Hi, thank you for taking the time to read this blog posting on custom videos. I feel it is very helpful information so that we can be on the same page about things before an email is sent.  If you do not see a response from me in 7 days check your spam or email again. Some email servers may send my response to your spam box instead. Email: to reach me about paid custom inquiries. You can also read the bottom of this page for comments/reviews from those who have purchased customs from me.

WHEN YOU EMAIL COPY AND PASTE THE BELOW 5: If you do not include these things it will take longer to respond to your inquiry if I do at all. This makes the process very easy for us both.







Solo custom videos start at $10-15/minute. No personal information of yours will be shared ever-I expect the same respect in return. This video is for your personal use not for re sale or posting on websites. Videos that have long scripts, require extra editing (have to be done in multiple parts/sets ups/wardrobes) nudity, explicit content, name said etc will have extra costs. Those costs vary and are determined by the script/information you send. Please be as detailed as possible but so detailed that my eye blur when I read it. DO NOT PAY UNTIL I APPROVE YOUR IDEA!

SCENE CHANGES: Please be aware these will take extra time to prep and coordinate:

Barn: $150 WOODS: $250 (and weather has to be agreeable so please be patient) Check out my boot domination and outdoor clips to see what that would look like. BASEMENT: $50 

CLOTHING: You can choose what type of outfit I wear as long as I have it. If I do not you are welcome to buy it, send a gift card for it to be purchased for your video. If you want to see me in something I approve of, purchase it for me to use. I do not accept items mailed to me from you. Detailed costume requests that require extra prep time will have a $25 add on.

CONTENT: Scripts are welcome. Please make sure you allow ample time when providing a script. Please also know I can’t do five things at once so make sure what you are asking is feasible. Extremely detailed scripts will have a $50 add on.

Topless clips add $75. Completely nude clips add $150.

I don’t record boy/girl, girl/girl style porn or XXX style videos, farting/peeing/fecal, smoking, masturbation/toy videos, cumming, inside My vagina view clips, explicit spreading or sexual relations with my sister-Just not my thing. Think more sensual seductive playboy than hardcore XXX. -I do not record with others-I’m not available for hire in others videos-I do not and will not travel to do so either-

COMPLETION TIME: All videos are sent within 2-4 weeks unless otherwise stated or agreed upon.

24 hour turn around time:  $300

48 hour turn around time: $200

3 day turn around time: $175

1 week turn around time: $100

2 week turn around time: $50

A good way to get a feeling of what I’m into is to browse My clip stores AND buy similar clips to make sure I’m a good match for your idea’s.
Fetish Videos: or
Twin Fetish Videos: or

I’m frequently a top 50 studio on clips4sale/iwantclips and top seller in many/multiple popular categories. I really love my work and I’m passionate about it. Fetish and erotica is something I sincerely enjoy.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: I PREFER PAYMENTS MADE IN A CASH FORM. IE TRIBUTE. They have not allowed Me to pay My bills with Amazon gift cards yet. Payment can be sent via a tribute on clips4sale, niteflirt, iwantclips,ONLYFANS, last resort- amazon gift card. EASY PAYMENT LINKS-please let me know when and how payment is made:

iWantclips Profile to Tribute (best % for Me): 

you can also order via iWantclips custom video form if you prefer-I get 100% overall this way, there is a small fee on your end for using it:

Niteflirt Profile to Tribute (2nd best % for Me):

Clips4sale Profile to Tribute: <—tribute button can be found right above the first displayed clip-hand with a cash money sign-CLICK that (3rd best % for Me)

ONLYFANS: if you are a member here I get 80%, yes you read that right. Anything you tip/when you join I receive 80%. GREAT way to pay!

You can pay (at last choice-please note this will soon not be accepted at all) with an amazon gift card:

HOW A VIDEO IS SENT TO YOU: your video will be sent via an online file transfer service, all you have to do is click “DOWNLOAD”and it’ll be downloaded to your computer. Please provide the email you want this sent too.

QUESTIONS? Please ask, as long as you have read everything above^

74 thoughts on “CUSTOM VIDEOS”

  1. I already own two customs with Miss Vikki, and I have just ordered two more. I have commissioned clips with several models, and she is one of the very best. She is a consummate professional – she gets all of the details right, her correspondence is clear, her production is timely, and the video quality is top-notch. Add to all of that the fact that she is stunningly sexy, and you have a fantasy come to life. Take the time to read through the process of ordering, treat her with respect and courtesy, and be ready to have a treasured clip created by an extraordinary talent.

  2. Before I go into detail, the short version is. Miss Vikki is simply amazing, professional and takes great pride with her work.

    Over time I have ordered lots of customs (over 20) from different people, I have never been disappointed but it was never perfect, there was always something missing.

    I started by watching Miss Vikki’s video explaining customs and how to order etc and also bought a few of her clips first from a range of fetishes to see if we would match up in terms of her natural style and what I liked, then decided to email her (and it was a HUGE email) and I ordered by first block of customs which I believe was meant to be a clip a week for 4 weeks, controlling how and how much I could stroke and if I was allowed to release or not, leaving it all to her control.

    It was around a year since I did this now (I think anyway) and I am still here, ordering customs. I am currently 5 weeks into a similar series with at least another 5 weeks to go, but what I really LOVE about her is that she really takes the time to read what you send her and to understand and to perfect each custom.

    Today is a new custom day for me (of which I have literally just watched) and wow… it was AMAZING, earlier last week I noted a few things that she does that I especially love and she clearly took that on board and just made the best custom to date, I am not one of those ‘slaves’ that is groveling on Twitter or enjoys getting spoken down to all the time outside of the videos (some people may love this, but personally I know it’s not for me), so it’s really refreshing to be able to email her and have a real conversation about things I am interested or not interested in trying and just watching her give it her own style and amaze me every time.

    If you have read this far you will notice I just end up typing and typing and every single time Miss Vikki has read it and responded to me and not just read ‘JOI’ and just do something generic, every custom is how you want it (providing you actually tell her, of course she would have no clue what to do if you didn’t mention it)

  3. I have the luck to have order few customs and I have an ongoing series right now with a new custom every week and it’s just always so perfect! You give her an idea you love and match here categories and she will make it even better than you could have imagine. And if what’s in the clip is perfect, the quality of the video itself is also top quality, one of the best I ever saw, which is really important and allow us to admire every inch of her wonderful body! No matter what you’re in to she has it, and if like me you like it all you will just be totally mesmerize by her beauty from top to toes and her voice!

  4. I’ve got 2 customs plus a twin one and have to say all have been amazing! Vikki makes the best videos, always great quality and quickly made and finds ways to make what you ask for even better than you possibly think it could be. You can see the time and effort she puts into getting everything perfect, especially with my first video which took a few attempts for her to be happy with after a UPS man interruption! Simply, customs from Vikki are fantastic!

  5. Saving up to order a custom clip from you. That would honestly make me so happy to actually have you respond to me and interact with me !! 🙂

  6. When you order a custom from Vikki, you shall never enjoy regular porn again. She is such a great performer and will rock your world… I had one custom which has been playing for weeks and I am already thinking of ordering my second custom from her asap… By the way, she is very professional…

  7. Hello sweet Vikki,

    I wished, you could make a nice diaper video clip,
    where you put on a tight baby diaper (pampers, huggies, luvs …. toddler size 6 or 7) and then totally flood it while standing in front of the camera with slightly spreaded legs =)

    <3 U


  8. Ordered two clips from Vikki, and have had numerous cam sessions with her. Always amazing, one of her specialties is what I love: sensual domination. Being put under her spell is one of the best feelings. I can tell she truly enjoys what she does.

    On the business end, she is very professional. She’s responsive and will tell you up front if she is willing to do what you ask. She also gives you a quote up front and how long it will take, and it’s a good price. Many models charge upwards of $20/min for the same thing. She will also keep in contact if there’s an issue or something comes up.

    Forever enrapt by Victoria

  9. Just got my 2nd twin custom and all I can say is WOW!!! That was ridiculously sexy! So perfect, Vikki and Brooke are the best of the best and you can tell they had a lot of fun making it! And I think this clip has just become my new favourite clip EVER!! Thank you!! 🙂 🙂

  10. I’ve ordered one video from her and I’m waiting on the 2nd (oh the anticipation!)
    The first one was something I’ve thought about for a long time and she did a Perfect job of bringing it to life. She’s super smart and knows how to accent the details and get behind to see what we are really asking for.
    I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched it and it never fails to deliver.
    She really cares about quality and that is something I really appreciate.
    I’m not someone who likes to just be yelled at my a dominant women and prefer fantasies that explore the power relationship between a man and a women. She knows so well how to assert her superiority without having to be mean. She makes it look easy but it’s very unique.

    Anyone considering ordering a custom video from her will not be disappointed!

    Hers truly,


  11. For anyone considering ordering a custom video from Victoria, here’s a detailed review of my recent experience:

    1. Communication

    Victoria is very professional and easy to do business with. She’s respectful, prompt, and accommodating. You are dealing with a professional content creator, not a girl treating this as a side-hobby.

    2. Video Details

    My custom video request was 750 words and Victoria nailed it. She exceeded my expectations and, funny enough, started teasing me even before the video began since the download size was 2 GB. I sat with anticipation while it downloaded and the end product was more than worth the wait. Very high quality stuff.

    3. Response Time

    I’m pretty sure I got lucky, but I have to mention this. The same day that Victoria acknowledged I made my payment to her, was the same day she delivered the video to me. Less than 12 hours turnaround. Very lucky, I know, but you could be too!

    4. Intangibles & Personality

    I’m going to be very honest. There are a lot of women online who produce similar content to Victoria, but I must say this: Victoria has to be the most sincere, genuine, and caring individual I’ve come across in this business. And to me that matters above all else. She is compassionate to us (the buyer) and strives to deliver her best in each video.

    From the little I’ve interacted with her & read about her, it’s clear that she cares deeply about the world we live in and the people in it.


    Victoria is (more than) intelligent enough to understand your needs, wicked enough to deliver it strikingly, and gracious enough to be worth every penny. Money with her is money well spent, period.

    Thank you, Victoria. You are a refreshing individual.

  12. I received my first custom video from Miss Vicki a little over a week ago. I’d already bought several of her clips so I knew what she was capable of. My expectations for the custom video were very high. She exceeded all of them.

    She nailed every aspect of the loose script I sent her. Got the attitude right, totally inhabited the character, delivered a spontaneous performance that didn’t miss a detail. She’s clearly an expert craftsman and experienced creative who took my material to new erotic heights by putting—as she says—her “own spin on it.” Her spin left my head spinning in ecstasy.

    As fantastic as the other clips of hers I own are, nothing compares to the erotic thrills she gave me through her custom performance. Her natural beauty, ASMR-like voice, attentiveness to detail, nuanced use of body language (she crossed her arms at 2 key moments in my video, accenting her superiority with a subtle brilliance that I loved), laugh-out-loud sense of humor, and facility with language all combined to ignite my erotic imagination. So much so that my head is boiling over with ideas for my next custom video, which I will surely be ordering as soon as I decide which intoxicating scenario I’d like her to perform next.

    Read her guidelines and watch her clip for ordering a custom video. Sample her existing work, if you haven’t already. Decide what you want, write it up, and send it off without hesitation. If your experience ends up anything like mine, what you get back will astonish you.

    Oh, and as others have said, Miss Vicki is a consummate professional. She responded to my initial request quickly with a fair price quote and delivered my custom video within days.

    She is totally my cup of tea. And no other cup will do. Take the leap and see if she’s yours too.

  13. A short but heartfelt review.

    I am now the proud owner of 2 videos from Miss VikkiLynn. Both blew my mind.

    From a simple idea I had and a little script [ about 2-4 lines ] she was able to weave a magical story for me, the outfit, scene, sounds, words, even the look in her eye and her voice all play a part. You can not help but be entranced by her.

    This is a woman who knows what she is doing and is an expert in her field. You can not ask for better.

    I think it is a foregone conclusion I shall be the very happy owner of 3 clips soon.

  14. I’m starting a support group for anyone who will be going through Miss Vikki Lynn withdrawal in the coming weeks, months, year. While the custom video she just delivered will hold me over for a while (it already sent me into the throes of ecstasy, punctuated by a laugh-out-loud moment that has become a hallmark of Miss V’s work for me), it is also a sharp reminder of how rare talent like hers is. OMG but I will miss her!!!! A heartfelt thanks again for the amazing video quality, sexy/seductive performance, and unwavering professionalism (especially in quickly solving the little file glitch). Oh, and I am referring to Miss V in the 3rd person because it is my way of steeling myself for her absence. I know she’s still here and I hope she’ll indulge a weak-kneed man his strategies for remaining sane during her custom sabbatical. Luv ya Miss V!!!!!

  15. Miss vikki lynn has brought my masterbation to another level. She is not just beautiful but can have a shade of darker side to her. If you want humiliation i would recomend her to everyone. Her gorgous smile and eyes will have you craving her 24/7. Im 23 and have ordered a couple customs through her and previous gfs have not yet to compare to how she makes me feel 😉

  16. Getting a custom from Miss Vikki is like getting the best christmas present you’ve ever gotten, over and over and over again.

    After ordering about 4-5 at this point, she always nails whatever wild script I come up with, and is actually a fantastic actress ;).

    Always is quick with an email response, and quoting pricing. If she isn’t, it is always for a good reason so BE PATIENT!!!

    She helped make my fantasy fetish dreams come true, especially being that i’ve been too shy to ask any of my girlfriends, ect. And that actually helps my relationships, so thank you Miss Vikki. I look forward to ordering many more down the road!

  17. I love the idea of this custom videos. I picked you because I think you’re the sexiest girl, I love your look. I can’t take my hands off my cock when I see you posed as sexy as you do. I’d love for you to send me a video comma just playing with yourself talking to me. With lots of shot of your sexy ass. Just let me know what I gotta do. Thank you so much sexy with all due respect Eric

  18. Hi Mistress 🙂
    I love your clips! I have two so far and am looking at getting a 3rd. My favorite is How you lost it all. Very sexy.
    I am interested in Bye bye to masturbating, but the description doesn’t really say what the video includes. Is it just talking or snipping too?

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