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“Please don’t…”

Over the course of the last month or so I’ve had quite a few sub-missives become worried about me blackmailing them out of no where. Either via how they pay, photos of themselves etc. Turns out they think that just because we session about cum eating instruction it means tomorrow I’m exposing them.

Now for some women in the industry they have been known to do things like that, I for one never go out on a limb creating situations that are really harmful to not only my business entertainment relationship with someone but to that person themselves. As it’s not a form of kink they came to me for. If I ran myself in this manner I can guarantee I would not still be around 8 years later. Sites that I work through would have blocked me themselves by now.

So my lovely minions, please stop worrying that if you have NOT asked for blackmail fantasy situations that you will receive treatment as such from me. You won’t. Ever.

I tweeted about this a week or so ago but felt it needed a longer explanation.

Now a good D/s relationship DOES evolve and fetishes become explored that may not have been thought of beforehand. A good Dominant knows how to mold and help the submissive grow. All relationships are different, wether online or in person as well. Everyone has their own pace things happen at. A good Dominant and submissive have a understanding relationship that benefits them both.

But once again, to reiterate, I’m not going to whip “blackmail fantasy” out of my archives if you’ve  never expressed interest in doing so. Some fantasies need a strict yes and no correspondence. Don’t worry, I hear you worry weebles loud and clear!

This is why I also have a Skype (ID that you can purchase) for more private and tailored sessions. Believe it or not I’m interested in hearing what type of session you are going for and molding the experience after that. (Find how to obtain my ID here: http://missvikkilynn.com/live-sessions-general-schedule/) Sometimes when I’m in a busy chatroom it’s hard to get questions answered properly. If you want to ask in depth questions with one on one time just text chatting you can pay $2/minute to do so as well.  My time is valuable and I give a lot of myself freely on social networks and here on my blog, I appreciate those who recognize this and are generous and understanding of these guidelines set in place. They benefit us both.

In ending, please don’t lose sleep at night thinking I’m going to expose you tomorrow or ten years from now. If you did not ask for it, it’s not going to happen. Plain and simple. For one I don’t run my business that way (I think it’s shady) and for two I honestly do not have the time to blackmail people randomly and care to follow through on things I have no guarantee of getting paid for.

There you have it. Rest well. I may coerce you to eat some shit but I won’t blackmail you. Kidding. Maybe. Who knows anymore.

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Sorry, I’m not nasty.

Wheels are turning, your wondering what this is about eh? Me too…me too.

Just kidding. Of course I know, alpha female here, hello!

Anyways. I tend to think a lot of people think a #femdoms twitter is going to be full of  you suck, loser this, fuck you that. Which for some it is, that’s fine. (I’ve hit on this subject a bit before in a previous blog posting-someone link it I’m too lazy right now) But for ME, I’m not going to divulge in such shenanigans outside of a paid custom video, clip or pvt show.

Plus there is just much more to me then that. If you are here reading this blog then you have a good idea of that already.

Plus I’m all for cordial correspondences via email, twitter etc as long as mutual respect is shown. (as we all know some people do deserve a hefty hammer to the face) I like to keep communication open and honest and leave the real divulging for the content I create.

Yes I’m a femdom. I always have been but I did not discover that about myself up until a few years ago. I always knew what I liked and did not like but it took me awhile to make a stand for that and go in a different direction then I had been before. I’m very grateful I took that leap into something that felt new but at the same time so familar. Like I mentioned to a person today via email I think it’s something we are born with and or is ingrained in how we were either raised, taught etc. It always comes to the surface at some point. (wether one is a submissive or dominant) Humans also like to play between both sides of the line as well-aka “switches”.

Maybe some of you don’t realize but I spend a lot of time reading books, articles and discussing fetish and kink with others as often as I can. It’s truly something I enjoy online and off. Even my friends in my personal life who have NO idea small penis humiliation or home wrecking fetishes existed before I told them. (faces are priceless of newbies to fetish ideals) It’s nice that I can bring a positive light what for some people is a mysterious and scary area of sexual exploration.

Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say you won’t ever be seeing that kind of talk from me on social media and rarely in public chat rooms. Join a pvt if you want me to call you a loser…It’s much more fun for my bank account that way! HA HA HA. I genuinely like to interact with my fans and friends and enjoy them (you) all coming to me to further what you also enjoy by supporting me in purchasing content, shows and clips. (and those wishlist gift items as well, THANK YOU)

Have a great Friday fuckers! (just kidding)

Much love,


(I think when I turn 30 in a few years then I will switch to Mistress? for now “Miss” seems to fit nicely)