Thank you! *Seven Years*

Yes! Seven years! My longest career path yet 😉 Shocking for me, as I like diversity and change. I think that is why this career works so well for me, there is always something new to discover, always someone new to meet and a general excitement about making others happy and being so good at what I do.

I have been in this business over seven years now and I sincerely believe the best is yet to come. Becoming a veteran in the adult industry is great. I feel like my fans, new, old and yet to be will really enjoy my expertise I have honed over the years. And also that I’m here to stay for as long as I can. 

I have had an amazing month on C4S. if you are unfamiliar with that shortening. I have been working so hard on creating clips and fantasies I know my fans will relate with. I want to sincerely thank everyone who purchases my clips, my custom videos and is always so interested in what is coming out next! Your encouragement and support of my business is a part of its success. Even though I’m into domination, does not mean I’m not grateful for everything.

I’ve been really trying to be live on cam more, I know the past few years I have cammed much less then before. I also attribute this to finding the love of making videos on clips and starting my art business in 2011. Which is going full swing ahead and I can thank so many of you for the support in the beginning, the encouragement, purchasing of my first works. That is a big part of why I’m where I’m in that aspect of things. My art is such a big passion, I get so lost when I paint, I swear a million years could go by in what feels like an hour because I’m so lost in what I’m doing. Lost in a good way!

So much has happened and so many opportunities have came my way, I want to say that I’m lucky…BUT I have worked hard to get to where I’m. I will continue to do so as well. I believe  sometimes people think web camming is an easy job. So much more goes into being an entertainer then people like to think. Judgement from society, (and even family and friends) wardrobe, appearance, esthetics of homes we work in, mental and physical demands of keeping an appearance, ideas for shows, videos and more, clips are not just videos, they are stories and fantasies, woven like a blanket, a diary, an exploration of sexuality and fetishes.  A lot goes into making sure it all makes sense.

And making sure no one is mowing their lawn next door during shows… LOL 😉

It is amazing to wake up every day, sometimes very tired from running two businesses that have many facets under them, but knowing that it is all worth it. Feeling fulfilled and happy in what I’m doing and the services I’m providing in my career. The many friends and fans I have met. I’m happy, at the end of the day, happy. I never saw myself here in life…it just happened. What a journey, thank you for being a part of it!

I’ve learned so much about life, about myself and about accepting the abnormal. Who want’s normal anyways…Life is meant to be shared, experienced and dissected. I’m just so glad I’m my own director. 😉

Cheers for seven more years! I appreciate everything… XO

Daddy…I don’t want to wear panties.

Yes I’m the new student here. But you know what, I’m kind of used to ONE thing here Daddy. Do you know what that is? I don’t like wearing panties. Is that a problem Daddy? Not just today Daddy…never…ever. I always want this tight little pussy to be out. And when I’m at home Daddy and I’m bending over, take a nice long look Daddy. Tease you with that perfect pussy Daddy. Smell Me, taste Me.

Come here Daddy, do I stretch out nicely. Do you like that Daddy? Do you like My legs up here and ME all spread out Daddy. Such a fucking tease with this tight little pussy aren’t I Daddy?

Includes: daddy’s girl, older man younger woman, dirty talk, panty less, teasing, bending over, double views in mirror, topless, streatching

Fan Questions-Favorite Fetishes-Domination-Twin Videos-Custom Videos

Donald Blake@AsgardianCEI 

@MissVikkiLynn Your favorite fetish?
I do not just have one. I sincerely enjoy fetish. I would have to say a top few are Ass Worship, Goddess Worship, Financial Domination, Small Penis Humiliation, Sissies, Forced BI…
I guess that is more then a few…It really is hard to choose. It is just nice to perform live shows and videos that people love so much and keep buying more! I think the fact I’m passionate about it and really enjoy it shows. My fetish store is really picking up in interest and I adore that. All the support is amazing. 
@MissVikkiLynn do you prefer to dominate or be dominated?
I’m not into being dominated at all. The thought of being tied up actually sounds awful to ME. I’m very much a woman who has always liked to be in charge in life in all types of situations and scenarios. Not just sexually. 
I do make some more vanilla like videos as well, but for me maybe those are some things I still enjoy in a way and don’t find them degrading to my dominating manner. Always room for experimenting…but I don’t think me being a submissive without any control is anything I will ever be up for. Makes me frown. I’m frowning now. (hah) 
@MissVikkiLynn do you have an email address we can send clip ideas?
I take emails for paid custom video requests. I do not generally enjoy being sent too many “ideas” unless it is something that is being paid for. As I usually know my market and what sells already. They can be sent too: 
Idea’s can be sent but I probably won’t reply to the email. If I think it might work I may use the idea but never in a hurry 😉
@MissVikkiLynn are you planning more clips soon with your twin?
I think that we will eventually do more clips together. Right now we are both so busy with different things that getting together to work gets in the way of getting together to do something fun like get our nails done or having lunch together. We both run our adult business and art businesses as well. We have many facets of each to manage, so sometimes things have to be set to the side to create some sanity and relaxation time.
@MissVikkiLynn if I orders strip tease custom clip. Can I pick the music you strip too!?!?
Yes. The best way to do that is make sure the music is on youtube. I don’t have a play list or ipod etc.

Fan Question-Legos

G_3_K @G_3_K 

@MissVikkiLynn Of all the Lego sets you own, which one’s your favorite?
Goodness that is a super hard question! (haha) I love Legos, they are so much fun and create so much imagination. I love that no batteries are needed. I would have to say one of my favorites is one I have yet to own. This Lego Friends Horse Set:

Currently I have a cabin in the woods that I really like, it can also be interchanged into other things which is fun. Lego seems to be coming out with more of those. I have a huge bookshelf in my house so it is great to display them all there.

Fan Questions-Global Warming

Vian Latreia@VianLatreia

@MissVikkiLynn What do you think about the global warming, what should we do to make this earth be better? 🙂
Hi Vian, Thank you for your question!
I think this is a very hot topic of debate these days between not just the government and scientists but the general public as well. I’m also very passionate about it. From all the articles, research and signs it does appear that global warming is real and a problem. Though real problem lies in the fact it can not be reversed-especially depletion of the ozone layer. People use so much technology (and chemicals) these days that is harmful to earth and nature-without giving it a second thought. (sometimes I even feel guilty driving my car!) I try to be as earth friendly as possible and remember that Mother Nature is boss. We are just the inhabitants.
Always remember to recycle anything you can, wear clothes twice if you can to cut down on laundry, share car rides with people going in the same direction, plant trees and your own garden space if you have the time. (rambling sentence alert) 
Eating your own food you grow is so much more empowering then people give it credit for. Growing your own food is like printing your own money. This will also cut down on need for transportation of food from state to state, country to country etc. Eating local and in season also helps this. Even a pot with tomatoes or cucumbers is easy to keep on a patio or deck. Start small, experiment and most importantly have some fun with it.
When you buy plants make sure they are organic and non GMO. Genetically modified plants are harmful to the honey bee population which is having a huge drop in numbers in the past decade.They disrupt the bees central nervous system causing death. If you are unaware, honey bees are a huge part of the pollination of plants and of course the making of natures candy-honey. No honey bees means our food won’t be pollinated and that would mean eventual die off of many species-including humans.
Stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Menards carry these harmful GMO plants. The best way to purchase plants is to find a safe reliable company close to home or online. Online most the plants are sold in seed packets and will require some more care then from a ready made plant at the store. There are people passionate about saving heirloom seeds, so that GMO’s do not overtake our options. Some believe GMO’s help farmers create more and better crops, this is only a temporary solution as the chemical and natural ramifications from modified food is wide. And mostly widely hidden as well.
Some people are eccentric about global warming and I recently read an article about a scientist who won’t even fly on planes or drive a car, he is so passionate about preventing further global warming. Walking and riding a bicycle if you are close to town/entertainment is also helpful. Not only for the earth but your personal health as well.

I also never use electricity until the sun goes down. (as in turning on lights) I use natural light as much as possible. I even unplug toasters, fans, curling irons etc. Even leaving items plugged in when not in use uses electricity. I try to use my fireplace in winter to combat the use of gas costs as well. It really is the little things that make a big difference. I also shop at re sale shops, thrift stores and give away anything I can to people I know who need it. Re using house hold items, clothes and more is a big way to not only save money but stop the habit of throwing things away that still have a lot of use left.

I could go on about this more, but that is my 2 cents. Always do your own research, try and know where your food comes from, have a relationship with it. You literally are what you eat. Healthy people, happy people, healthy environment.

Fan Questions-Bi Lingual

Brian @BrianBolanos

@MissVikkiLynn Know any other languages other than English?
Hi Brian, Thank you for your question 🙂
I do not speak any other languages then English at this time. I use to be quite fluent in Spanish (and a little French in school) especially when I was in Mexico for a missions trip as a teenager. Time went on and I kind of lost the need/desire to know another language. I would not be against learning again, maybe someday when I have more free time. I do find being bi lingual attractive and useful!

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