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what…what is going on… 0_o

If you have been following along on twitter you know that as much as I thought I planned to return to work it currently is not happening.

For the reason I planned to do a few small upgrades to my house this year and now it has turned into a full blown face lift that I did not plan on. In many forms. haha!

I’m now getting a new roof this week. I had also had already placed an order for some new windows this fall before all of this happened + the masters new carpet. I was in process of updating the siding/painting it (previous owners did not take care of the house like they should) when this all started putting me majorly behind that as well. The indoor water damage in the two largest rooms of my home has everything shoved into other areas. Or I sold it. I’m going to look like a minimalist for quite some time. That is okay. I suspect it’s going to be 2 months before this is all wrapped up. It’s all at a stand still right now so it looks like a mess. Well it is.

Since all these major upgrades are being done at once I’m trying to get through without exhausting my bottle of xanax thinking that at least I won’t be doing anything major for awhile albeit I’m juggling it all at once currently.

A $30,000+ fall renovation was not something I planned on. That is life though you plan and it just happens. And happens. and happens.

To add to it since the walls are ripped open I now have a wasp problem…INSIDE. Being allergic is terrifying I have killed around 30-40 today alone as I’m trying to get some behind the scenes work done.

I may be packing some stuff up and heading to Brookes for the night depending on what the terminator people can do about this. I do not think she will mind as the new puppy is such a bundle of cute I could stay at the Obamas right now probably.

As you also have probably seen on twitter I did a mass purge of videos, edits, lowering prices etc as well. I see some of you taking full advantage of that, good! I deleted 100’s of videos from past years that no longer go with who I feel I’m + were not up to the quality I wanted to share. I want the best for you and Myself. See I care… 😉

And no currently I’m not accepting custom video orders via email, if you want to order via @iwantclips here: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616/MistressVictoria I get 100% and I will -most likely- accept your order this way but be patient or don’t bother. As you can see up above I’ve got quite the juggling act going on.

(I have 3 outstanding orders here right now that are BIG wow I’m a happy woman and I’m doing them tomorrow long as that works out I don’t have to be home with the roof people, I will be recording in darling twin Brookes new studio!)

One of the biggest things you could do right now to be helpful (besides buying clips) is sending a HOME DEPOT gift card. Insurance is not covering much of these repairs and the roof is all on myself although that is not via home depot. LOL.

Here I will make this easy:  http://www.homedepot.com/c/Gift_Cards?cm_mmc=SEM|THD|B|0|B-Base-BT2-GiftCards-THD|&gclid=CNC2_4f00M8CFVaegQodiEUC3A&gclsrc=ds

Send to: mistressvictorialynn@gmail.com

And let me know that you did so I know that I’ve received it.

And as you can see I have a new email. Long time coming. Other one was silly and made on a whim long ago. RIP sweetkittykatblow.

You can also just send me Amazon gift cards as well, as I will have to buy new furniture.

Either of those options will bring lots of joy to Myself. And to you. I’m certain I shall reward you with photos that shall make you weak in the knees…

Here are some new GIFS I made today, all videos in HD these are teasers:

b778c632c808d727fac17df13f57fe335220990e55e3302b8a5aeb56b0cd5d25f68a160b8771142bac1352f9cff32b3eThese are videos set to release in Nov/Dec time frame. I know tough waiting isn’t it…Well I’m one of the best so you’ll wait…and wait and wait some more 😉

I have a person coming in ten minutes to look over my dangerous wasp problem. So I’m cutting this short and you go take yourself to the Home Depot gift card area and send Me some needed love and attention right now.

Cheers My loves and minions,



NEW TWIN CLIP! Thank you Tease by Twins

This was a thank you video made by us, Brooke and Vikki for our fans who paid for us to go to Exxotica when we attended a few years back. Now it’s available for your viewing pleasure as well. This is a very teasing video, handsy and helping of lingerie removal. Throw some dirty talk in and sit back and relax.
There is some stripping in this video but no full nudity.


*NOTE: I create custom videos, read here for more information: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

NEW CLIP! #CEI #joi #erotica #sensualdomination

37304983dfdc5765909134ae09623313“I know you’ve been having a really hard time with something and I know it’s going to be super easy to get you to do it for Me, a cute girl like Myself. Come on, jerk, fill those balls up for Me.”

Find this clip on @iwantclips HERE September 2nd: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616

or on @clips4sale HERE September 2nd: http://clips4sale.com/75307

*NOTE: I create custom videos, read here for more information: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

NEW! Two Minute Tuesday-Close to My ass (virtual sex)

ff135e339fc03f3a368c1d7a656ebc33I know you think about Me don’t you…you think about being right next to Me. What a turn on that would be. Being right here, right by this ass. So close…putting your hands right there on My hips. Touching…touching…My soft ass and bringing it closer to you. you would like that wouldn’t you?

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NEW CLIP! #daddy #joi #erotica #sensualdomination

ea8a6159def4238010af64ea599614a6“Oh, hello Daddy. I saw you watching me as I passed the kitchen. I knew wearing this could get you excited…I can see just how excited you are for me Daddy. I see that right through your sweat pants…I think you should take it out for me Daddy…”

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NEW CLIP! #weak #assworship #femdom

ab20bcc69810ed030a61d5876f29ed89“I’m turning you into My weak ass boy and there is nothing you can do about it. I tease and taunt you with My nice big toned ass. Showing it off, so many different ways, it looks so good at every angle. Will I let you cum to it?”

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NEW CLIP! #squatting #assworship #tease

1c2e9d408758717a5585f075c157f1f0“you love when I squat and show off My nice big ass and toned legs. Come on jerk it for Me, you can do it. There you go. Look at My ass, worship it. It’s so nice, soft, toned, big. What about Me rimming your ass? you would like that too wouldn’t you. Come on, stroke!”

Find this clip on @iwantclips HERE: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616