I have a new home for My femdom and fetish clips. I decided (with the advice of some) it would be best to separate My “vanilla” videos from My femdom. My love and interest in and of fetish is only growing and I think it proper it has it’s own area.

Find the new store HERE.

Introduction to #findom

I have something here of yours. Why don’t you beg to see it? Yes that is right. Beg. Beg Beg. Okay, I suppose I will show you now. Yup, this is your credit card. I own it now. And I’m going to swipe swipe swipe it and spend it on whatever I want. your job is to take care of Me. Buy Me what I want and need. Work for Me. So I can spend on Myself. I rub your credit card all over Me. MINE. Good boys who tribute like demanded in this video will get a reward. Email for it: (femdom, findom, tribute, tease and deny, leather) Enjoy Me HERE My pet.

Excerpt from a recent email…

I received this email today, it was really gracious of this person to take time out of their day to compliment Me in this manner. You know who you are, Thank you! 

“I just wanted to send a quick email to express my admiration. I’ll admit I came across you while looking for attractive women to watch nude on cam, then I stayed in your room for a few minutes and saw how you interacted with people with such charm and grace. 

Then I noticed your artwork on Etsy and I really liked it. I also was impressed how open about your life you were, that’s pretty rare.”

Emails like this are really positive and uplifting. If you know Me, I’m all for being positive and real. I’m glad that others do take note of My effort to express My genuine self and have reached back out to Me with their kindness.

Thank you! Hope you have a great Christmas and many well wishes for you and yours.

PREVEIW of Unreleased Video: Daddys Girl 3-I Need Your Cock

I’m not sure you want to miss out on this video. I started this series not long ago and have had great feedback. I love older men, and I have styled this video series off My fantasies about an older REAL man who would know how to please Me. Erotic and dirty. I tell you My deepest secrets about how I need your hard cock. Can you handle My desires?

This (6 minutes and in HD) video is not yet released until mid January but you can obtain it by emailing an Amazon gc of $12 to: OR if I know you other payment methods are available.

This video is all Me teasing topless in a black tiny silk thong and white soft cowl scarf with My knee high boots and white socks peaking above. I talk dirty to you the entire time as I tease and flash My pussy at you-telling Daddy just how much I need that hard cock. So many angles, so many naughty things I’ve expressed to you… I need you. Please Me?

Art. Adult. Aphrodisiac.