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NEW: I know what’s best for you (p0ppers)

792e899aac3fbb4c7f40b05770af1f74Back for more My p0pper puppet. Of course you are, you can not resist Me or the p0ppers. In fact, every time I tap My crop, you know what you will do, don’t you! Be honest, when you put us both together, you are no match. No match at all. Every time I whisper something to you or I look directly at you and talk to you, feel the power of My words. Let My words take over your mind. You want Me to dr8g you, make you feel powerless, unable to resist Me. You love it when a woman like Myself, with a body like this, a mind more than a match for you takes control from you. coercing you to submit, submit to anything I ask of you. It is not just this body though; it is not just the p0ppers is it. My voice holds you firmly. You love the way I pronounce words to you. The elegant way I use language to make you more open to all My commands. Add to this the way I use My body to entice you, with its curves, long legs, this wonderful face, even the way I walk towards the screen, close up to the screen, whispering to you. You are already Mine and you know it. I am the woman who can take you so high. I am the woman who can ask you to do anything. As we have agreed already before My puppet, Mistress really does know what is best for you. I know what you want. I know how to give you what you want in such a way you cannot say no. Not to me. Anything I wear is almost too much for you. Anything tight on My legs and bum, stockings, anything lacy and you cannot take your eyes of Me. You see puppet, My body, My mind, My voice with the added p0ppers. You really are Mine. I could train you to do anything I wanted over the internet. Imagine how fast you would surrender yourself to Me in person. Imagine Me whispering in your ear ‘ your Mine now ‘ as i point to a bottle of p0ppers and just ask you to sniff. I have no need to demand you to sniff. Your heart, mind and soul already belong to Me, you just need a suggestion and you are so happy to please. With your surrender to Me, I will make you mine in so many ways. It has already begun, My mind overpowering yours, making you think your ideas are yours alone. My words pushing you in a certain way. The camera angle working for Me and the clothes I wear, all to maximize the effect I have on you. Mistress really does know what is best for you. Let Me whisper this for you – Mistress really does know what is best for you. If you are lucky, maybe I will give you a task to do. Maybe puppet, maybe.

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