Thank you.

Thank you to those who participated in the clips4sale promo earlier this month. It has been one of my best months on clips4sale in a long time and I have YOU to thank for that. You went the extra mile and I appreciate it. 

September is my favorite month for many reasons. The start of fall, my birthday month (I’ve been knee deep in house stuff and have not had time to make my yearly birthday list OOPS! I will try to get that done today or tomorrow) and a beautiful time of year to enjoy being outside. I’m jiving for some hot cider and I may have to break my gluten free life style for some cinnamon apple donuts. (I’m allergic to gluten, I know it’s so sad isn’t it?) RIP bread and pasta. But if you want to lose weight (I did not but lost over 10lbs this year. UGH!) just go gluten free. The weight will fall off especially since you can’t eat most packaged food items or go out to eat.  Being gluten free is a much more whole foods type of diet.

Is this the advice you thought you would get in this post? Likely not. Of course I like to keep you on your toes. 

Mentioning food though does bring me to my latest clip. Want to follow directions again? It appears you are quite good at it… The title is “EAT YOUR FUCKING CUM”




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It’s a no from me.

Saying this all the time is like a broken record. My twin sister retired from here at least 4+ years ago. Her clip stores are also removed now as well. I will not discuss her, how she is doing, why she removed her stores etc. Its incredibly rude to ask me about her as if I’m going to divulge her personal information to anyone to satiate their meddling curiosity. She left and she does not want to keep her clips up. She has moved on. Take the obvious and go. It’s called boundaries. I won’t be replying to emails about her or deleted twin content. I receive emails like this every month, this is no longer a part of my business and she is no longer a part of this career path. Respect her privacy and mine.

How would you like to spend time with me?

I’m getting a lot of questions about what I’m currently accepting.

I’m available for:
DICK RATINGS via AUDIO or VIDEO (humiliating, honest, sexy etc whichever you prefer)

As well as one on one time via:
TEXTING / AUDIO / VIDEO exchange during conversations

Interactions can be casual, flirty, humiliating, life style training, role plays, bratty, sensual, seductive, strict, life advice, relationship help, JOI edging, femdom control or many other mutually enjoyable situations.

Send me a message via any of my websites I’m on for further details; if interested in spending quality time together or me creating something special for you to enjoy again and again. (links below this photo)


iWantClips: (a favorite best and easiest way to get ahold of and chat with me)


ONLYFANS: (second (best and easiest way to get ahold of and chat with me)

Sextpanther (best and easiest way to get ahold of and chat with me)

Niteflirt: (third best and easiest way to get ahold of and chat with me)

A peak into a fun OF post…

Hello to those who participated in the VS task. This is what I ended up picking out. I had a $50 gift card to there BUT there is $125 still to cover from this fun little haul.

The bright colored panties are ribbed material as is the tight little summer dress and PJS. If you know me you know I LOVE texture, especially when it is soft and cozy. As well as it appears here to be very sexy.

If you send a $20 tribute + I will be sending FIRST LOOK photos and mini videos whenever I get around to trying these on. Hopefully in the next week or so that will happen. Once you send the tribute comment under this post so I can keep track of your reward… *wink

What a very fun result to a task right? mmhmm! I’d say YES.

Want me to add you…?

FYI My Skype ID is FREE for my ONLYFANS for members. ($25 for anyone else) But if for some reason you can’t follow the rules (NO FREE CHATTING ON THERE. It is for SETTING UP SHOWS ONLY) then I will block you and if I BLOCK you for not following the rules on Skype it is $100 to be re added.

Failure to move forward with a session and asking for one over and over and not being reliable will also be cause for removal from my list as well.

It’s really simple. Respect my time and I have nothing to be irritated about.

Want to webcam with me?

WEBCAM on now for 3 hours. Want to experience a true professional tease? Then let’s have some fun and see how long you can last… Texting, phone calls and audios also available.





SKYPE ID IS $25 TRIBUTE! WEBCAM is $10/minute, IGNORE WEBCAM is $5/minute, IGNORE FOOT WEBCAM is $3/minute. Message via any of the sites above to get started.

big breasts in a small black leather bikini top

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It’s really easy to follow these directions and really boost your favorite creators this month. Big thank you to those who have already done so…you are THE BEST!

I hope your month is starting off well. So far I’m trying to take advantage of every sunny day I can. I’m looking forward to winter though in the sense I’m going to have a new film space to record and accept webcam shows in. WHAT! Right, this is very exciting news. Especially the giant closets I will have for all my beautiful lingere… I do love a good sweater weather season though as well. Fireplaces, good books, a cold iced coffee still…What is your favorite season?

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hello you, I hope that this long weekend is some sort of fun for yourself. If not of course I’ve got lots of fun things around here to share.

I’m not doing anything in particular for the holiday though as I decided I did not want to deal with ANY traffic from people traveling for their last summer hooray holiday. So I’m instead getting things done around my home. Which feels really good to get things looking so nicely especially as the seasons are changing. 

I’m stoked that clips4sale is having an awesome clip producer promotion. If you click MY LINK and go DIRECT to my store, I get 120% of every sale until the 20th of September. Yes, you read that right. I figured it would be pretty cool if you went and binged and were really good for me? I don’t think they have ever done anything like this before…

Which leads me to you staring at my ass in my latest video. POV FINDOM ASS WORSHIP. Don’t you love the view looking up?
I’m going to weed my beautiful flower beds while I think about you laying on the gruond below me catching drip drop sweat from me…

Cheers to the weekend,



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you would pay anything to serve this ass of mine every single day. Cashgasms for my ass. Just for one little feel of it huh? You would go broke every single week, paying for this perfect ass of mine. Nothing else makes you feel this hard, this horny-as me. As I’m staring down at you, teasing you, putting you right in your place with this perfect ass of mine. This is where you belong and you will watch this every single week. Turning you into a little ass paying bitch.

Erotic, sensual and bratty femdom. Custom videos, clips, phone calls and online sessions.