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NEW: Tighten and Release 2

b7ac9f20006e45c4624dc1582854d994I’m going to bring you to the edge, while making you cum. Taking a hold of your throat and letting you know when you can breathe. you must give up your breathe to worship Me…Gradually increasing the pace and the pressure.Ready?

The name James is used on occasion in this video.

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NEW CLIP! #tighten #release #breathplay

a223d75213d260b72e4d98ba231be08a“Today we are going to play a special game. Tight and release. I want you to grab a silk scarf and tie it. As I instruct you to jerk you are going to tighten and after I give you a small break…an article of clothing will reveal more. Back to jerking, back to tightening. I’m going to make you cum just from that tight feeling…”

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