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NEW: The stableboys submission

aabb723ed008c055f43951e8af0ab702you work in the stables cleaning horse stalls and everything else that comes along with that job… I’ve caught you eyeing me, it appears you could have a Cru.sh. you’ve left a love note in my boots…ha, now this has gone too far. get down where you belong and I’m going to show you your rightful place. (contains elements of boot fetish, humiliation, coerced ass up in stall, female domination etc. This video was recorded outdoors and therefor my eyes are not always on the “viewer” as I’m watching other areas of my barn as well. Recorded as if in a true situation.)

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NEW CLIP! #bootbitch #bootdomination #bratgirls

70d4d7a902c05c7110eaa2e09fa46e19“Last time was not enough time having you lick My boots. I need you to do it again, even better than last time. Don’t you want to keep this position? you don’t want Me to trample your face do you if you can’t live up to My expectations. My boots deserve to be licked clean, a Goddess like Myself should just be able to sit here as you clean every single crevice. And swallow. I demand you do not waste anything at all”

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