Jeans Ass Worship-Video Preveiw

PART 1: “My ass in jeans makes you so weak for Me. you can’t resist, you are a jerker addict to My ass in these jeans. you need to jerk that cock to Me in these jeans. How about you beg and beg to see a peak of My perfect big ass out of these jeans? I know you will do whatever I say, whatever I ask, no matter how humiliating. you will do it just to get a peak at My nice big ass. Be a good boy just for Me, tell Me all the things you are going to do to make Me happy. your job is to worship and spoil My perfection and it makes you so weak to do so. you will do whatever I say to catch a glimpse of this perfect bare ass.”

This 8 minute in length HD video is being released on February 7th in My fetish and femdom clips4sale but you can either tribute for it or send an amazon gc ($10) to obtain it earlier: Video will be sent via a download link to your email.

Part 2 in HD and 7 minutes in length is being released on February 28th. you can not buy Part 2 from Me if you do not buy Part 1. This video will be $16. Follow instructions above to obtain.

PART 2: “you took the plunge didn’t you? you want to see more of My bare ass, you need more. you’ve been lusting after My bare ass. Waiting to prove yourself worthy. There you go good boy, showing off My bare ass to you just like I said would happen. More of My bare ass for your weak self. SO weak you are. SO weak for My ass, you will pay whatever I say. Making Me smile, that is ALL that matters. Good boy for making Me smile. A loser like your self, jerking to My bare ass, you will pay whatever I ask to see more of this ass. I want to hear a little begging now, I like begging. Beg for MORE of My perfection. you have paid well for it, but you still have to beg, I like begging. My pathetic jerker boy, paying for My ass.”

Details: bare ass, wiggling into jeans, jeans fetish, goddess worship, female domination, ass worship, tease and denial, femdom, fetish, ass grabbing/spanking/bouncing

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Boss…Boss…The TWINS Are Calling YOU.

We know why you hired us boss. You love to see our big asses and big tits in our tight skirts and blouses. And those heels, oh how great they make our legs look. We know what you have been wanting to see, you don’t have to act shy. Nobody knows we are skyping you from the break room while you are in your big office. We want to show you what you have been fantasizing about. You’ve never had this good of a day at the office. (strip tease, topless, cute coy girls, secretary, skirts, up skirt, tease)

Wallet and Ass Rape!

I know what you love-you love staring at Me. You love your wallet being DRAINED by Me and you LOVE your ass being TAKEN. Not just by any cock either. By a big black cock. I’m going to whore you out, make you suck and fuck cock good. Make a big black cock cum in your ass then have to eat it all up. Be a good boy, having your wallet DRAINED, your ass TAKEN, your mouth. It feels SO good to do all that for Me doesn’t it?

Cum Eating Instruction-Be My Slut

I’m showing no mercy today. I know what you REALLY want to do. Your not going to be shy with Me today. Your going to work and jerk that cock and eat the cum up for Me, like the good little cum slut that you are. Fill that cock with cum for Me. Get a nice big load to eat for Me. mmm! YUM! Watch Me as I tease and instruct you. I know it’s all you can think about, is your own cum in your mouth. (HD, CEI, Slut Training, JOI, JOE, Dirty Talk, Strip Tease) Eat It For Me HERE!


MissBrooke (My twin if you live in a box) and I went and got spa pedicures this morning. Both of us got PINK nails and decided We would pretend We were on a beach. (*sigh*)
We agreed that this would be a nice Saturday morning event that occurred well…EVERY Saturday. (who’s paying for that? STEP UP-TRIBUTE $200 )
Then We recorded SEVEN new videos for Our twin fetish store on clips4sale-EVERY Sunday at 1am new videos will be live. Quite the variety as well. I will just keep you in suspense for what type of videos We recorded and you can check back here on the blog and Our clip store.
There is just TOO much greatness to type out and I have had a long day. So now it is time to pamper Myself some more and take a long hot bath while someone feeds Me goat cheese and crackers. Watch some netflix on the ipad. Wine. Popcorn. The usual Princess life situations.
Ciao minions.

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