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NEW! Sissy Training 7

832be5b02e702fd14633252a8cc8bab2My perfect ass is going to keep destroying yours. Every time I show you it you have to shove that huge butt plug in, keep it in for 3 seconds then push out. All throughout this clip…so you better be paying attention. I want your sissy hole fucked. At the same time I want your mouth being trained on a didlo, up and down-up and down!

Better have some icy hot ready, your balls are going to be burning for me in your knickers too. Also some nipple clamps…this is going to hurt. Bannas as well…important part of these tasks. This also will include a McDonalds Drive through situation… -laughs.

Get going sissy, training isn’t easy if you want MY attention.

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I can not believe those photos you sent us. We could barely look at them. What is that…We also can not stop laughing and humiliating you and your small penis. you will never be able to give any sexual satisfaction with that thing.
-This was a custom video, the name Michael is occasionally said.-

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