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Down there…send Me a tribute.

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recent custom video review

Recent review post in the custom video comment area of my website. Find information on custom videos here: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

For anyone considering ordering a custom video from Victoria, here’s a detailed review of my recent experience:

1. Communication

Victoria is very professional and easy to do business with. She’s respectful, prompt, and accommodating. You are dealing with a professional content creator, not a girl treating this as a side-hobby.

2. Video Details

My custom video request was 750 words and Victoria nailed it. She exceeded my expectations and, funny enough, started teasing me even before the video began since the download size was 2 GB. I sat with anticipation while it downloaded and the end product was more than worth the wait. Very high quality stuff.

3. Response Time

I’m pretty sure I got lucky, but I have to mention this. The same day that Victoria acknowledged I made my payment to her, was the same day she delivered the video to me. Less than 12 hours turnaround. Very lucky, I know, but you could be too!

4. Intangibles & Personality

I’m going to be very honest. There are a lot of women online who produce similar content to Victoria, but I must say this: Victoria has to be the most sincere, genuine, and caring individual I’ve come across in this business. And to me that matters above all else. She is compassionate to us (the buyer) and strives to deliver her best in each video.

From the little I’ve interacted with her & read about her, it’s clear that she cares deeply about the world we live in and the people in it.


Victoria is (more than) intelligent enough to understand your needs, wicked enough to deliver it strikingly, and gracious enough to be worth every penny. Money with her is money well spent, period.

Thank you, Victoria. You are a refreshing individual.

poem from a submissive


He wanted to be allowed to cum after a session of JOI and edging instructions. I told him a tribute and a poem about Me and maybe he could. Look at that, I was sent this within 30 minutes of requesting. I love good boys. Doing things for Me, going out of your way to please Me…That impresses Me.

(click the photo to enlarge and read the poem)