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Happy May!

Happy May ! I hope your month is starting off well. The weather is starting to be more consistently warm and sunny which is sure improving my mood, what about you?

I do know one thing that can help your mood at ANY point in time though. Me. Watching my clips. Listening to my audios. Speaking (pun intended) of audios, I’m going to soon be releasing two audios a week (and two clips still) I’m VERY excited about the audios coming out. I believe it is some of my best creations yet. I’ve been doing this sort of creative erotica for 16+ years now so that is saying something.

But of course I’m like a unicorn or fine (word I can not say probably) aging like fine…you get it right?

Either way thanks for subscribing to my fan club, purchasing my clips all these years, I love seeing the orders come through and what you have picked out. YES I DO notice that! Especially when an order contains multiple clips and it is very apparent you are going down the rabbit hole into something very fun… CEI…submission…denial…chastity…JOI. Possibilities are endless with me seductively controlling you.

How could you say no? Don’t bother, that won’t be any fun for either of us and I’m sort of all about fun here. Have a wonderful rest of your week and make sure to check out some of my favorites released recently clips that I send via PTV or send a message to request some with your interests. New clips includes bikini teases, denial, CEI, me in lingerie and so much more…

What are you looking forward to seeing from me this year? XO

I had one of my collared pets do some homework. I quite like this sort of task. Here are the results:

10 Ways To Be A Good Student
• Remember that there is only one Teacher, that you only need your one Teacher.
• Remember that you will always need and want to be taught and trained by Teacher.
• Worship Teacher, Adore Teacher.
• Go to Teacher’s Room each & every day.
• Focus on each and every word, instruction, post, photo, audio, & video from Teacher, feeling them working deep inside you. Thinking and imagining each day… how good it feels to be taught by Teacher.
• Obeying each instruction, following each lesson, doing everything for Teacher, because nothing feels better, as it strengthens your bond with Teacher.
• Always look forward to Teacher’s next post, next word, next assignment, with anticipation and excitement, because it feels so right, so good.
• Please Teacher with tributes. Tributes are so exciting deep down.
• Turn on your notifications, so that you always know when Teacher is addressing you. It will be the best feeling notification you ever receive, each time.
• Respond to Teacher as soon as possible. The quicker it is, the better it feels.


Welcome to my new fan page-focused on edging, gooning and jerk off instructions. That can include denial, extreme teasing and complete control of your cock and cum.

This fan page is daily edging instructions via text and audio. Daily AUDIO edging schedule updates are posted here and more (such as videos, photos etc) if I so desire. If you are locked in chastity YES you can still join this page and fantasize about my instructions. If you want one on one interaction beyond that send a message and go deeper and get closer to me. I’m a sensual, seductive, bratty femdom, fit and all natural. This is a lifestyle and career for me. I enjoy taking control, hearing about your fetishes and creating a unique personalized experience. Authentic connection is important to me. The ability to discreetly insert myself in your every day life. I enjoy training and giving you a new purpose. I do accept custom work on a discreet basis with mutual enjoyment of fetishes we both enjoy. NO AI or assistants run this page-you are ALWAYS talking to ME! I enjoy responding to messages and getting to know you.


Face sitting. Bush Worship.

Have you been thinking about me sitting on your face?

Or maybe you’ve been wanting to worship my pretty perfect bush in my tight tiny yellow bikini?

How about both? Yeah, both. Play one right after another on loop and edge just for me. XO

I know you have always dreamed about becoming my…

Ass Licking Pervert. How could you say no? Especially then being allowed to be ignored and worship my pretty long legs and luscious ass in a shiny bikini. While you are at it, let me remind you…no sex for your wife. All good things, let’s have some fun? 

Ass Licking Pervert with MistressVictoriaBuy Now
Price: $10.99
Size: 612MB
Length: 10Min.

you are addicted to my ass aren’t you? Today what a treat it’s going to be to look at my ass in multiple views, right here and in the mirror. All you can think about is this perfect fucking ass of mine. Watching me touch and grab it and thinking about that ability to put your tongue somewhere naughty. You are such an asshole pervert.

Ass and Feet Ignore Part 2 with MistressVictoriaBuy Now
Price: $10.99
Size: 4219MB
Length: 14Min.

How could you ever get enough of my pretty petite soft feet and found ass? Especially in this shiny tight one piece bathing suit. Worship while you are ignored. 

No sex for her with MistressVictoria (HOMEWRECKER)Buy Now
Price: $11.99
Size: 659MB
Length: 11Min.

No sex for her, no none at all. Your cock belongs to me now. You will give all your time, attention and money to me. You will ignore that dinner date you set up with her and sit here instead and jerk to me. You will ignore all her texts and calls and jerk to me instead. All that cum belongs to me now. More and more of you belongs to me with each passing minute.

Want to talk to me one on one?


•WEBCAM via Skyp3: $10/minute live webcam, $5/minute ignore webcam, $3/minute ignore foot webcam. My ID is FREE with your first paid show when an OF member.

•PHONE CALLS via Skyp3: $4/minute live phone call, $2/minute ignore phone call. My ID is FREE with your first paid show when an OF member.

•VIDEO and AUDIO REPLY and TEXTING via messaging here. I only charge for my replies but replies are quicker to those sending tributes while messaging as well. Prices vary with length.

•AUDIO DICK RATINGS 2-3 minutes/$25 (Let me know if you are into humiliation, honesty etc what the goal is with that) and SAME DAY during the time I’m online longer CUSTOM AUDIOS also available.

•PTV (pay to view) videos, I have 1500+! Just tell me what you are into and I will match you with a video(s).

Ready to have some fun with me? Because I’m very ready to tease and train you into submission as I delightfully toy with you. I want you to go deeper than ever before this year just for me. Training you, teasing you, sweetly torturing you into erotic oblivion. I enjoy discreetly inserting myself into your life. Just send me a message to get started!

Spend time with me HERE:







WISHLIST (under construction as they find a new payment processor):

Hello you.

Hello you, it is a good day to order a custom video, binge on some new clips of mine and send a tribute so we can get to know each other better. I can’t wait to see what you pick out and how I can tease you even more. Text me and become my weak submissive toy…I promise it will be fun and I know exactly what I’m doing with you.