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NEW: Sensual, Seductive JOI and CEI with Twins Brooke and Vikki

you are so weak for our perfect bodies aren’t you? look at us, our curves. you’ve been looking forward to this for so long haven’t you? this is the highlight of your whole life, coming to this moment. Us both in front of you instructing you.
Wen want you to stroke for us…touch that cock. Stroke to these tits. Slowly…up and down. Look at our soft natural tits…
We make you so hard…you are weaker and weaker every second, you want to do this for us. Nothing compares to stroking for us….

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I’m a real human and a sex worker

It seems that this should not be a sentence I have to mesh together. Yet there is this huge void in peoples minds that justifies their words or actions because someone holds a taboo job gives them the means to ridicule, cut down or flat out verbally destroy someone via the internet.

I’ve been desiring to make a blog post about this for awhile. I’ve had these experiences for 9 years of being online in adult work but lately some fresh instances have given me a bit of a drive to sit down and really have a talk about it. (Please RT this post!)

Here look at these attachments. My twin Brooke today was the receiver of an unfortunate chain of events. Which fueled my fire yet again to write this. Take a look:

I’m not even sure where to start?

Firstly this video was most likely stolen and posted on a website that Brooke did not give permission for it to be there. Then it was sent to someone to post and make “funny” cracks at for their own deranged amusement.

I’ve seen situations like this get out of hand quickly.  Personal privacy breached, adult content put on a site where 18 and under can see it easier and to state the obvious that people have killed themselves over comments on the internet-THIS IS YET ANOTHER FORM OF CYBER BULLYING.
Just because you are behind a keyboard does not mean that your words are not harmful. (don’t worry Brooke is not upset but has reminded herself why she never reads comments)

In just a few comments she was called a bitch, a fucktard and other things. What an absolutely fowl way to describe a women you saw once in a video…that you know nothing about. Who was not harming anyone or anything. Who had her content stolen that was paid for by a client. you should all be ashamed of yourself if you conduct yourself this way.

Now Brooke and I have been online for almost a decade and fully aware that these type of situations happen so are not going to be a part of the statistics that commit suicide over it. Still a valid point to bring up in my opinion.

Secondly the comments of Daddy should be proud and all this other stuff. WHAT? lol >_< (laughing while cringing) why did you bring her parents up into this business? They have nothing to do with her adult life. Hey PS they know and it’s not an issue. Thanks for your concern. They are proud of the people they know we are past the job we chose. Can’t say the same for your parents if they saw you posting on this video ripping a young attractive girl apart for no reason.

She sure as fuck did not make that video for you. Actually a PAYING customer did though. Someone who respects her work and the validity of sex work in our society.

and she sure is fuck is not going to go start tanning because you think her skin is too pale for your liking. (get over yourself you twat pale skin is beautiful-tanning causes cancer)

Thirdly the majority of the comments are a negative bash while bringing a sexist vibe alluding to them jerking off to the “disgusting” video. Hmm. I don’t know but I’m not laughing.

A woman can be respected no matter her life choices being that of a sex worker. Many of my clients have the utmost respect for me. In privacy they tell me that bringing their fantasies to life has been immensely helpful. I make sure my clients are using my services as responsible as possible. Can’t say the same for a lot of conglomerate companies…but since a women is showing her body by her own choice for some reason men feel the need act as you see above.

The least other humans can do is make sure the words they are typing out are helpful and not harmful. I feel like I’m talking to a five year old right now. Think before you type/act/spew word diarrhea. “Are you words being helpful or harmful?”

Kudos and brownie points to the few on this post who said something positive or showed their credibility by speaking up for this women in the video.

This woman is a real person. A real person who I bet you did not think would see all your comments eh?

Sex workers are people with lives beyond what they do. Beyond the product they produce. We have families, hobbies, goals, dreams, illnesses, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, happiness, pets, children and lives just like yours. Yet the majority of sex workers I know are amazing people who have such compassion for others. Who are giving back behind the scenes to charities, family member and friends. All while being dissected under a microscope of hate.

There is positive vibes in sex work-the media just does not want you to see it.

Through sex work I have been able to explore hobbies I’d never have the time or income to do if I was working a 9-5. I’ve started other businesses. I give back monthly to people I know and do not know in any way I can. I’ve re habbed horses and found them better homes. An expense that never gives back financially. I’m able to provide myself with self care-mental health therapist, massages, quiet no work days, time spent in nature if I need etc. I could keep going but I’m sure those with a brain get the point.

Thank you to those who realize we are human. That sex work is work and that what we all can bring to the table can be life changing. Not only for ourselves but for our clients.

For inside the fact that we as sex workers are not widely accepted in society-but our services are widely used-we have found acceptance to be something we are incredibly good at.

I’ll accept that you like being called a doggie and spanked with a bottle up your ass if you’ll accept that I’m a person-just like you.


NEW: All in a days work-boot cleaning

54dbce70c2ff024c7b8a02407f6a5f0dHere again at your rightful place. Ready to clean and lick my boots at a moments notice. I was smirking and smiling as the farrier was here today. Walking in and out of the barn through who knows what… and you my willing boot licking bitch here to clean. To serve me. To make ME happy by cleaning these boots. As long as I tell you too.

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NEW: Red Light, Green Light; Tits and Ass

3d73c965b9e89f7fcfb67bfe38dac544Today we are going to play a game. Don’t you like to play games? Well I do…because I always win. I think you’ll like this one though…when I face you with my beautiful face and big tits you can stroke how I say. When I turn around and show you my ass it’s hands off? Got it? Let’s see if I’ll let you cum today…

IWANTCLIPS: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616

CLIPS4SALE: http://clips4sale.com/75307

-Find this clip on either site at any time by typing in the title to the search bar: “Red Light, Green Light; Tits and Ass”.

*NOTE: I create custom videos, read here for more information: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

The Great Return

Hello to the land of kink and femdom,

I have been off from accepting custom videos since May of this year. (wow!) Except for a handful of times I’ve been so gracious to film for a few clients I have not been actively producing content. BUT now I have decided to return to custom videos mid-January. The house situation I’m dealing with has literally no end in sight as I’m having to fire the current contractors.

I will still be recording at home BUT I will also be using my twin Brookes studio. TRY not to get confused. I know we are twins and some videos will be recorded in the same set up. (her studio) If you prefer one over the other make the request in your custom video email.

Custom video blog has been updated: -I’m NOW (12/19/2016) accepting custom video emails/requests. I will begin to record again starting MID-January. Clips will now have a sliding timeline of completion. I will not say no to your clip if I do not “have time” I will merely tell you that it will take 2-4-6+ weeks for completion. This will be a way to not have to deny custom orders, there sometimes will be a longer turn around time BUT I plan to record EVERY week-

Yes you read that right. I have set aside one day a week strictly for recording customs. This will make it easier to complete and continue to produce the great personal content I’m known for.

I’m excited to get back into a schedule. I think that will help me deal with the house nightmare in some way. Something “normal” to grasp onto. (LOL normal, femdom so normal! MY normal. -wink)

You can read more about custom videos HERE: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

I do not plan to return to web camming. Skype is sometimes, albeit very rarely an option for those who can make it worth My time.

I will be posting panties on twitter for sale though when I have them available. Keep watch there.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and leave you with these photos. I had the rare chance today to use some gorgeous natural light for SIX videos (wow I’m awesome) and I’m going to go back to editing now. Ciao My minions.

PS: These photos are from a video to be released December 23rd, a little Christmas jolly jack off instruction for you. I’m so nice, I know.


A sissification journey…

For quite some time now, I’ve been creating custom videos for a certain Steve who has now become Stephanie under my expert care. These custom videos have been a great motivator to really get her ass moving…and worn out.

Such an evolution of self. Steve really desires to become the best girl he can be for me. There is practically no limits to the humiliation and degrading acts he will do for me. I’m serious.

Which is evident here on her blog: http://missvikkisslut.tumblr.com/

Take a look. I know you want too.

StephanieSlut has created this blog to show this process. But to also humiliate herself further…the entire world can see this. Such an amusing dominating relationship this is. I’m certain she’ll never get enough (as she says in her blog)

Let me know your thoughts, leave a comment here on my blog.

Cheers all my panty wearing subs,



Hello again dear humans, minions and ladies…

I wish adamantly my postings here were of more educational and personal interests than what I’m about to recall. But alas, they are not at this time.

I’ve finally been given word from insurance and repair companies about final dues, repairs and plan of action.  To the tune of $15,000 just on indoor repairs. Thankfully (or not? I’m not sure) my house has become more damaged from rain from the time of walls being opened till now. (My master bedroom is a bit of a hazard at this time as ones foot/leg could go right through the floor in the rotted spot.) But this means the insurance really can not have a leg to stand on arguing about what they are or are not going to pay.  At this time all I have to do is pay the $1000 deductible + a few smaller (comparably) repairs.  A blessing indeed at this point. The downside for myself is the 6-8 week timeline during which people are going to be in and out of my house daily.

After enduring already 2 weeks or roofing sounds Brooke may just find herself some new roomates… ha. ha. ha. She has graciously allowed me to come over, store any art and work at her lovely studio if I need. Managing this entire situation alone is a job for one person. Alas I’m one person who also has work to do, animals to tend too and the like. As you can gather things have been extremely busy.

The open walls have presented even more problems than one person should be able to cope with. Large wasps. Yes and I had someone come and dust for them but I’m STILL finding them inside the house daily, 10-15-20. I’ve broken my fly swatter and now need a new one. Revenge of the wasps I fear…

My roof is still being worked on but I believe is wrapping up this week from what I can tell. It looks gorgeous, happy with the color I picked. All being last minute, not my style of deciding on such large projects but no mulling about on all of this. So that has been a fun $16,000.

As you can see this season is getting very expensive.

Have a sexy photo to be encouraged to keep reading, you visual creatures you.

cvfzsh5wiaafeywSince there is so many people on and off my property at times I’m never sure of, as you can also gather filming customs and such is low and slim to none possibility at this time. If ordered via IWANTCLIPS here: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616/MistressVictoria it is possible that I will accept it. Tipping is also encouraged. I can go to Brookes and film, it just takes more to manage that though it can be doable.

At this time I can not film outdoor content. A slim chance I could on the weekend BUT I’ve had workers here on the weekend, then my neighbors are home doing yard work or their kids are yelling etc. Hazardous… I had so many ideas of my own to film outside this fall so I’m sorely disappointed at this time. I’m hoping to arrange a few hours sometime to do so but it’s a slim chance.

Since all this happened I had the brilliant (least I’m hoping) idea to turn my master bedroom into my filming space. I’ve been longing for a larger room to set up, store and handle work and this just seems to make the most sense. I just sleep in my bedroom so why not make the space more usable? Since the repairs will be doing all walls, paint, flooring etc it will be done exactly how I want and I’ll be ready to decorate it soon after. It shall probably have a classy living room look to it, bedroom look still being available by using the room most recent customs have been filmed in. I enjoy using different settings so this will give me more options (and you) with a new clean fresh look. Hopefully forever free of water.

Mentioning water, Sunday a pipe burst in my basement ruining some personal belongings of mine. It’s like I’ve -almost- come to expect such things to occur…Though I’m quite over it and just taking everything day by day.

More sexy photos. cvack0mxeaaz8kyI do want to say a large pleased thank you to those who have been ordering clips, sending gift cards (home depot, amazon, starbucks) as those have all been extremely helpful. I can barely cook at home currently with how everything has to be arranged for lack of rooms being able to be used properly. There is also some smaller things the insurance won’t be covering that I need to purchase and repair.

I have been squeezing in quite a bit of riding time on the horses lately as it is something I can do outside. I’ve had some really great leaps and bounds with my “newest” horse that I have had for 7 months now. She is 19, built like Hercules and has the fiery spirit of someone much younger.  It has been a real joy to bring her back, body, mind and spirit; to her full glory. I’ve learned A LOT and really had to up my skill level to ride her. I’ve had some rides that a year ago I for sure would have ended up on the ground that I handled with confidence. I’m proud of myself, her and my massage/chiro/vet team that has her feeling the best she can.

cvieaicwcaedfqhSadly, I could write more but well I’ve got to get going now with multiple appointments in and out of the house for the repairs. Go forth and be good for me in whatever way you can…


I’m amazing

CaUKlPNXEAQkZjYI recorded over 30 videos last week, edited, uploaded, tagged, in que and WOW I’m excited for the next few months of content. It is better than ever, is that even possible? Yes. Completely hot, devious and everything you’ve been dreaming about. I took this photo when I had 0 customs left (unless you have outdoor video customs outstanding, not counting those as it’s currently winter) I’m all caught up from the holidays now and accepted MORE customs (for now) read more about that HERE: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

Custom Video Review!

CYdsCSRWkAARFjcWhat are you waiting for? Experience someone who is professional and passionate about female domination…View my page on custom videos here: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

Photo on 3-24-15 at 11.39 AM #2

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Happy femdom 😉