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NEW: The closest you will ever get

I know just how bad you want me. This right here, you have been craving me haven’t you? I know just how bad you want to have sex with me, but jerking like I tell you to is the closest you are ever going to get. you love when I tease you, don’t you? Teasing you so badly…making you want more and more of everything.

*This was a custom video, the name Gordon is said occasionally*

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NEW CLIP! #CEI #joi #erotica #sensualdomination

37304983dfdc5765909134ae09623313“I know you’ve been having a really hard time with something and I know it’s going to be super easy to get you to do it for Me, a cute girl like Myself. Come on, jerk, fill those balls up for Me.”

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*NOTE: I create custom videos, read here for more information: http://missvikkilynn.com/custom-videos/

New *SPECIAL* Tuesday Video Releases!

Welcome to Two Minute Tuesday. A new series every Tuesday featuring a new short mini clip and fetish. Maybe you’ve been wanting to try it, no strings attached or you only have a few minutes before work…either way. Win.Win.

what…are you going to do with that tiny cock. because I can tell you, it’s not going to do anything for Me. haha!

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Ass so good it looks fake…


I can attribute this fine ass and legs (oh heck who we kidding-entire body!) to all the horse back riding I’ve been doing this year. As well as general care and maintenance for their well being. My horses have greatly enriched my life, taught me more responsibility and given me reasons to be extremely active no matter the weather. There are times I struggled and that was all forgotten when I brushed them. Did you know spending time with a horse for 20 minutes lowers blood pressure and anxiety? A day in the saddle is never wasted…

Thank you Paul Jeffrey Smith

Photo on 7-23-15 at 3.44 PM Photo on 7-23-15 at 3.45 PM #2 Photo on 7-23-15 at 3.46 PM #2Thank you Paul Jeffrey Smith for these awesome american flag swim bottoms (and the kitchen towels). They fit great and recording in them right away! (also can’t wait to finally have some 4th of July gear to record in! YAY! 🙂 #goodboy

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