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NEW: virgin chastity slave-fuck your ass

you’ve been My chastity slave for years. now I’ve got you fucking you ass with a dildo and worshiping every inch of Me. you are my little dicked chastity slave and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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NEW: Good Morning Motivation

Good Morning…isn’t it so great waking up with me? Being right here…such a good start to the day when you see me this way. Nothing feels better then me right here encouraging you, I know you are going to have a great day…every great day starts with me.

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NEW: I know what’s best for you (p0ppers)

792e899aac3fbb4c7f40b05770af1f74Back for more My p0pper puppet. Of course you are, you can not resist Me or the p0ppers. In fact, every time I tap My crop, you know what you will do, don’t you! Be honest, when you put us both together, you are no match. No match at all. Every time I whisper something to you or I look directly at you and talk to you, feel the power of My words. Let My words take over your mind. You want Me to dr8g you, make you feel powerless, unable to resist Me. You love it when a woman like Myself, with a body like this, a mind more than a match for you takes control from you. coercing you to submit, submit to anything I ask of you. It is not just this body though; it is not just the p0ppers is it. My voice holds you firmly. You love the way I pronounce words to you. The elegant way I use language to make you more open to all My commands. Add to this the way I use My body to entice you, with its curves, long legs, this wonderful face, even the way I walk towards the screen, close up to the screen, whispering to you. You are already Mine and you know it. I am the woman who can take you so high. I am the woman who can ask you to do anything. As we have agreed already before My puppet, Mistress really does know what is best for you. I know what you want. I know how to give you what you want in such a way you cannot say no. Not to me. Anything I wear is almost too much for you. Anything tight on My legs and bum, stockings, anything lacy and you cannot take your eyes of Me. You see puppet, My body, My mind, My voice with the added p0ppers. You really are Mine. I could train you to do anything I wanted over the internet. Imagine how fast you would surrender yourself to Me in person. Imagine Me whispering in your ear ‘ your Mine now ‘ as i point to a bottle of p0ppers and just ask you to sniff. I have no need to demand you to sniff. Your heart, mind and soul already belong to Me, you just need a suggestion and you are so happy to please. With your surrender to Me, I will make you mine in so many ways. It has already begun, My mind overpowering yours, making you think your ideas are yours alone. My words pushing you in a certain way. The camera angle working for Me and the clothes I wear, all to maximize the effect I have on you. Mistress really does know what is best for you. Let Me whisper this for you – Mistress really does know what is best for you. If you are lucky, maybe I will give you a task to do. Maybe puppet, maybe.

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Hello again dear humans, minions and ladies…

I wish adamantly my postings here were of more educational and personal interests than what I’m about to recall. But alas, they are not at this time.

I’ve finally been given word from insurance and repair companies about final dues, repairs and plan of action.  To the tune of $15,000 just on indoor repairs. Thankfully (or not? I’m not sure) my house has become more damaged from rain from the time of walls being opened till now. (My master bedroom is a bit of a hazard at this time as ones foot/leg could go right through the floor in the rotted spot.) But this means the insurance really can not have a leg to stand on arguing about what they are or are not going to pay.  At this time all I have to do is pay the $1000 deductible + a few smaller (comparably) repairs.  A blessing indeed at this point. The downside for myself is the 6-8 week timeline during which people are going to be in and out of my house daily.

After enduring already 2 weeks or roofing sounds Brooke may just find herself some new roomates… ha. ha. ha. She has graciously allowed me to come over, store any art and work at her lovely studio if I need. Managing this entire situation alone is a job for one person. Alas I’m one person who also has work to do, animals to tend too and the like. As you can gather things have been extremely busy.

The open walls have presented even more problems than one person should be able to cope with. Large wasps. Yes and I had someone come and dust for them but I’m STILL finding them inside the house daily, 10-15-20. I’ve broken my fly swatter and now need a new one. Revenge of the wasps I fear…

My roof is still being worked on but I believe is wrapping up this week from what I can tell. It looks gorgeous, happy with the color I picked. All being last minute, not my style of deciding on such large projects but no mulling about on all of this. So that has been a fun $16,000.

As you can see this season is getting very expensive.

Have a sexy photo to be encouraged to keep reading, you visual creatures you.

cvfzsh5wiaafeywSince there is so many people on and off my property at times I’m never sure of, as you can also gather filming customs and such is low and slim to none possibility at this time. If ordered via IWANTCLIPS here: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616/MistressVictoria it is possible that I will accept it. Tipping is also encouraged. I can go to Brookes and film, it just takes more to manage that though it can be doable.

At this time I can not film outdoor content. A slim chance I could on the weekend BUT I’ve had workers here on the weekend, then my neighbors are home doing yard work or their kids are yelling etc. Hazardous… I had so many ideas of my own to film outside this fall so I’m sorely disappointed at this time. I’m hoping to arrange a few hours sometime to do so but it’s a slim chance.

Since all this happened I had the brilliant (least I’m hoping) idea to turn my master bedroom into my filming space. I’ve been longing for a larger room to set up, store and handle work and this just seems to make the most sense. I just sleep in my bedroom so why not make the space more usable? Since the repairs will be doing all walls, paint, flooring etc it will be done exactly how I want and I’ll be ready to decorate it soon after. It shall probably have a classy living room look to it, bedroom look still being available by using the room most recent customs have been filmed in. I enjoy using different settings so this will give me more options (and you) with a new clean fresh look. Hopefully forever free of water.

Mentioning water, Sunday a pipe burst in my basement ruining some personal belongings of mine. It’s like I’ve -almost- come to expect such things to occur…Though I’m quite over it and just taking everything day by day.

More sexy photos. cvack0mxeaaz8kyI do want to say a large pleased thank you to those who have been ordering clips, sending gift cards (home depot, amazon, starbucks) as those have all been extremely helpful. I can barely cook at home currently with how everything has to be arranged for lack of rooms being able to be used properly. There is also some smaller things the insurance won’t be covering that I need to purchase and repair.

I have been squeezing in quite a bit of riding time on the horses lately as it is something I can do outside. I’ve had some really great leaps and bounds with my “newest” horse that I have had for 7 months now. She is 19, built like Hercules and has the fiery spirit of someone much younger.  It has been a real joy to bring her back, body, mind and spirit; to her full glory. I’ve learned A LOT and really had to up my skill level to ride her. I’ve had some rides that a year ago I for sure would have ended up on the ground that I handled with confidence. I’m proud of myself, her and my massage/chiro/vet team that has her feeling the best she can.

cvieaicwcaedfqhSadly, I could write more but well I’ve got to get going now with multiple appointments in and out of the house for the repairs. Go forth and be good for me in whatever way you can…


NEW CLIP! #homewrecker #tease #joi

6871a68532ee7276c978ae702076c4af“Come on, you knew it would come to this living next door to Me. I’ve seen your eyes all over Me…that poor wife of yours…with Me around, there is not reason at all for you to look at her. your eyes just keep wandering…”

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NEW CLIP! #orgasmcontrol #CEI #CBT #assworship #footworship #legworship

4c925bfda80b5a20d172623047c2d893“you are here to earn your orgasm. To worship My ass, legs and feet. I’ll reward you occasionally with allowing to stroke…the other times will be CBT instruction as you worship Me. Want to be rewarded? Then you will lick the cum right off My feet. ”

-Custom Video Review: Mistress Victoria,
The video was perfect. Thank you.
I have a few ideas about another one when you have time to film it, but i would also like your input.
Your new addicted slave, –

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WOW! A new twin clip FINALLY!

“Brooke and Vikki control your cock. All week. We are going to have so much fucking fun coming up with ways to humiliate you. Our sultry voices remind you that you are our toy, our plaything. you will jerk and stroke to us just like we say. Multiple tasks to get you right to the end…if you can complete them all, maybe just maybe we will allow you to release.

If you want to be teased to the brink, edged and denied then sit right down and stare at perfection. Listen and be a good boy.”

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Look at you, all tied up. you can’t get out can you…we made sure we tied you up real good so you can’t get out. you’ve escaped before…when it was just one of us trying to get you. But now when it’s the both of us…it’s going to be a little bit harder. Isn’t it our villain? We have plans for you…stop struggling…we are already making you hard…we can see through your pants.

It must be so hard to keep running away from us, escaping…running away…but when we teamed up…now you can’t run away. We have you now. The both of us. Restrained…struggling…teaming up against you.

They are going to come take you to jail…unless…unless you do what we want you too. you…need to turn to the good side. Need to join us…join us both. MMM…wouldn’t it feel so good to work with us..instead of against us?

Think about how much we could accomplish together.

you never realized it could be this good…

sucummb to the pleasure…

fall into a deep sleep…

and be our good boy


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