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NEW: twins with (very) muddy boots

so much rain, so much muck. what shall we do with you now? Brooke is walking around outside and returns to find me in the barn. I was cleaning it…uh, ya right. YOU are here to clean the barn. with your mouth. you are our boot licking bitch. We want this entire pile gone, it’s about 2 feet high, right into your mouth. Just tossing it all straight into your mouth with your face at ground level. Don’t mess up…you won’t like what happens. Straight into the muck face down you are going to go, you’ve been less than impressive today. We want to punish you…

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NEW TWIN CLIP! Brooke and Vikki Lingerie Show

Sit back (and do whatever else you want too hint hint) and listen to our candid conversation about our lives, what’s going on, what type of men we like etc as we change into multiple different sexy outfits. This video is full nude and like you are a fly on the wall watching us.
-This video has been brought back from the vaults! and is a rare full nude video with us both.-


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NEW TWIN CLIP! Locked, Teased, Denied by Twins

Here you are locked up for us. Just how we like it. We know just how to play with you, get you to think you can jerk, lock you in and out. We might let you out of chastity…we might let you stroke…
-This was a custom and the name Matt is said occasionally.-


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NEW TWIN CLIP! Thank you Tease by Twins

This was a thank you video made by us, Brooke and Vikki for our fans who paid for us to go to Exxotica when we attended a few years back. Now it’s available for your viewing pleasure as well. This is a very teasing video, handsy and helping of lingerie removal. Throw some dirty talk in and sit back and relax.
There is some stripping in this video but no full nudity.


*NOTE: I create custom videos, read here for more information: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

WOW! A new twin clip FINALLY!

“Brooke and Vikki control your cock. All week. We are going to have so much fucking fun coming up with ways to humiliate you. Our sultry voices remind you that you are our toy, our plaything. you will jerk and stroke to us just like we say. Multiple tasks to get you right to the end…if you can complete them all, maybe just maybe we will allow you to release.

If you want to be teased to the brink, edged and denied then sit right down and stare at perfection. Listen and be a good boy.”

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Custom Video Review!

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Happy femdom 😉



Picture 2987

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hey…you know you want to jerk it for us don’t you? you can’t wait of us to take these bikini tops off can you? you want to see these nice big tits bouncing around, telling you just how to stroke and jerk it for us. Nice and slow…we are going to show you exactly how it needs to be. Come on…jerk…now we want it fast…mmm.