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NEW: I’m in charge

536cc898506b398951b5dd020b255885Yes, that is right. I’m in charge. In charge of you, that cock and your orgasm. It’s all Mine to decide. you are going to be teased mercilessly by My pretty feet, long legs and beautiful ass. It’s up to Me if you will be allowed to cum today or if your balls will grow with denial.

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A little bath time reading with Molly Crabapple


Recently read Molly Crabapples book “Drawing Blood” and I loved it for so many reasons. Being an artist myself and a current adult worker I felt it resonated in so many ways. I love how her life has evolved in a way that it seems everything happened for a reason and she is exactly where she is meant to be. Great writing Molly and many well wishes for your future.

Thank you Matt

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Thank you to Matt for these awesome high heeled shoes LAMB brand. I love the color grey and adding a pair of nice heels like this to my closet really makes me smile.

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