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NEW: Addicted to Denial

86e5ca3bb523a2ad8c4dca0224920bdbyou love My attention so much even if I deny you the ability to orgasm you will edge and torment yourself as long as I want you too. It feels so good to be in pain with blue balls for Me. Edging…jerking how I say. Knowing you are not allowed to orgasm.

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NEW! Repent

5748e77301b2bd1f1f13953c14008e29<br>It’s time to repent. you see, you’ve been bad. you’ve been hiding in the shadows not paying much attention at all except your own selfish eyes wandering over My photos. It’s time for you to repent, beg for forgiveness, come crawling back to Me.<br>

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Good Day,

A lot of my content created in my earlier video on demand recording days is getting an upgrade with new GIFS and new lowered prices. Take advantage before I change my mind of course. Currently editing ass worship clips. Some may just be deleted as well. Go forth and show your gratification:

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WOW! A new twin clip FINALLY!

“Brooke and Vikki control your cock. All week. We are going to have so much fucking fun coming up with ways to humiliate you. Our sultry voices remind you that you are our toy, our plaything. you will jerk and stroke to us just like we say. Multiple tasks to get you right to the end…if you can complete them all, maybe just maybe we will allow you to release.

If you want to be teased to the brink, edged and denied then sit right down and stare at perfection. Listen and be a good boy.”

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NEW CLIP! #twominutes #orgasmcontrol

80cc0c05cdf8c2bbb7fed894b4148c70you have two minutes to cum. I’m going to keep you on a strict stop watch of time. Reminding you of the minutes, the seconds counting down. Encouraging you to wank it to Me. Come on fast, don’t let anything out before I count you down!

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