CUSTOM VIDEOS are closed as of 4/6/2020. AUDIOS will remain open for now. Read below for more information on audios.

All correspondence for customs has to be through my OnlyFans: or IWC: (I no longer have a public email for clients)

WHEN YOU MESSAGE COPY AND PASTE THE BELOW 5: If you do not include these things it will take longer to respond to your inquiry if I do at all. This makes the process very easy for us both.


2.ANY NUDITY (additional $100-200):

3.NAME SAID (additional $75):




7. SCRIPT: (Extra costs are incurred with lots of dialogue)

Solo custom videos start at $10-15/minute. No personal information of yours will be shared ever-I expect the same respect in return. This video is for your personal use not for re sale or posting on websites to others. Videos that have long scripts, require extra editing (have to be done in multiple parts/sets ups/wardrobes/outside) nudity, explicit content, name said etc will have extra costs. Those costs vary and are determined by the script/information you send. Please be as detailed as possible. DO NOT PAY UNTIL I APPROVE YOUR IDEA!

Please NOTE: I own every custom video created and they are released on my clip sites afterward. It is many months until this occurs, sometimes up to a year depending how far ahead I have videos qued. If you want your custom video PRIVATE meaning it is never released, there is a $500 fee on top of the custom video cost.

Solo custom AUDIOS are $5/minute. Long scripts also welcomed but come at an extra cost to be determined after I’ve read the script over. I record with either my Yeti mic or camcorder with pop filter in front of it to give the best results. There is no video with audio files.

CLOTHING: You can choose what type of outfit I wear as long as I have it. If I do not you are welcome to buy it, send a gift card for it to be purchased for your video. If you want to see me in something I approve of, purchase it for me to use. I do not accept items mailed to me from you.

CONTENT: Scripts are welcomed but do have extra fees depending on length. Please make sure you allow ample time when providing a script. Please also know I can’t do five things at once so make sure what you are asking is feasible. Remember: Extremely detailed scripts may have extra costs.

I don’t record boy/girl, girl/girl style porn or XXX style videos, farting/peeing/fecal, smoking, masturbation/toy videos, cumming/masturbation, inside My vagina view clips, explicit spreading or sexual relations with my sister-Just not my thing. Think more sensual seductive playboy than hardcore XXX. -I do not record with others-I’m not available for hire in others videos-I do not and will not travel to do so either-

COMPLETION TIME: All videos are sent within 2-4 weeks unless otherwise stated or agreed upon. (I take a hiatus from customs every December/January and then again in the summer)

You can pay a 3 day turn around fee of $400, 1 week turn around fee of $200 and 2 week turn around time for $100. This means you will receive your custom within that time frame.

A good way to get a feeling of what I’m into is to browse My clip stores AND buy similar clips to make sure I’m a good match for your idea’s.
Fetish Videos: or


I’m frequently a top 50 studio on clips4sale and iwantclips and top seller in many/multiple popular categories. I really love my work and I’m passionate about it. Fetish and erotica is something I sincerely enjoy. Therefor I do not record ideas that I myself do not enjoy-I prefer an authentic experience for us both.

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Cash tributes preferred. EASY PAYMENT LINKS-please let me know when and how payment is made:

iWantclips Profile to Tribute (best % for Me): 

Niteflirt Profile to Tribute (2nd best % for Me):

Clips4sale Profile to Tribute: (3rd best % for Me)

ONLYFANS: if you are a member here I get 80%, yes you read that right. Anything you tip/when you join I receive 80%. GREAT way to pay!

HOW A VIDEO IS SENT TO YOU: your video will be sent via an online file transfer service to the email you address you request. All you have to do is click “DOWNLOAD”and it’ll be downloaded to your device. Please provide the email you want this sent too.

NOTE: If you misplace your video, computer crashes etc send a $25 tribute for it to be re sent to you OR buy it again off my clip stores. I’m not responsible for misplaced customs that have already been sent.

QUESTIONS? Please ask, as long as you have read everything above^

Erotic, sensual and sometimes bratty femdom. Custom videos, clips, phone calls and online sessions.