This is My most liked photo on My twitter feed. No make up and I’m not even sure I brushed My hair that day… So not sure if the favorites are for My hard nipples or the fact I actually remembered to shave My arm pits.
By the way, I do not like the word(s) “arm pits” sounds like an endless black hole. Whenever someone on cam asks to see my “arm pits” I think I die a little inside. Let’s just re move that word and use a phrase like “Can I see those things under your arm, in the crevice, the corner you know?” LOL
Actually I don’t think that sounds any better. Fuck.

The Preachers Daughter 1

Brand new video coming out in mid January. This one is titled “The Preachers Daughter 1”. I’m going to be making this one a series as I think it is a really hot scenario and I have so many avenues to take this one down. This video is reminiscent of a tease and denial type video and is 6 minutes long with  an insane amount of dirty talk throughout the entire video.

I start by mentioning how I have seen you staring at me at church and I know what you have been thinking about me. I don’t think Jesus would approve. But you know I like to tease you and hike up My skirt as you look at Me across the pews. I also know how you can get what you want. By paying Me. You want Me to tease you? Well you can pay for it. I will know all your dirty secrets. Wanting to fuck the preachers daughter, how dirty of you. Good thing is, I like to tease. You may just get what you want after all. I flash my tits and pussy at you as I talk dirty. You are so worked up for me. I love being in control.
You can get this video early by sending a $12 amazon gift card to: I will send the video within 24 hours (long as I’m not out of town). You can also view all ready to purchase videos HERE.

Are you ready to be teased by the preachers daughter?

Mistress Vikki Jerk Off Encouragement and Tease

Screen-caps from My latest video in My wet look leather cat suit, courtesy of an awesome friend off Etsy. This cat suit has to be one of My all time favorite gifts. It’s black…it’s tight…it’s shiny and it’s wet look leather. It scores high points on so many levels.

I really can not wait to make even more HD videos in this sultry sensual sexual devious article of clothing. So many idea’s floating through My sensual Dominatrix brain.

Check out the video from the screen caps HERE.
And have a good Friday the 13th.

My Short Shiny Wet Look Leather Shorts

An ass slave recently purchased Me a lot of sexy hot shiny wet look leather lingerie. Including these awesome tiny short shorts. They look so good on Me that I just can’t stop wearing them. See? You can’t stop staring at Me now can you. I have a solution. Go on now.
Find videos here of Me in these perfect tiny shorts on My nice round ass. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. #nsfw

Popular… #twins #ass #fetish

By now if you are clicking around these parts you know it’s going to be something sexy. This video is no exception and is rated #4 in Our twin clips4sale store .

Brooke and I are not only known for being hot twins who entered the webcam world in 2008, but Our dirty talk and silky smooth hypnotic voices have captured many men and woman over the years.

Want to take a peak for yourself? Watch out, you may just fall under Our spell. No doubt in Our minds, you will soon have a twin ASS OBSESSION .

Oh. And don’t forget to kneel as you watch Our perfection. It’s only healthy for you to submit entirely.

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