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NEW CLIP! #inflate #strip #bigboobs

e8c12ce683671a24627dd1d2374b23af“I love filling this suit up. I feel so light. Like I’m going to float away, so free. So light. It feels good, you like it too right?
Now that the suit is full to capacity I’m going to strip out and show you my sexy cleavage. Touching, squeezing, playing with my nice big breasts. Such a turn on isn’t it?”

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Picture 2987

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hey…you know you want to jerk it for us don’t you? you can’t wait of us to take these bikini tops off can you? you want to see these nice big tits bouncing around, telling you just how to stroke and jerk it for us. Nice and slow…we are going to show you exactly how it needs to be. Come on…jerk…now we want it fast…mmm.