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Check Check Check… Checking in.

So it’s been quite some time since I’ve had the time to sit down and write out a blog posting. Mentally not sure I’m there for it, but here we go.

I’m still on hiatus from custom videos and Skype till I’m not sure when. Skype (live) is especially not something I have any time to arrange. Most evenings I’m not even getting to my bedroom till 11/12pm at night. By then I have no desire to be arranging live shows.  Just don’t have it in me to be completely honest.

If you are on my Skype you have seen the option of paid text/photo chatting per minute via Skype or twitter DM if you are lucky enough that I follow you back. That is the only possibility from now till that changes.

The only other way to be in direct contact with me this summer is when you see me tweeting of needing a gift card to Amazon and exchanging pvt daily photos for those needs. When I tweet about a gift card I need it’s because I NEED something off Amazon not because I want a new dildo. (lol) As always you can send a gift card for shits and giggles, I do both of those so seems legit.

Some of you may have noticed the tweet from iwantclips saying direct your custom video with me etc. It is possible for you to submit a custom order via iwantclips this summer as I’m receiving 100% of the funds. There is a small fee on your end, but honestly it’s probably a better price for you than a personal quote via email right now. So win win if you go that route. I can accept or deny the customs submitted so it is not a for sure things that will be accepted.

Find that link here: https://iwantclips.com/store/2616/MistressVictoria

Overall I have a lot of things I’m managing right now in my personal life.  Things that only I can take care of, research and get figured out. I’m not divulging anything else other than these simple facts. Every day is unpredictable for me. No I’m not dying (well we all are but it’s nothing like that) It’s just a constant situation that needs monitoring.

I’ve not even had time to ride my horses. I had to make the hard decision to sell a few of them and really cut down on the things that have to be done in my life. They went to really great homes (and rather quickly too) so that is the universe saying I’m on the right track. Makes it easier when things just fall into place once you make the motions. Of course being who I’m I think things over a lot before making choices about re homing my equines. Not everyone is great at taking care of them so I was super picky about where they went, required photos and references. It all worked out, so that’s something to breathe easy about.

I still have my chickens, they are interesting.  They do not require a lot of work but with my current situation in personal life I may re home them as well. I love having them, but there may be a better time in my life to approach that. They are all healthy, gorgeous and full of personality! I’m trying to wait till they actually start laying eggs to see how I feel about the added needs of them.

This does not mean I’m retiring  or can’t handle some custom videos. I greatly appreciate that kind of support. My clip stores will continue to have releases 3x a week unless I change that as well. When I’m back to full time acceptance of videos I will announce and change my custom video blog on such.

To anyone who has sent starbucks gift cards, well THANK YOU because coffee should become my first name lately. I never use to drink coffee…Now it’s part of functioning all day. I’m sure many of you know how that goes.

To any of the ladies here who have lent an ear lately for me as well or introduced me to another lady who resonates with me and my life situations thank you as well. Sometimes just chatting can be mentally helpful. Thank you to those who have checked in…

I may be changing my email soon so keep eyes open for that as well. I’ve had the same one for SO long and I don’t feel it really fits me anymore. I think I was in a silly mood when I made it.

I also may or may not be allowing outdoor videos anymore. They have became tough to manage between weather and neighbors. Both neighbors have decided to do outdoor large projects this summer. And I never know when they will be out there…I tried last Sunday thinking a day of rest etc and I got all around, down to the barn and went to get started and low and behold the neighbor is behind me with his chain saw…That was.not.fun. I waited it out, 45+ minutes and finally got started. Then out of corner of my eye I saw the other neighbor…lol. As you can see it’s become challenging. I wish Sundays people were not allowed to use large machines etc. Ah. Sigh!

See I made it though? hehe -insert crazy smile-

Cnm-afgWgAA0xtdThose videos won’t be released for awhile, so if you like the setting just hold your pants on. And if you have months of patience lol it’s possible you can still purchase the scene change.

As always I’m around on twitter for casual conversing when I have time. Keep following there for the latest…greatest…

Well this is long enough and I’ve got some work to continue doing today behind the scenes… Thanks for supporting me currently via my clip avenues or just because-that is always a nice thing to see.

Hope your summer is enjoyable.



NEW! Two Minute Tuesday-Close to My ass (virtual sex)

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-Custom Video Review: Mistress Victoria,
The video was perfect. Thank you.
I have a few ideas about another one when you have time to film it, but i would also like your input.
Your new addicted slave, –

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