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Do you like anal?

The range of questions I get on the daily is…slightly entertaining. Some days very irritating, especially when PMS is around. I’m more apt to eat you alive. Om Nom Nom Nom.

There are just certain questions I’m not going to entertain or answer. For various reasons, I think they don’t pertain to anything that I have to offer here, it’s not your business or I just plain don’t care enough to correct you.

Take this one for example, the title “Do you like anal?” …Do I look like I like anal? Do I look like the person who is jiving to shove something up there? Let me tell you, NO.

Or this question: How many kids do you have? How old are they? What is the gender? 

Uh what. you are on a porn site. -lost, confused, disturbed-Do you want to babysit what the fuck.

Questions you would ask people maybe out in the real world to a cam model are (possibly) just plain giving out too much information. Such as this tid bit from cam earlier: 


Of which someone hilariously called them out by asking to “please specify also blood group lol” Which I found pretty funny.

Camming is one area of work that really it does not matter how old a woman is (long as she is over 18) or where she is from. Most likely the only interaction you will have with her is virtually (don’t cry!) Though some models attend events, offer in person meetings, BDSM experiences etc. (Not something I do at this time, maybe never)

It just comes down to the fact of, do you like how I look, do you like what I have to offer, do our interests for an exchange match? And go from there.

Do you have a boy friend? My response to this usually is: “No that sounds exhausting” -laughs- No really, it does. I have way too much fun with everyone online…I don’t need a “boyfriend”. Sounds so high school. I know where to find the good D if I need it. -laughs-

Will you do boy/girl I would love to see you having sex? Um…No? Do you think I’m waiting for the 1millionth person to ask and THEN, that is WHEN I will do it. I’ve been online 8 years (and offered just about everything in the universe to do things I don’t care too) and have never done any boy/girl sexual relations and have no intentions of doing so. It honestly is not even a shyness factor (lets be real here) I just DONT CARE TO DO IT. It’s not my thing. Not happening. Plenty of other women online are okay with this, enjoy them!

At the end of the day I like to make an income doing what I enjoy and that I have mutual shared interests with those who are paying for the services I do offer. It’s just a lot more fun that way.