Sometimes I can be quite convincing and forceful… #fetish #forced-bi

I love how the lighting came out in this video. It feels kind of fanciful and mysterious. Since I try to shoot with natural lighting, it still can come out a little different each time. The color blue is also My second favorite to wear…I’m sure you could have already guessed My first was B L A C K…of course SHINY black is even better. 😀

This video is #3 in My C4S store, I’m the #19 store in FORCED BI on C4S and this video is the #14th most popular video in this category on the entire site. Since I only have 5 clips in this category and it is a very popular one, I’m pretty pleased so far and can’t wait to make some more clips like this. I know I can get to #1! Just WATCH ME! 😉

You can find this clip by clicking HERE.


This weekend was a whirlwind of family and friends. Brooke and I celebrated our mothers 50th birthday with a surprise at a local awesome restaurant and are gifting her a remodel make over for her art/craft room in her house. She was surprised, overjoyed and oh so thankful. I can’t wait to see what Brooke and I come up with. I’m sure it will involve lot’s of thrifting, paint, some trips to IKEA and hopes that we all survive working together on such a project.

We also celebrated Easter (in the modern way with no Jesus LOL) with our extended family. It was a very nice day and everyone had a great time together. (thankfully) Well…you know how family drama can go! 😉

I have been swamped with art orders, custom art requests and emails in that area of things. Which is why you probably have not seen me online live on cam much. Thankfully I think most of you have been sending tributes and buying clips like good boys. *smiles

There has not been a new clip posted today and I think today might be a *cheat* day (for ME!) that will be skipped as I have a lot of painting to do. There are SO many new clips up though as I have been updating daily, sometimes twice, so go and check those out HERE! Tomorrow is a day I plan for camming, clips, customs and such so I think tomorrow there should be an update.

Hope you all had a great weekend…I had TONS of clip sales, thank you (if you do) support my business in that manner. It is appreciated especially on weekends where I’m gone away from home and computer.

Introduction into Fetish and Femdom 1 and 2

The clip “Introduction to Femdom and Fetish 1” is the #3 most popular clip in the FEMDOM category in clips4sale-STILL after being released over TWO MONTHS AGO.  I created it so that those who are interested in fetish and female domination could have a easy sensual peak into what that would entail. I had such amazing feedback from this video and it’s obvious success on clips4sale that I’m going to be turning it into a series. You can find this clip by clicking HERE.


The second part in this now series is titled “Introduction to Femdom and Fetish 2-Jerk Off Instruction” and it is #5 in FEMDOM on C4S. This video is so much more then just a jerk off instruction video, I hit on many different aspects surrounding what it means to have Me own you, your mind and your cock. You can find this video by clicking HERE.

I have not entirely decided yet what the third video will be, though I have many ideas already. I’m sure this concept will continue to be popular for a very long time.Overall I’m currently the #3 studio in FEMDOM on C4S! I know we can climb even higher.

As always, thank you for your support. XO

*Horny Housewife*

Horny Housewife Jerk Off Instruction and Blowjob
I’m sure My husband would not be too happy to learn how obsessed you are with Me. I see you looking at Me across the table when you come over for dinner, yes it it is THAT obvious. but you know what, I always dress especially sexy when you come over, you know why? I love being a fucking tease!

I’ve been waiting for this moment, to get you into our bedroom. Good thing My husband thinks you are over here helping Me with something. I see your pants have already gotten hard. Why don’t you do something then…

Oh…what you ask? What should you do? I think you should take that cock out. Don’t act so shocked now. No one is going to catch us, my husband is in France…

Take it out, I can tell it’s big and I want you to fuck me with it! Housewives are horny too you know…not just you when you sit across the table from Me at dinner. I know you’ve always wanted to take that cock out for Me

It makes Me so horny you stroking that cock for Me. Can I put it in My mouth? I’ve been wanting to suck your dick for the longest time, I know it’s big, I want it, can I have it?

INCLUDES: moaning, jerk off instruction, tease and denial, horny housewives, blow jobs, dirty talk, flashing of breasts, flashing of pussy, cum instructions, dildo, sucking, cheating, touching, rubbing, cock sucking

Introduction to Femdom and Fetish #2-Jerk Off Instruction

This video is #2 in the “Introduction to Femdom and Fetish” series in My clip store and is a top clip in #femdom. The first part is HERE! #1 Introduction to Femdom and Fetish is the #4 TOP Clip in FEMDOM on clips4sale. I’m sure this one won’t be very far behind!

It’s time we continue our educational system. *giggles* Today you are going to be listening to My every word, how to jerk that cock, what to do with it, where to touch, how to stroke for your Goddess. How to make Me happy, by listening to My instructions. And to realize, that not every time I let you stroke it, will I let you come. Relinquishing all power to Me, knowing My decisions are best, is most important to satisfying Me and being a good submissive to Me. Overall, My happiness is most important and then and only then, will you be allowed to serve.

CONTAINS:sensual domination, soothing voice, mesmerizing voice, femdom, fetish, femdom POV, jerk off encouragement, jerk off instruction, tease and denial, teacher/student.

Being released April 7th. Click HERE to be taken to My fetish and femdom clip store. 

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