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NEW: Sissy Training 13-Extremely Degrading Tasks

Wow at those photos you sent of that guy pounding his cock into your face! That is so great. I love it.
This time around I want your ass full, like the whore you are of course all used up. We are concentrating on your mouth again. Every time I show you my perfect bottom you are going to slam your face down onto a huge dildo over and over again until I stop.
Now for these tasks, humiliation at it’s greatest. This is going to take a lot from you to complete but…it’s so amusing, you’ll do it for your Mistress.

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NEW: Sissy Training 11

fceb45756edb340958a4bf9f4a9312a9I’m very amused about how far you are going for me. How humiliating and degrading you get.

This time I think your ass is getting worn out and we need to concentrate on your mouth. Time to get your gag reflex turned off.  Every time I show you my ass you are going to shove that huge dildo down your throat all the way to your balls.

And of course, I have some tasks for you. I want this sissification to leak more into your every day life. Throw out those man pants and socks, buy panties and hose. It’s time to take this a step further.

IWANTCLIPS: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616

CLIPS4SALE: http://clips4sale.com/75307

-Find this clip on either site at any time by typing in the title to the search bar: “Sissy Training 11”.

*NOTE: I create custom videos, read here for more information: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

A sissification journey…

For quite some time now, I’ve been creating custom videos for a certain Steve who has now become Stephanie under my expert care. These custom videos have been a great motivator to really get her ass moving…and worn out.

Such an evolution of self. Steve really desires to become the best girl he can be for me. There is practically no limits to the humiliation and degrading acts he will do for me. I’m serious.

Which is evident here on her blog: http://missvikkisslut.tumblr.com/

Take a look. I know you want too.

StephanieSlut has created this blog to show this process. But to also humiliate herself further…the entire world can see this. Such an amusing dominating relationship this is. I’m certain she’ll never get enough (as she says in her blog)

Let me know your thoughts, leave a comment here on my blog.

Cheers all my panty wearing subs,



NEW: Sissy Training 9

80dbbe749c77aab97ac79a5cf41c543ayou are back again for more training from Me. I’m going to continue to destroy your ass with Mine. I have some tasks for you, pause the video and go purchase dog food, return, put on your padded bra, some pink stockings, high heels and the most ridiculous, pink sissy dress you own. Once dressed, you are allowed to continue watching.
Every time I show you My perfect ass you are going to hold that large plug in your own ass. This is a test of endurance. I’m going to tweet some more humiliating photos of you on My social media and really make this hurt….
your tasks this time include use of a large black dildo, a frilly maid costume and a fucking machine…

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-Find this clip on either site at any time by typing in the title to the search bar: “Sissy Training 9”.

NEW! Sissy Training 7

832be5b02e702fd14633252a8cc8bab2My perfect ass is going to keep destroying yours. Every time I show you it you have to shove that huge butt plug in, keep it in for 3 seconds then push out. All throughout this clip…so you better be paying attention. I want your sissy hole fucked. At the same time I want your mouth being trained on a didlo, up and down-up and down!

Better have some icy hot ready, your balls are going to be burning for me in your knickers too. Also some nipple clamps…this is going to hurt. Bannas as well…important part of these tasks. This also will include a McDonalds Drive through situation… -laughs.

Get going sissy, training isn’t easy if you want MY attention.

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CLIPS4SALE: http://clips4sale.com/75307

NEW CLIP! #sissytraining #assworship #tease

df1c2584732569ee34746af4c4359f42Number 6 in a custom sissy training series. Have your own program you want to be held accountable for? Read about custom videos HERE: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

“Custom Video: your gorgeous bottom destroying and punishing me – again, this time, because I was late on my last response, I am not allowed any relief in my bottom throughout the clip, and I am immediately to shove my huge plug in, and keep it there throughout the clip. Removing it only once done, and licking it clean.
You enjoyed the pain you caused me by making me use clothes pegs during the last one, but you didn’t think i got enough on my tiny balls. So this time, every time you show me your bottom, you want me to put three pegs on, not one; and at the same time, as the last clip,I am to deep throat my rubber dildo, holding it in my throat until you turn back and hide your bottom when I am allowed to slip it out – if I am sick, I lick it up. You show me your bottom throughout as usual, laughing at the pain you know you are causing me.
As ever, you show the evidence of my last clip to the camera, and tweet your favorite photos, laughing at my continued public humiliation and depravity for you.
You tell me that if I run out of space for clips on my balls, I am to start on my sissy nipples, and if I run out there, then onto my lips, tongue and ears.
Then you start to describe my tasks, which are:

You enjoyed my dancing outfit, with black hotpants and shiny top so much you want me to humiliate myself in it some more. First I am to go to a hotel, and parade around in the corridors for 5 minutes, then I am to put a long coat on, and go to a local park, leave my coat in the car and walk around like that. I am to have a huge dildo in my bottom throughout, and you want a photo of me on my hands and knees in the mud, bottom up, waiting for a guy to replace the dildo with his thick cock.
Next you want me to put back on my mesh body suit, and team it with a tiny denim mini skirt and my stripper heels. You want me to go to a friends house when they are out, and kneel down by the front door for an hour, so I am totally humiliated should she come back un expected. Half way through my wait, I am to get up, and open the front door fully, standing like a slut waiting for my clients. Of course, I have my huge butt plug in the whole time.
Final public, one to make you laugh – you want me to get a bright pink catsuit, a rubber pig tail butt plug and get all dressed up like a pink piggy, plugged with my tail, and go to a farmers field – it has to be a bright, sunny day, and I am to roll around in the mud, in the field for anyone near by to see.
My private humiliation task is that you want me to buy a bottle of beer (or if really harsh, make it wine, in a bigger bottle) – rather than drink it, like a normal guy, I am to use it like a dildo, pushing the thick end first into my bottom to really rip me apart. I have to leave it like that for 20 minutes, then with it still in my bottom, pop the lid and allow it to pour down the toilet. Once done, I am allowed to suck some up out of the toilet bowl for a drink.

When the clip is nearing the end, you tell me that I am to suffer more pain in my pathetic balls – I am to tear the clips off, then I am to get a tube of icy hot (or deep heat, which is the uk equivalent) and squirt it all into the front of my knickers. Sitting with the burning on my clit and balls, the huge plug in my bottom, and the dildo in my throat – until the pain subsides. Only then can I wash it off, remove the plug and clean it, and stop sucking the dildo. You want a picture of me squirting the cream in, and it filling the front of my knickers.”

Find this clip on @iwantclips HERE: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616