Q/A !

Q: Cody Collier ‏@CodyCollier12 Nov 1

@MissVikkiLynn What do you think you like most about being a professional adult entertainer Miss Vikki? 🙂
A:  There are so many things I like about my career but a few that come to mind first are as follows. The freedom to choose my schedule is nice, I’m my own boss so I get to decide what gets done when. At the same time one has to be good at juggling your own schedules and deadlines-no one else is going to get anything done but myself!
I also love being able to speak with and meet so many different people around the world. Being in the world of fetish and erotica it is always evolving. To be at the forefront of experiencing and bringing to life peoples fantasies really is a lot of fun. I meet people I never would if it were not for my career in the adult industry.
I also get to wear lots of fun clothing, clothing I would probably never own or dream of trying on if I did not work in the adult industry. I’m gifted so many pretty dresses, lingerie and every day clothing. I love that my friends help grow my closet-this also lets me know what everyone else really likes too!PS: you can find more questions and answers by searching “Q/A” in the search bar on my blog!