Fan Question-How Do I know You are Not One Person Prending to Be Two?

Kinny Boudin@McBoudin 

@BrookeMarieCam @MissVikkiLynn @spiffybigjay Follow up Q: how can I be sure you are not 1 person with 2 twitter accs? #facepalm #Sarcasm 😛
I will answer this for shits and giggles.
It would be extremely hard to pretend to be two different people…who have two different hair colors, different pets, homes and well frankly lives. LOL
We have been accused of things such as, I, Vikki being Brookes “older” cousin. (laughs)
We are (fraternal) twins just simple as that, it’s funny, we tell our parents people don’t believe us online and they laugh and roll their eyes too. 
We have no reason to lie, honestly we are two of the most down to earth girls who thrive on family, friends and being the best people we can be…Who just so happen to be in the adult industry, enjoy the world of fetish and are well rounded. 🙂

Fan Question-How Did You Get Into Adult

Kinny Boudin @McBoudin 

@MissVikkiLynn How does the naughty business career path came about? NOT that I’m complaining about it. 😉
Great question! I’m sure a lot of fans and friends wonder this.
Brooke (my twin sister) and I use to do some modeling/magazines and one of our photographers told us about a cam girl named “Nyluh” at the time. He was mentioning how he knows girls who make more then strippers in the comfort of their own home. We were intrigued, innocent college girls who did some modeling and worked at Hooters. I think we were about 20. Now almost 7 years later here we are. 
I can say that I never thought I would stay in the adult industry long as I have-I have taken a few “breaks” though now I feel like a veteran, it has been 7 years! I also now have no plans of leaving-I say till I can’t make a dime! (laughs) And so far I’m still making lots of dimes! (laughs) I really have come to enjoy the awesome people I have met, the opportunities that have came my way and encouragement to explore (and have the time) myself.
Not to say that this career path has not came without interruptions to friendships, relationships and the general judgement that comes along with being in porn. Though I much prefer the phrase “Erotica”. 
I have been approached by many companies to shoot etc and I do hope in the next few years to branch out some more, with Brooke as well. Really explore the adult industry some more and what it has to offer. I’m not sure what that statement all entails but I’m excited for the future.


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Thinking of Me sucking you, My mouth on you. you would love that wouldn’t you…Such a naughty girl I’m. I would suck you so good. Make you SO horny for Me. I know you want it…I know you need it.

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Thank you! *Seven Years*

Yes! Seven years! My longest career path yet 😉 Shocking for me, as I like diversity and change. I think that is why this career works so well for me, there is always something new to discover, always someone new to meet and a general excitement about making others happy and being so good at what I do.

I have been in this business over seven years now and I sincerely believe the best is yet to come. Becoming a veteran in the adult industry is great. I feel like my fans, new, old and yet to be will really enjoy my expertise I have honed over the years. And also that I’m here to stay for as long as I can. 

I have had an amazing month on C4S. if you are unfamiliar with that shortening. I have been working so hard on creating clips and fantasies I know my fans will relate with. I want to sincerely thank everyone who purchases my clips, my custom videos and is always so interested in what is coming out next! Your encouragement and support of my business is a part of its success. Even though I’m into domination, does not mean I’m not grateful for everything.

I’ve been really trying to be live on cam more, I know the past few years I have cammed much less then before. I also attribute this to finding the love of making videos on clips and starting my art business in 2011. Which is going full swing ahead and I can thank so many of you for the support in the beginning, the encouragement, purchasing of my first works. That is a big part of why I’m where I’m in that aspect of things. My art is such a big passion, I get so lost when I paint, I swear a million years could go by in what feels like an hour because I’m so lost in what I’m doing. Lost in a good way!

So much has happened and so many opportunities have came my way, I want to say that I’m lucky…BUT I have worked hard to get to where I’m. I will continue to do so as well. I believe  sometimes people think web camming is an easy job. So much more goes into being an entertainer then people like to think. Judgement from society, (and even family and friends) wardrobe, appearance, esthetics of homes we work in, mental and physical demands of keeping an appearance, ideas for shows, videos and more, clips are not just videos, they are stories and fantasies, woven like a blanket, a diary, an exploration of sexuality and fetishes.  A lot goes into making sure it all makes sense.

And making sure no one is mowing their lawn next door during shows… LOL 😉

It is amazing to wake up every day, sometimes very tired from running two businesses that have many facets under them, but knowing that it is all worth it. Feeling fulfilled and happy in what I’m doing and the services I’m providing in my career. The many friends and fans I have met. I’m happy, at the end of the day, happy. I never saw myself here in life…it just happened. What a journey, thank you for being a part of it!

I’ve learned so much about life, about myself and about accepting the abnormal. Who want’s normal anyways…Life is meant to be shared, experienced and dissected. I’m just so glad I’m my own director. 😉

Cheers for seven more years! I appreciate everything… XO

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