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NEW: one drink changes it all

I just got back from an office charity party for science. I had just one drink while I was there. I come back home and start complaining to my husband about the men who hit on me, all the creepers. That is why I left. Especially the man in his 50s VP of the company. From day 1 he’s been pretty inappropriate with me! Even though he knows we are married.

The drink slowly transforms me from my smart common sense self into a bimbo. My husband says he cant take me out because he is broke and has no money to do so-LOOK at me all dressed up! I deserve to me taken out…

Here the VP of sales is calling me…I’m going to take it. All while shoving my pretty feet in your face causing you to ache. huh, you like that do you? Well you know what I like?
Shopping, guys and clubbing. AND LOTS OF MONEY! I want to be spoiled. you can’t do that! I know this seems really bitchy but well I want to go out so all this shameless flirting on the phone with the VP has resulted in him picking me up to do exactly what I want to do. I’m leaving you…

*I go from a super smart woman in the science field to a ditzy blonde just worried about having fun-leading me to leaving my husband-but before I do I’ll exploit his foot fetish-ooops!*

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