria

NEW! Erotic Art “The Tease”

“The Tease” 4×4 inches ORIGINAL one of a kind watercolor, charcoal, pen and pencil drawing. SOLD: $40 shipped USA, $55 INTL.

(SOLD 3/20/2020) Whomever purchases this NEW original will also get a 5 picture photo set of me in this bikini including the photo that inspired this original painting of myself via email. All shipments are discreet and no personal information is ever shared. What are you waiting for? Want to own something I created, contact me: with “The Tease Artwork” for the subject line. -MV

PS: Find out about more works of art: available, sold and commissions here on my blog:

NEW (butt sold) #eroticart

“Kneel” March 2020 SIZE: 4×4 inches. (SOLD) PRICE: $40
Shipping prep!

I created this new mini last night and showed off the process on my OnlyFans: <—private members club. It sold to a member last night, I’ve added it to the “erotic art” gallery part of my blog. All members get first look and first options to purchase any of my originals before they are listed here and twitter.

These are a pair of iconic Honey Birdette panties I received in January that I’m wearing in this illustration. All art work is created from photos of myself. Such a perfect erotic muse I’m! *wink

Since being home is the new 2020 jam for the world, expect more originals available in the coming weeks. Join my OF for first dibs and stay tuned here! Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy. -MV

Things to do, when you think you have nothing to do because of CO19

I do hope that next year at this same time I can reveal and feel blessed in the idea that we are not dealing with this sort of situation. This is certainly a one of a kind experience that none of us were expecting. I do not want to replicate this again in my life time. This year has been a hard one for many. I myself do not take the changing of a year as a tipping point of difference. I use all year around as a self motivation to seek to better myself and the world around me. While it is perfectly okay to use a new year to motivate, I just want people to not get caught up in the idea a new year should have meant a better one. I believe humans get caught up in the control of time. When time is changing, infinite and out of our control. Time is a man made construct. Lets not get stuck on the idea that 2020 should have been a year that things changed, instead we can become aware that our current situation has spurred the need for the very things that are unjust in this world and should be changed.

I also want to touch on those who are making light of the situation with jokes. That is not my aim with this blog posting. Many of our fellow humans are immune compromised, sick, pregnant, cancer, elderly etc. This is a very real threat to them. We must change our habits to protect others. I’m certain most of us have someone who falls under the high risk category. During this time we should be reaching out to others to assist best of our ability.

Remember to breathe deeply, get extra sleep, drink lots of water and try to eat well. Find a center of calm and do not let panic spur your reactions or conversations with others. Preparing the best you can will lessen any anxiety. Grab some extra food if possible or contact the right people if you are in need of help from community for food.

I wanted to initially make this blog so I could share a list of ideas to keep people busy. I know our brains can get caught up in gerbil wheel and not think straight during times of uncertainty. If you have an idea please comment on twitter below and I might add it in! I realize some of these ideas do take income and not everyone will have expendable income at this time. I’m sending everyone love and light as I know this is an uneasy time. I hope you can find something useful here for yourself.

  1. CLEAN YOUR VEHICLES: Now is a really great time to clean out your car. REALLY GOOD. Since our cars take us lots of places and therefor are also coming in contact with places and others through this means. Planning to give your car a deep interior clean is a great idea and way to pass the time. Turn on some great music (not the news!) and find it as a way of meditating while getting a task done that many find hard to find time for usually. My car is usually the last place I have time to give a deep clean so I’m planning this myself likely next week.
  2. GET OUTSIDE: This is very important. (long as this is allowed in your country/city/state) If you can not get outside, sit by an open window. Nature and fresh air is very good for our immune systems. Make sure you stay warm, scarfs around the neck are great way to have something to pull up over your face too if going by or around others. Turn on some music (not the news!) or just quietly meditate as you walk, run or maybe just enjoy laying outside on a blanket.
  3. BOOKS PODCASTS MAGAZINES: Now is a great time to catch up on all that reading or listening material that you think about doing during the work day. Watching other peoples podcasts are also very helpful on youtube as views can generate income for those who use youtube as a stream of income. I have quite a few artists that I can’t wait to dive into their podcasts during this time. (I’m trying to stay positive) Many artists also have online classes! Adding another thread for that:
  4. ONLINE CLASSES: I do not mean college necessarily or at all. Many entrepreneurs have access to online classes that can be purchased one at a time or as bundles (which usually give a discount). Artists, musicians, cosplayers, tarot card readers etc. All these type of things can be done remotely. This will also help creatives as being self employed especially now can be quite volatile.
  5. RESTAURANT GIFT CARDS: To help small business-I saw this today and thought it was a super sweet gesture for those that can afford it. To support your local (community owned, I’m not worried about chains) restaurants who may have to close soon, buy a gift card now and use it later when things start to improve. They can use the money now and you can use your gift card later. It will be something to look forward too. Take a friend out, significant other or maybe by then you’ll have arranged a date!
  6. MENTAL HEALTH: Many providers will allow or have access to a session ONLINE. Make sure you carve out time to talk to someone if you need too. Just being able to get it all out, have a good cry and have someone be there for you and a voice of reason is good. If you do not have a therapist maybe ask a friend if it’s okay if you can discuss some of your fears with them right now. (not everyone has the head space to do so, please be respectful of others mental health as well)
  7. PAINT A ROOM: Or two or three? Grab some paint for your house. Do you need a room painted and just have not had the time? Now is a great time to start a project that does not invest a ton of money but can keep you occupied. Make sure you get all the right supplies. Painters tape, the right paint, brushes and rollers. I have a few rooms that could use touched up so this is something I’m going to plan for myself. Don’t forget your baseboards especially if they are white like mine. (UGH! haha) ALSO:
  8. SMALL HOME REPAIRS: This is a great time to make your spring home repair list of small things you can do yourself and or know someone you can pay if they need the income and are talented in that department. Grab those supplies in the next few days as it might be possible that some businesses will close. Spring is starting many places and if you have a yard a lot can be accomplished. The entire process will help your mind and be a great way to help your body by being outside. Maybe you want to even plan a super small garden this year? I’ve been wanting too for years and have not had the time. This year might just be my year!
  9. HOBBY TIME: I’m sure we all have a hobby we wish we had a bit more time for. To learn about or actually do. Youtube is a great place to learn more about a hobby and how to do it, the right supplies needed etc. It is also a free resource. Maybe you have a lot of supplies for your hobby already? Now is a great time to organize them. Hobbies can be lots of things: baking, painting, singing, learning an instrument, writing and gee…the list could go on!
  10. ORGANIZE: I’m super big on an organized household but working from home I’m always meddling in improving that somewhere in my house. If you are home and can not work now is a great time to organize literally…everything. Closets, drawers, the kitchen, bathroom etc. Not good at organizing? Lots of free articles and ideas online on youtube, pinterest and lots of blogs and websites. Organizing is also a great way to mentally clear your mind. The less stuff we have laying around that we don’t use or need the more our minds are free to be wild and play. Don’t forget your garage! Or maybe you have a storage unit. ALSO:
  11. BOXES/DONATIONS: Get some boxes while you are organizing, leave one in each room or in the hallway by multiple rooms. Have an “unsure box” “don’t want box” “give to friends box” etc so on and so forth. OR just donate it all to a charity once it is allowed to do so. (Since I realize many will be closed) BUT you can go through your things and have it ready for when the time comes.
  12. FACETIME! PHONECALLS! Since face to face communication is not going to be possible now is the time to (sorry if you hate phone calls I know that can give some people anxiety!) call and check in on your friends you may have not been able to for awhile. Use Skype for video or FT if you have it. Lots of people do this all the time but it may be new to some. Especially older people. Teach them how to use it so you can make them feel not alone during this time. You can even just text them photos of you and your loved ones and tell them what you are doing that day.
  13. TAXES: wow this is kind of terrible to mention isn’t it? Because it is NOT fun. Well not for me…I do not get any money back. Many might and that may be super helpful right now. Now is a great time to get your taxes dealt with in next few weeks. Lots of people can do this online so it can be done without face to face contact. It will feel GOOD once you have them done and help you feel like you are controlling something.
  14. BE FUCKING NICE: Yes this should have been number 1 eh? Especially to retail employees at stores right now. This is likely going to be one of their worst few weeks to month ever working during this. Find your center of compassion and USE IT. Maybe if you even have money to spare give them a $5 starbucks gift card. Little acts of kindness go A LONG WAY. Do not HOARD supplies at the store. I absolutely promise if you do run out of toilet paper you have running water and dish rags right? Clean your butt and wash the rags in a separate load of laundry. I know this seems like rocket science but people did it before toilet paper and you can too.
  15. MAKE A LIST: Of all the things you have been wanting to get too but have not had the time. I actually keep a running list on my home whiteboard of things that I can do when I have some extra time. Now I will be able to really dive into that list. Everyone’s list will look different! I want to hang some twinkly lights in a room, clean off my winter boots (horses! haha) and paint a fence. I have way more on that list but I wanted to show some of my own ideas so you can see well…they are quite mundane but they will keep me occupied!

    I can’t wait to hear what ideas YOU have and maybe I will add them to my list! Please know I’m not giving any medical advice in this blog, I’m keeping that to the professionals. There is quite a few great posts out there about how to stay safe, healthy and not pass germs. Please stay home if you are sick. Contact anyone you know to bring you supplies OR order online from the grocery store and pick up at the curb. Together we will all get through this and help prevent the further spread of CO19. Find your center of calm and know that this too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever-but we can use this situation as a catalyst for change.

    Thank you for joining me here!

NEW #eroticart !

NEW! I’ve been working on this for a few weeks on and off and it is finally complete and ready for a new home. Will it be yours? This is a truly one of a kind piece of erotic art using myself as the muse. This is currently the only available piece I have but you can view some other past works on this new tab on my blog as well:

(If you are on my OnlyFans you have been seeing me work on this the past few weeks: )

I’ve always been an artist and I’m over joyed that I’m starting to carve out some time to create some one of a kind erotic and femdom themed art pieces for my serious fans and collectors.
Art is and always will be an investment. An investment into your well being and also a financial investment. When we connect with art work and choose to hang it in our home it really is a special feeling. Art work especially by more well known artists usually accrues in value. Art and the collecting of it is a refined side of a person. It’s never too late to start enjoying original art. Museums, galleries and right here. (waves)

It just may be more difficult for some to hang erotic art in their homes because of roommates, family, friends etc OR you may just not tend to care what others may think and hang this loud and proud in your hallway or right above your bed. I do recommend if you are more on the shy side if you have a walk in closet or office that most people do not frequent that may be a good spot for it. If you REALLY have to hide it, get a nice clear container that fits under a bed and slide it in there. Bring it out to worship-the ability to own something I created…then slide it back into hiding.

A recent collector told me that he almost started a video call chat for work with his art work of mine hanging in the background. OOOPS! (haha) Could have brought up some open ended questions… I always LOVE seeing how you decide to hang or frame my art work as well. If you make a purchase please share with me after.

I always recommend framing art with UV protected glass and backings to protect the longevity of the art work. Hobby Lobby and Michaels are two large art stores where you can purchase these supplies. They also do custom framing if you dare to bring this erotic art into them to handle. I believe Hobby Lobby is religious so maybe try Michaels or a more discreet framer in town that you trust. Do not hang art work in direct sun light and take care to keep any dust off the frame.

Well I think that is enough rambling for now, time for lunch and I do dare say I think a nap after. Lucky me. *wink.

If you have interest in purchasing please email me with your offer and subject line ART:

My TOP 10 Tips and Tricks for Models!

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for awhile AND I will be making one for clients too next week. Some things seem second nature to me but may not to someone else. After being in the online industry for 12 years now I know it is harder than ever to be seen with the influx of models who want to try their hand at webcamming, being a dominatrix, findom etc. You do not need any special formal training to be successful. You need consistency, work ethic and drive. OH and a whole lot of SELF motivation-working from home is not for the faint of heart. Distractions abound. But here are some top 10 personal tips to get you started!

  1. Have a social media presence. Some top models get away with not being active on social media and still are in the top sellers on clip sites. This is not the norm. Social media verifies you as a real person, someone people can connect with and gives you a platform to show off your personality. Currently Twitter seems to be the safest place for SW to have an account. Make sure you read the TOS (terms of service) and follow the rules. I personally do not post any nudity but many others do. I try to keep it PG as to now get shadowbanned or in what is called “Twitter Jail”. Instagram is very tough to keep an account on. I personally do not waste my time there though some have been successful. Obviously (but maybe not to some) Facebook is a big no. Some models also have success on YouTube BUT they have a strict TOS and please be aware that this is the area where people of ALL ages are on a lot and if you are keeping your work a secret from family/friends then YouTube is a platform where it is more likely for you to be found by unsuspecting acquaintances.

    If you are finding it hard to post daily on social media you can use different apps to que posts in advance. OR connect your auto tweet sales to fill in the gaps from your iwantclips, clips4sale or manyvid stores. Some models make a seperate account for this as some believe it creates a shadowban on your account with auto sales-I have mine on and do not have an issue but I make sure to be VERY active to balance it out. Make sure you interact with your peers, answer back clients and show off who you are on social media. All without divulging too much personal information. Everyone has their own fine line of what this means to them.
  2. One of my favorite comfort tricks is having a heating blanket on high under me as I’m recording customs videos or taking an online session. Sitting in tiny clothing especially if you live in a state with winter can be tough and it personally helps me mentally to be warm while working. If you are in a warm state you could try ice packs under a blanket covered by a towel if you lack AC and fans make too much noise. I run a little cold, others have different bodies and may run warm.
  3. Have at least ONE clip site that you sell on. This is a great way to verify your age, credibility and show off your interests and skills in clips videos. The current front runners in clip sites are: iwantclips, clips4sale , manyvids. and niteflirt. Each site has slightly different clientele. It’s always best to not put all your eggs in one basket either as the saying goes BUT starting somewhere with at least one clip site will get you organic traffic. Make sure to read each sites TOS and follow the rules. Getting banned from a site means getting banned from revenue there. It is generally not allowed to link to other sites on another. For example do not send someone who emailed you on iwantclips to your niteflirt or give them your email and say to email you elsewhere. Sites like to keep their business ON their site for the benefit of all parties. Safety, customer service and proper payment processing helps everyone have fun properly. Especially if you are new and learning the ropes.
  4. I’m a VERY organized person. If my things are not organized I mentally feel like I might fall apart. Organization is going to save you time and time again. You will get work done faster, find items needed for work sooner and generally feel more in control of your business. I recommend setting time aside to keep things organized every single month. This means organizing taxes, lingerie, sexy toys (keeping them clean!) bedroom and lighting set up etc.
  5. I want to continue the organization tip here with the organizing of videos and pictures on your computer. Stay organized from the very beginning if you can. This will save you an insurmountable amount of time. All my clips are organized per the category I released them in. Such as “jerk off instruction” or “CEI” etc. I can find all my videos VERY easily within a few minutes. I did not always have them this way so take my tip and get those things organized. That way when you also join a new site in the future it is very easy to find everything. I keep my photos organized as well (but honestly not *as* well) into the different months of the year, if it was a specific photo set I name it etc.
  6. HAVE AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. With ALL your content on it and keep it updated. Some even have a back up of that. I keep NOTHING on my computer desktop unless it is being uploaded. Right after that it is moved to a safer place.

    Tip off a tip…the other great thing about hosting content on a clips site is if you lose all your videos, you can download your content back to a new computer or hard drive from your accounts. You may have to send the site an email about it for access to that (I think that is clips4sale) BUT look at it as a second free data base for your work in case something fails.
  7. You do not have to do what everyone else is doing. I repeat…you do not have to do what everyone else is doing. What works for one model may not work for you. Don’t get discouraged. It takes time, patience and consistency to grow a business. Every single year I have been in this business I make sure I further my skills in a variety of areas, update my technology and reinvent myself. Staying stagnant won’t get you growth. Keep evolving. The internet is full of free information if you do not have funds to invest in books or courses. YouTube can teach you a lot. Use your resources. But do not ever steal from others.
  8. To continue the above tip further: Some models are on EVERY single site, monetizing every single avenue of their life and you wonder how they do it. Well, they might have help or they might just have high anxiety. I personally do just about everything myself. You do not have to offer everything. I personally do not like offering up my personal clothing for sale (often) and I do not do a lot of live online sessions anymore unless I have a larger free time block. Others LOVE doing online sessions and selling their clothing. Don’t feel bad if it does not work out for you like it may them. There is something else that you can be just as good at. We all have our strength. Doing things out of your comfort zone will bring you strife later. Pushing boundaries of yourself unsafely will bring you the wrong clients. You can say no.
    I understand some do things they may not want too and are in survival mode. I’m sending those models love, I know it’s so tough to be in positions of deciding against desires vs food and shelter. The message is to do what you need too, that works for you, that works for your situation. Don’t over do it if you can help it. It’s easy to get married to the job when there is a possibility of money at any time of the night and day. Balance is key to success. Remember, everyone’s version of success is different. Don’t compare yourself…but use others success as personal motivation. We can all win!
  9. KEEP YOUR WORK ROOM CLEAN! This is a huge pet peeve of mine and I know cleaning may not be what everyone is good at BUT a distraction free space to work in will provide and reward you with more time in the end for either work or play. I’m a naturally clean freak of a person and this comes easy to me. It may not to others. If you are not good at it I suggest once again maybe YouTube can have some free resources to help you learn how to learn, organize and decorate in a non distracting way. A cheap way to organize is with clear plastic drawer containers. Panties in one drawer, bras another, outfits another etc. I personally have a lot of outfits hung up on the clip style velvet hangers and when it comes time to work it is a lot easier to decide what to wear when I have an entire outfit ready to go at a moments notice. It takes me a slim amount of time to prep for a show or videos long as I…you guessed it-stay organized.

    Tip in a tip-another cheap way to decorate is by visiting thrift stores. Especially if you are just starting out. Pinterest board a variety of ideas for yourself and then have fun browsing second hand used goods. Ebay can also be a great place to score some new or gently used items at cheap prices if you live somewhere where the shopping is not that great.
  10. BE YOURSELF! Staying true to yourself, your brand, your business is so important. You may not know what that looks like when you first start out and it will evolve. Sit down and write out your goals, what you would like to accomplish. What parts of you would you like to share. I’ve found that showing off the well rounded person that I’m (artist and avid horse back rider) really helps clients connect with me, want to help me invest in my hobbies and really get to know ME better. This job is about CONNECTION. If you hate people and working with them this may not be a good career for you. If you enjoy learning about people in a quickly growing every changing industry then you will have fun. This industry is not dying-it’s evolving. I personally believe the future is customized experiences. People love exploring themselves and having a non biased person to help them with that.

    I’m SO blessed every single day that I get to do what I do. I work very hard at it, every single day and have since 2008. But remember-time off is just as important. Make sure you have hobbies and friends who get you out of the house. Work life balance will look different for us all. Find what works for you. Remember-if you fail at something that is a huge help-you know not to do it again or to maybe tweak the idea and try again. All of us are humans who are constantly learning every single day. Brush yourself off and try again, sometimes a good cry and a hot bath will set you in a new direction.

    Thanks for reading and if you have a great tip (it was so hard to keep it to 10! and I’m already planning a Part 2!) Please share off this blog posting on Twitter and I might add it to the bottom of this blog and link your twitter!

Erotic, sensual and sometimes bratty femdom. Custom videos, clips, phone calls and online sessions.